Recap June 1, 2018

The group took one more look around the oddly shaped chamber. It had been guessed that this was the room where all of the demons had been summoned from. Several of them decided to check Arcana to see what had gone on in this room. Between Mason, Kupa and Cesha it was determined that powerful destructive spells, specifically fire-based spells were routinely used in this room, probably for testing purposes. Kupa cast Fire Bolt to see what would happen and it only added to the charring that was already on the walls and floor of the room. They left the room and went down the corridor they had not explored so far.

They came to a circular chamber, lit softly from overhead. At one side of the chamber is a pew-like stone bench. At the other side of the room is a small round table, atop which are two metal flasks on a silver tray. Across the room are towering metal doors, some 20 feet high and covered in runes and leering , otherworldly faces. Guarding the room were four beings with purple, chitin-like skin and four arms. Their heads are oblong and insectoid in appearance, including prominent mandibles and large, multi-faceted eyes. They moved to attack the group with the large metal doors behind them.

One of the creatures teleported to the back of the group and cast Darkness. It then attacked the spellcasters it had tried to appear close to. Another stepped forward to attack the front-line folks including Thalaniel and Bekah. Hoping to split the party into several groups failed as a beefy combination of spells and weapon attacks took down three of the four demons including one strong strike from Thalaniel that should have taken the creature’s head off. The final one teleported about and cast darkness but it was no use as it too soon fell. They picked up the two metal flasks and searched the rest of the room. Thalaniel suggested that Eridanus and his fondness of benches check out the stone pew-like bench. Eridanus sat down and almost immediately found two tiny release levers on its base. Moving those levers revealed a cabinet on the backside of the bench. Inside was a small silver ring and a pair of black slippers. Even though Thalaniel had a bad feeling about staying in the room the group decided to take a short rest to get back health and to let Kupa Identify the new items, a Ring of Jumping and Slipper of Spider Climbing.

They then examined the doors. The doors radiated powerful abjuration magic according to Cesha and Eridanus. Mason agreed and added the runes are probably protective in nature. The doors were unlocked but were extremely heavy. It took both Thoravil and Althea to get them to swing open.

The great doors open to an enormous chamber, a huge roughly octagonal space with cragged walls of purplish-red stone. Swirling indigo mists fill the place, sweeping violently about and limiting your vision. The air is filled with huge chunks of gray rock; some of these massive, jagged stones hover motionless in air, some spin weightlessly in place, and still others fly rapidly in random directions. Alarmingly close to your platform, two large chunks of rock suddenly smash against one another in the air, sending deadly gray shrapnel in all directions. The floor below appears to be some type of dark mud, but small eddies move about therein, seemingly of their own accord.

Thoravil and Althea moved into room first with Eridanus and Mason close behind. In the middle of the room looming before you is a towering pillar of grayish stone. Th e massive cylinder is easily one 50 feet in diameter, perhaps more. Carved into the side of the massive pylon are hundreds or even thousands of steps, which curve around and around the structure and going upwards until they are lost from sight.

Althea received a fly spell from Nameless and went to check out the other platforms. She asked folks to stay back and said I can handle this. She flew to the north platform and found it empty. She went to the western platform and found a body clad in robes lies on this rocky shelf, face-down and motionless. Using medicine she determined he probably had fallen from a great height. She searched his body and found a burnt-looking amulet around his neck, a leather bag with 14 garnets, and a wand on his belt. On a hunch she checked his boots and in his right one there was a dagger. She took these items and then checked out the southern platform and found it empty as well. She then started to fly straight up hoping to reach the top of the spiral staircase.

Meanwhile Thoravil had made his way across the mud to the bottom of the spiral staircase. Nameless asked his earth elemental to take Eridanus and Mason across the mud. Thoravil said that they had this and the others should stay behind. Nameless set up the earth elemental in front of the big doors making it difficult for anyone to get through. Thoravil was climbing the stairs with Eridanus and Mason not too far behind.

Althea reached the top but not before several rocks barely missed her. She saw several figures in the distance which she thought at first were more rocks but as they got closer they looked like flying heads. She looked down to see where they others were and saw that Thoravil was falling from about halfway down the spiral. She zoomed down and was able to reach him and get him on steady ground. He was now behind Eridanus and Mason but close enough that they could almost travel together. Though he asked Althea to take him with her to the top Thoravil was left behind once again.

The others were wanting to get into the room to at least help their companions. Nameless said that they had it and that if they needed us they would let us know. Savitar was growing bored and really wanted to get into the room. Just then they received a Sending from Eridanus. They were being attacked and needed assistance. Savitar used his Slippers of Spider Climb, Thalaniel used the Spider Staff and Nameless cast Fly on Bekah, Cesha and himself and they all hurried into the room and up the spiral staircase.

