Recap March 1, 2019

There were 4 shadows coming from its gnomon. One to the northeast, one to the southeast, one to the southwest and one to the northwest. Still stuck in the maze, the group was really not sure what to. They went down all the paths and retrieved the gem from the pool but each time they came back to the same sundial with the shadows pointing to the northeast, one to the southeast, one to the southwest and one to the northwest. Mason placed the gems they had collected on the sundial. Nothing happen. But when he scooped up the gems he touched the sundial and he disappeared. Thoravil shook his head and then touched the sundial as well. The others followed.

They were all together at a 5th sundial. This time the shadows from the gnonom pointed in down everyone of the paths. They searched the area, went down all of the paths and each time they arrived back at the 5th sundial. Stumbleduck had a thought and touched the hedge itself and suddenly he was gone. Others touched the hedge and they all emerged from the maze within sight of a teleportation circle at the foot of the tower. The body of a dead cultist lies sprawled on the ground a few feet away from the circle. Behind them, the characters see a straight path that leads directly to the sundial intersection. Another path extends thirty yards beyond the sundial, ending at the exit to the village.

They all stepped on the teleportation circle. It took a moment…and

The walls of this chamber bear exotic geometric designs representing feathers, eagles, and snakes, all rendered in a style you’ve never seen before. To one side of the room, a human female is sprawled face down in a pool of blood. She is dressed like a high-ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon. It was apparent she had been stabbed by a dragontooth dagger. The wandered around the room and noticed two balconies on either side of the chamber Each was about 8ft from the chamber floor. Nameless used the Rope of Climbing to check out the balcony on the left. On thhe floor of balcony is a teleport circle similar to the one below. As he stepped to the teleportation circle he saw a symbol on the wall. It looked like a chair. He touched and it and was teleported down to the circle on the chamber floor. He tried the other balcony and it was the same. He then noticed a number of symbols on the wall behind the teleportation circle on the chamber floor. He saw the following symbols:


Two Chairs

Upside-down “L”






Right Triangle

He knew the Chair would send him to the circle he was in so he pressed the Two Chairs and he was standing on the left balcony. He then showed the others how the symbols and the teleportation circles worked. Then he asked where do we go? Gilbee said the Upside-down “L” sounds like a basement symbol to me. Let us touch that one. They discussed it a bit more and then they all stood in the circle and one of them pressed the Upside-down “L”.

What these rooms were used for is unknown. They stood in a class container surrounding the teleportation circle. They saw a clasp on a glass door to get out of the container. To their right was a wooden door. They opened that door and entered an empty room. There was another door. They opened it and saw a good dozen or more cultists searching the room. One of them pressed a secret button the wall and several of them started to run out of the room. Thoravil ran in and cast Spirit Guardians taking about a good number of the cultists. There were so many bodies it was difficult to walk across the room. Several of the group went back to the teleportation circle and saw the cultists coming out of another room. The group set on them cultists and soon they were defeated. They searched the cultists for the Hourglass but none of them had it.

The group went back to the teleportation circle and pressed the Rectangle. The arrived in a teleportation circle and saw:

Painted renditions of dracoliches line the walls of this chamber, and a stone altar in the center o f the area features the skeletal limbs and claws of a dragon. A good number of cultists look up in surprise at your appearance.

The group focused on two of the cultists who obviously spellcasters. They took those out first then mopped the rest of the room. They were surprised when the limbs and claws of the dragon attacked them. Never did a lot of damage but it was one more thing to pay attention to. Again, the searched the cultists but did not find the Hourglass.

They got back on the teleportation circle and pressed Flame

A large fireplace in the center of the room keeps this chamber warm and cozy, its smoke magically vented outside. About two-thirds of the skeleton of an adult dragon is laid out on the floor, curled around the fireplace. Before you have time for further assessment, however, a dozen black-cloaked figures move to attack you.

The cultists tried to swarm the group and the group was too powerful. It did not take long before the cultists were defeated. There was an odd one that was pushed into the fire pit but was not touched by the flames. Once he was defeated, he burned as normal.

They stepped on the teleportation circle once again and pressed the Star.

This chamber is clearly the workplace of a wizard. A pair of voluminous tomes on astronomy and astrology lie open on a table. A massive telescope of brass, crystal, and polished mahogany rests on an intricate stand in the middle of the chamber. A ladder rests against one wall, and an immense crystal lens is embedded in the ceiling.

Several magic users appeared out of nowhere and began to cast spells. They focused on Thoravil who still had Spirit Guardians on him. A high ranking cultists magic user cast necrotic tentacles on teh on the floor of each of the group and then disappeared. Thalaniel looked for him with his True Sight but he was no longer in the room. The group focused on the rest of the magic users while they made an effort to get to the door on the other side of the room. Mason reached it first and opening it he and everyone but Nameless was hit by a fireball. Gilbee was the only one to drop.

Mason saw the archmage and he, Thoravil and Thalaniel focused on him. Thoravil cast Mass Cure Wounds healing everyone and bringing Gilbee back up. The archmage cast windwall and forced those around him to be pushed 20ft away from him and all ranged attacks were at disadvantage to hit him. It was not enough. The lower level mages fell first and then the archmage. They found the Hourglass key on the Archmage along with a dragontooth dagger.

They did some healing and then held the Hourglass key to the Hourglass symbol on the wall…