Recap March 15, 2019

They pressed the Hourglass key on the hourglass symbol on the wall behind the teleportation circle. They found themselves in a square shaped room holding on a the teleportation circle and three dead cultist. Two were killed by bolts of magical force. The third was stabbed to death. They also saw a trail of blood running of out this room towards the northeast. After checking the bodies they followed the trail of blood into another room.

Blood streaks the floor here, including the smeared trail leading back to the teleport chamber and a second trail of bloody boot prints heading up the corridor to the north. Standing amid the gore are three humanoid figures— two that look like misshapen statues of clay and stone and one appearing as a humanoid made of flame.

The fire elemental streaked to the members at the front of the group. It was swinging a fiery scimitar that would occasionally give off extra fire damage. One earth elemental moved forward and attacked with a maul that would occasionally give off extra thunder damage. The other earth elemental seemed to be guarding the table and chairs in the northeast corner. The group focused on the fire elemental and soon it fell but not without giving one last fiery explosion. The group then took out the earth elementals. They then searched the room.

A large, round table with four chairs sits in one corner of the room, with shelves and workbenches arranged along the walls. Books and papers are scattered on the table, along with a locked wooden chest about the size of a shoebox. Susan used her bracelet to check for traps in the area not just on the box. Not finding one, she found that the box was locked. She easily picked the lock and inside were two scrolls of protection against fire elementals and one scroll of protection against earth elementals. Gilbee looked at the papers and books. The writing on the papers and books in the room has become illegible, and the paper is so brittle from the fire elementals’ heat that it crumbles at a touch.

The left the room and followed the trail of blood. It went north into a long corridor that looked like it stretched into infinite space. Gilbee was interested in seeing where it went but Nameless said that they should check out the room to the northeast first.

It’s obvious at a glance that this area was once a wizard’s workroom. Worktables are covered with notes, alchemical flasks, beakers, braziers, and other arcane apparatus. More startling is the whirlwind occupying the center of the room. Ten feet across and stretching from floor to ceiling, it swirls endlessly, revealing a number of sparkling gems within it.

Nameless noticed the gems looked a lot like the elemental gems he had. After a brief discussion with the group, Nameless cast Telekinesis and reach for one of the gems in the whirlwind. He pulled out an earth elemental gem. He attempted to grab a second one but he only was able to pry it loose and it fell to the floor and an earth elemental appeared. The group took it out and Nameless grabbed another gem. This one was a light blue and was cold to the touch. He reached into the whirlwind one last time and knocked another loose causing a frost salamander to appear. The group did not want to mess with it so they ran from the room. The frost salamander did not follow them. Instead it paced the room as if it was on guard duty.

The group then went towards the steps that led up to the corridor into infinite space.

Steps ascend to a walkway that appears to stretch across infinite space. Thousands of stars twinkle in unfamiliar constellations, and meteors streak through the vastness above and below the path. Just past the base of the stairs, a door framed by nothingness rises from the path. Fifty feet beyond that, the path meets an intersection, with another door straight ahead. Susan and Gilbee went first with Thoravil and Nameless close behind. Stumbleduck followed a ways back and Mason brought up the rear. Meteors flew all around them barely missing each one of them…except Mason. Several small meteors slammed into him and he lost his balance and fell off the path into the infinity of space.

The group looked over the side of the path and watched Mason disappear. Several of them thought about jumping off to try to find their companion but they decided against it and they went to check out the first door. It was not locked and Susan did not detect any traps. She opened the door.

This circular room is obviously a library or study, its walls lined with bookshelves that extend from the floor to the gently domed ceiling twenty feet overhead. A wheeled ladder is connected to a rail that runs around the curved wall, allowing access to the upper shelves. A delicate, ornate desk stands at the center of the room, surrounded by piles of blank paper. A large map sits on the desk, its corners held down with stones.

The group were fascinated by the all of the books and began to search through them. Each found a book on a subject that they were interested in. (I cannot remember how many books you all took from here). As they were searching they heard a knocking on the bookshelf to the northeast. It sounded like it was coming from the lower portion of the bookcase. They also heard a mumbled voice from around the same area. Thoravil began to push books off the shelf in that area until one clicked into place and a secret door cracked barely open. Susan checked for trap and then they pushed the door open. Two things happened at once. The secret door opened and they saw Mason standing there and all of the papers in the library animated and began to attack the group in swarms. Susan stepped outside of the library and the paper swarms did not follow. Mason and Thoravil used Spirit Guardians while the others used fire based spells to defeat the rest of the swarms. They went into the room Mason had been in.

A large, simple desk with several ink pots, quill pens, and a single chair occupy the center of this otherwise empty room. Mason had already searched the room and had found that while the inks had all dried up, the quill pens were still usable and they were all exquisitely fashioned. He also found a spellbook. He opened it and could not make sense of the words on the pages. It looked to be in Arcane language. He showed it to the others. They could not figure out the spells in the book except Thoravil. Nothing in the book made sense for him either until he came to one page and words spoke to him. He knew he had learned a new spell - Demiplane.

They left that room and then the library and were back on the path surrounded by infinite space. They moved north but this time no meteors knocked any of them off. They came to an intersection with a door in front of them and a passage way to the left and one to the right. The door to the north was a storage closet lined with shelves holding hundreds of mundane and exotic reagents and components used by Xonthal in his experiments. Most of the supplies have evaporated, congealed, or decayed over long years.

They came back and went to the passage to the left. There was another door. It was not trapped and was not locked. They opened the door.

Two massive hourglasses occupy this irregularly shaped chamber. Their glass globes are nearly fifteen feet across, with each hourglass rising almost to the ceiling thirty feet overhead. Each is suspended by chains, pulleys, and gears in such a way that it can be turned over to set its sand running. Slumped against the wall at the far side of the chamber is the cultist who called to you from the balcony of the tower. His dark robes are charred and torn, and a blue dragon mask is clutched in his red-stained hands.