They arrived at the to and saw Eridanus, Mason, Thoravil and Althea being surrounded by the flying heads. These flying horrors resembled a fiendish head with sharp teeth and worm-like growths instead of hair. Its slanted, yellow eyes are oversized and its nose squashed and bulbous. The creature flies by means of leathery wings that sprout from where its ears should be. The heads moved into attack using shrieks to try and paralyze their enemies. More heads arrived and soon a circle had formed around the entire group. As they got closer they used bite attacks on those that were not paralyzed and kiss attacks on those that were! The battle was quick and soon all of the flying heads were defeated. Mason and Eridanus cast healing spells to heal those those that were injured.

Reunited they walked up a final set of stairs. Your wearying journey appears to be at an end. The steps lead onto the very top of the massive spiral, a flat platform marked only by a spike-like protrusion in the center. Resting on the tip of the spike - or possibly floating inches above it - is a massive crystal that slowly spins in place. The Vessel of Endless Wastes! The crystal gives off a brilliant purple glow that easily illuminates the entire platform and reveals a large figure. A female drow moves toward you. She is wearing chainmail and clothes in various shades of purple. She has a hand crossbow on her hip. Even if you could somehow ignore the enormous morningstar she bears, it seems obvious that she is ready for combat.

Yet, she speaks: I see we are after the same thing and yet we cannot reach it. Perhaps a brief truce between us can make things beneficial for all.

The group is not sure what to do and begins to discuss if they should take the deal. Thoravil steps forward and said “the last time we made a deal with a drow it backfired. I will not make that same mistake again.

The drow nods her head and says so be it. She waves her hand and another drow appears on the other side of the room. They both fire their hand crossbow hitting several of the group. The bolts were poisoned. Savitar and Eridanus both climbed the spiral to see if they could get the crystal down. It would not move. The first drow cast Poison Spray getting a number of the group in its spray. Thalaniel and Bekah ran straight to the first drow hitting it with their attacks including a banishing smite from Thalaniel. She disappeared leaving only the second drow. The group focused on the remaining drow including eldritch blasts from Kapu, Spiritual Weapon and Guided Bolts from Mason, Witch Bolts from Cesha, longbow shots from Althea and thrown hammer attacks from Thoravil. They looked as they had the upper hand when in the opposite corner appeared a six-foot-tall, eight-tentacled blob of melted wax that continually emitted a foul stench. It began cast Poison Spray at the group. The group finished their attacks taking down the second drow. Althea then cast Wind Wall around the blob of melting was. Thalaniel rushed over to attack it with Bekah throwing her hand axes at it. Thoravil threw his hammer, Cesha continued give Witch Bolt damage and it looked like they had it. Just as Thalaniel got closer it turned into a mist and flew out of the Wind Wall and surrounded him, paralyzing him with poison. Kupa went to assist him and was also caught up in the mist. Nameless used the last of his Stars on his robes and cast Magic Missile at the mist. It connected causing good damage. The mist was gone and in its place was the first drow but she was 8ft tall this time. Eridanus and Thalaniel were no longer paralyzed. She leaped across the room and attacked Mason with her enormous morningstar. The group again focused their attacks on her and soon she fell.

Eridanus and Savitar checked out the crystal once more. They could not get it to move. Eridanus then went to check out the drow. It had turned back into the melting blob of was but beside it he found a nice suit of studded leather, very similar to the one he was wearing but of a higher quality. He put it on and really liked his new armor. Kupa studied it and determined that it could be destroyed but when they did the entire are they were in would collapse. Thalaniel and Nameless wanted to go back to the Challenge Room but it was determined to be too risky for them to go alone, or to split the group and leave the crystal there. They decided to call Flynrich who agreed that he and Mattwise would guard the crystal while the group went back to the Challenge Room.

The group went to the Challenge room with only Thalaniel, Kupa, Cesha, Eridanus, Nameless and Thoravil entering the room. They accepted the Challenge of the Skulls and the skulls attacked with Rays of Fire and a Fireball that targeted Nameless and Thoravil. It did not do that much damage but was enough to knock Thoravil off the platform. Nameless grabbed him and then cast Fly on both of them so they would not fall again. The skulls gave out big damage but were not able to take much damage themselves and soon they were defeated. Thalaniel looked in the gold chest and found a dagger. The group went back to room with the crystal. After some more research it was determined that if each of them attacked the Vessel at the exact same time that should be enough to destroy the crystal and then everyone would jump through Flynrich’s screen to safety and then he would teleport them back to the Manor House.

And so with the Vessel of Endless Wastes destroyed they retired back to the Manor House to get a good meal and a nice long rest.