Recap July 13, 2018

As the group was sitting around the Manor House, a messenger arrived. He said he was sent to them by Lord (Fill in the blank) of Neverwinter asking them to do a task for him regarding an orc problem. The messenger pulls out a crystal and an illusion appears showing a group of orcs attacking a caravan killing the people of the caravan and taking the items that the caravan was carrying. The Lord’s voice asked them again if they would undertake this task for him. The group was in general agreement that they would do it but they asked a few more questions about where the caravan(s) was attacked and how long ago did it happen. How many orcs was it estimated to be and how large was the caravan? Mason noticed that the orcs all had similar red tattoos. Also, when the Lord would like to have this taken care of. The Lord answered all of the questions.

After getting items available at the Manor House they made a stop by Neverwinter to pick up a few things that they felt they would need for the mission including horses to make the trip to the site go by quicker. Then they set off. It would take about two days to get there.

They stopped for the night and had no issues.

The next morning, the rode for about a half a day and soon they came upon the remnants of the caravan. There were a few crates and barrels left. A few barrels had wine. The crates had old moldy food. Some of the wine was taken and they took a look around. It did not take much to find the path leading off the right side of the road into the forest. It was not a well traveled path but the group was able to follow it relatively easy even without a ranger. Not far down the path they saw three humanoids but could not tell exactly what they were. They followed as best as they could and soon the figures were gone. They continued down the path and soon came to a large open field of high grass. Looking more they saw patched of corn in the field. Investigating the corn they found a fence marking the beginnings of the corn. They also noticed small paths leading off to the left and to the right as well as continuing forward on the other side of the field. They followed that path until it opened up into another smaller field that set before cave. In front of the cave was a makeshift fort made of wood and some stone. On top of the fort were three small towers. Inside the towers were heavy crossbow manned by a team of two orcs. Other orcs were stationed along the walkway. Some gathered in groups and joked around. Every few minutes a leader orc would emerge from the fort and all of the orcs would run back to their stations. He would bark orders and then leave. It would not take long before the orcs would once again be gathering in small groups to talk.

They group went back to the field and followed the paths on the right and left. Both paths circled around and ended up on the edges of the field with the fort. The group came together and made a plan. Salem would go to the fort entrance and ask for a place to stay. He would perform for them as payment for any generosity they would show them. Once inside he would send a signal once things had either gone south or things were good for the rest of the group to join him. He would shout for Norgold. It was settled and as Salem walked into the open field the rest of the group hid in the tall grass and forest on the edge of the field.

As Salem walked forward it began to rain. Not heavy at first but enough that the group was starting to get wet. Salem was about 30ft away from the entrance when he was spotted. Several orcs on the wall called the leader orc over as Salem shouted up to them. “Hello! I have become lost in this rain and this forest and I am looking for a place to rest for the evening in hopes that the rain will stop by morning. I do not have much money but I can perform for you as payment. Will you let me in? The orc leader spoke with several of the other orcs. Eventually, the leader shouted, “Let him in.” The front door opened and Salem went inside. The walls had had maybe a dozen orcs but inside there was at least 20, maybe more, milling about. All of them were armed in some fashion. The leader asked him again why he was there. He said again that he was lost and then the rain started and that he was looking for a place to stay for the evening and he would perform for them as payment for their hospitality. Things seemed to be going well but the orcs kept coming closer to Salem. Salem backed up a bit and started to perform, charming 5 orcs. They would now protect him. He then yelled “Norgold!!” And the group came out of the forest and began to attack the fort. They orc leader began to move towards Salem. His bow across his back and the sword in his hand both had carvings of owlbears on them.

Norgold and Behr ran straight for the entrance while Nameless launched two elementals over the fort’s walls. One was an earth elemental, the other was a water elemental. The elementals confused the orcs who tried to make a defense as best as they could but the elementals were too strong. Nameless flew above the fort’s wall and began to cast offensive spells at the orcs while looking for Salem. Mason, Shepherd and Eridanus focused their attacks on the orcs on the wall specifically the heavy crossbow nests in the three small towers. Salem defended by his 5 orc friends focused his attacks on the orc leader. He first charmed it and as it stood there he polymorphed it into a snail. Then he gave one of his orc friends an Immovable Rod and asked it to open the rod down through the snail. The orc did so killing the snail. The orc leader then transformed back to his original form but it soon died as he had the immovable rod stuck through him pinning him to the ground.

Norgold and Behr broke through the front entrance and laid waste to large numbers of orcs. Nameless and his elementals cleaned up the others on the ground while Mason, Eridanus and Shepherd took care of the ones on the wall. Soon the battle was over and the group looked around. All was quiet except for sounds coming from inside the cave. The group went into the cave and saw a makeshift barricade made up of furniture including beds, tables, chairs and a desk or two. On the other side of the barricade were another 20 or so orcs all aiming crossbow at the group. That was when Mason noticed that these orcs had blue tattoos and not the red ones shown in the image.