They carefully made their way to the cultist. He had scorch marks, bruises, dagger wounds and spell remnants. It was determined that he probably had been dead 10 minutes or so and that he probably sustained the worst of his injuries from the elementals on the basement. Thoravil took the blue dragon mask and examined it. It looked and felt similar to the green dragon mask that was determined to be a fake. Was the blue one fake as well? It was impossible to know and none of them had access to spells or other items for them to know right then. They put the blue dragon mask into a bag of holding along with the cultist. They planned to Speak with Dead and/or see about raising him once they got back to Waterdeep.

Stumbleduck was intrigued by the large hourglasses. He examined one and decided to break it. As the sand spilled out onto the floor he spotted several shinier bits of sand that turned out to be small diamonds. He picked one up. (a character in possession of a diamond can use a bonus action to teleport to a space it can see up to 30 feet away, whereupon the diamond disappears.) They found two more. Gilbee was ready to leave. As was Nameless. Thoravil wanted to check the other hourglass to see if another dragon mask was inside of it. He broke it and the sand poured out. He found only another 3 diamonds like Stumbleduck had found and nothing else. They discussed about leaving since they had the blue dragon mask but they did not want to leave without checking out all of the rooms. They left the hourglass room and followed the path until it opened into another square room. They spotted a circle of sand or some other grainy substance in a circle around the edges of the room.

Light shines out ahead as the corridor opens into a room set with comfortable-looking oversized furnishings. In the center of the room, a blue-skinned creature wearing armor of silk, silver, and blue quartz sits cross-legged on the floor, studying a chessboard. She is easily 10ft tall if she was standing. She looked up and greeted the group with a breezy smile and said hello. They asked her name. She said Zyphira. They asked what plane she was from. She said I have been on this one a long time but the Elemental Air Plane is where I call home. They asked why she was here. She responded:

Xonthal warded the chamber to prevent the djinni from harming anyone, so that the wizard and the genie could play chess. Xonthal promised to set her free if she ever won a match. Which she never has. Now she was waiting for him to return.

They asked about the sand circle. It was a salt circle and it was what was keeping Zyphira captive.

They asked why Xonthal would prevent her from harming anyone. Is that what she wanted to do?

She said she has no desire to harm anyone, and couldn’t even if she wanted to, thanks to Xonthal’s protective magic. They asked her if she was released from the salt circle would she harm anyone. She said that depends but I have no desire to do harm.

They discussed this for awhile and decided that she did not deserve to be held captive. They broke the salt circle. Zyphira rose. She was well over 10ft tall. She cracked her back and neck and gave the group a slight bow and said thank you. Thoravil then said have I done the right thing? How will I know. She replied you never will and then she disappeared.

They checked the basement one last time and then went back to the teleportation room. They touched the chair symbol and were back in the first room of the tower with the balconies. The pressed the right triangle and found themselves in the teleportation circle at the base of the tower with the path to the sundial straight ahead. They arrive at the sundial and hear the terrible sound of villagers screaming, a dragon roaring, and lightning bolts tearing houses to splinters. Looking down the path away from the sundial they can see the village with a blue dragon flying above it breathing its lightning breath on the buildings and it occasionally swooping down to rip off a roof or grab a handful of villagers. They decided they needed to help the village so Nameless took out the scroll and called Flynrich. He agreed to take the mask and keep it safe. Wishing them good luck the screen closed. They ran out of the maze and a huge dragon flying above them and the village. The dragon saw them and in a booming voice yelled at them:

“The mask, you fools! The mask is what I’ve come for. Give it to me, and I’ll leave these crawling ants with their miserable lives. The Queen is returning! Who are you to hope to stop her? Give me the mask!”

They ran in for the attack. The dragon was a ways away and was flying so they moved as close to it was they could. They realized that this was the same blue dragon that they had fought twice before. The last time they had charmed it and had it fly out over the ocean. The thing was, the dragon had grown. The dragon swooped down and clawed two buildings destroying a roof and picking up a handful of villagers before dropping at what turned out to be the height of his flight. He flew down and aimed for the bulk of the group with his lightning breath. Everyone was hit but Mason and Thoravil. Nameless and Gilbee dropped. Stumbleduck recovered in time for the dragon to bite him as it flew towards the other side of village lining itself up for another possible lightning breath but certainly a bite and claws attack. Thoravil flew on his broom to within range of the group and cast Mass Cure Wounds healing everyone. Nameless positioned himself so that he had everyone within 10ft of him but Stumbleduck and Mason were just far enough away from him he would not be able to get both of them in range of his teleportation spell. He spent Sorcery points to increase the range to 20ft and he had everyone within the circle. He cast Teleportation to take them back to Waterdeep Castle. As they were teleporting away they all heard in a low voice “Cowards. Your time is over. The age of dragons is neigh.

They appeared in the teleportation circle at Waterdeep Castle. A few guards that they recognized were guarding the portal. They saw they were beaten up and called for clerics and medics. One of them ran down the corridor and they could hear him say The Green Team has returned and they are wounded. King Malendrach and the Prince arrived shortly and took them to their rooms. Lady Laeral appeared and they told the three of them all that had happened. But they did not mention that they had the Blue Dragon Mask. Lady Laeral said they should rest and recover for they would be needed at the 3rd Council of Waterdeep that was going to be meeting within the next day. When asked about the Green Team she replied we have named our elite groups after the chromatic dragons that we will soon defeat. You all just happened to draw the Green Team. They had a meal and were healed to full and then they attempted to rest but many of them found it difficult.