Recap January 25, 2019

The mind flayer began to began to levitate and then it disappeared. The undead beholders moved little forward from their original positions and then let loose a series of eye-stalk beam attacks on everyone.

Nameless blew the Horn of Valhalla and summoned a dozen berserkers to aid them in combat. He sent several to each creature to attack and generally annoy.

Gilbee ran towards the beholder immediately to his left. Susan followed with Stumbleduck not far behind. Gilbee had Kindness in his hand while Stumbleduck cast Eldritch Blast and Susan shot her crossbow and then ran to engage with the beholder.

Thalaniel focused on the beholder to the right using eldritch blasts to lead and then focused on vorpal sword attacks. Mason and Thoravil followed to back him up.

Gilbee and Stumbleduck were hit by several Scorching Rays cast by the mind flayer. Thoravil and Mason were surrounded by a Wall of Force. Susan was hit by several Fear rays. One took hold and she ran away from the beholder in front of her. He bit her as she ran away towards the now closed entrance to the room. Thalaniel was hit by several disintegration rays and was bit by the beholder in front of him. Nameless used Shield when had a Magic Missile cast on him by the mind flayer but he took the damage from the Lightning Bolt the mind flayer cast next round. Gilbee was dropped by more Scorching Rays. Nameless’s berserkers took lots of damage that the rest of the group would have taken. His earth elemental was disintegrated. Thoravil and Mason used a Passwall spell from the Master Key to get out of the Wall of Force. They helped Thalaniel fight his beholder then Thoravil hopped on his Broom of Flying and picked up Stumbleduck and flew straight towards the mind flayer. Mason healed Thalaniel and Susan. Gilbee had been picked up by the mind flayer and it was attempting to use it tentacled mouth to suck Gilbee’s brain. Thoravil leaped from the Broom of Flying and tackled the mind flayer forcing it and Gilbee as well as himself to fall to the floor. The mind flayer got out of Thoravil’s grasp and magically shoved everyone out of his immediate area. This threw Gilbee and Stumbleduck into the two of the crypts awakening these odd looking zombies. The mind flayer was able to cast an escape spell saying in their minds “I will not forget this”

The odd zombies quickly fell. Then they focused on the beholders that were left and soon they too were defeated.

The center pedestal that held the sword Stumbleduck had discovered began to rise revealing a pile of treasure. Several of the items would help them in their fight against the Dragon Cultists.

They left the room and found that the young man that they had just rescued was not where they had left him.

They made their way outside the tomb. standing about 50ft away was a blue half-dragon holding a spear and shield. Behind him was a young blue dragon. They stood in their way and half-dragon wanted a fight. They prepared for the battle but Nameless was having none of it. He cast his Disco Ball - mirror image/magic missile spell taking the half- dragon out almost immediately. The blue dragon shrugged and flew away.

The group went back into the ruins and cast Teleport and were soon back in Waterdeep.