Recap March 22, 2019

The group had a little time to wander around Waterdeep before the start of the Third Council of Waterdeep. Some went shopping, some researched the chromatic dragons, some went to their temple of choice and prayed to their gods, some pick pocketed folks on the street. Others just relaxed after their ordeal at Xonthal’s Tower.

They were called to the council.

Lady Laeral welcome everyone back. Everyone that participated in the Battle of the South Ward Gate was thanked again. As she spoke the group noticed another new face—a tiefling named Rianne Nightshade. She was introduced as a special adviser to Lord Neverember. Throughout the meeting several members of the group notice that some at the meeting, including Sir Isteval of Daggerford (human paladin), Ontharr Frume of Elturel(human paladin), and Ambassador Brawnanvil of Mithral hall (shield dwarf), were doing their best to ignore her. She makes no statements unless addressed directly which does not happen often.

Elia (silver dragon), the representative from the Council of Dragons was there as well.

The village near Xonthal’s Tower was destroyed. No one is sure the blue dragon known as Lennithon is still in the area. Xonthal’s Tower is still standing. Brief discussion as to who owns the tower. Skyreach Castle is mentioned as being controlled now by the Alliance against the Dragon Cultists but is still owned by the cloud giants who navigate it. They are now allies with the Alliance. The Tower is in a different category. Lady Laeral says we will discuss this later. We have more important things going on currently.

King Melandrach is disappointed if the characters agreed to an apology for the Dracorage Mythal. He would make the apology because honor demands it, but he does not like that the party forced his hand. But he understands the reasons why the decision was made.

All the delegates are impressed if the party has gained the support of the metallic dragons, even if their own faction was asked to make concessions. The good dragons are wise and just creatures, and their acceptance of the party greatly boosts the adventurers’ standing in everyone’s eyes.

Dragons allocated to a delegate of the Lords’ Alliance have been assigned to protect the capital city of the delegate’s territory, Waterdeep, Neverwinter and more. A dragon was assigned to the Harpers that has been used for intelligence gathering. The Order of the Gauntlet sent dragons to the city of Elturel, while the Emerald Enclave sends dragons to guard the ancient treant known as the Grandfather Tree. The party asks that a dragon be sent to Phandalin. (I cannot remember if there was anyplace else you all mentioned) The dragon will protect a 100-mile-radius area around the point where it was assigned, stopping draconic and dragon cultists raids in that area.

The Council takes a 30 minutes break. The group approached Lady Laeral and tells her about finding the Blue Dragon Mask and that they are not sure if it is real or not. She asks where it is and they say Flynrich has it. She wants to tell the Council of this good news. The group is leery to do so as it may be another fake. They tell of that the blue dragon at Xonthal’s Tower wanted to the mask back so they believe that it may be the real thing. She asks if Flynrich is open to having some of her scholars look at the mask while he does. They say they will ask him. She agrees to keep things quiet. She also recommends that perhaps a rotation of places to hide the mask be put into effect. They agree. Gilbee says the Faewild is an option. Lady Laeral asks if he will speak with the Summer Court to see if this something that can be done. Gilbee contacts his patron Robin Goodfellow who says there is a line waiting for Queen Tatiana’s audience. So he conjures up a beach chair and a beach drink and says he will hold Gilbee’s place in line and then tells him to go about saving the world. Lady Laeral then says I really need a drink. If you will excuse me.

As Lady Laeral leaves, Rianne Nightshade approaches the characters and asks for a private audience. Once they are in a secluded place, she explains her position as an emissary of the Zhentarim, and of the Zhentarim’s interest in current affairs. She bemoans the dithering of the other factions, stating that the Black Network is willing to act immediately and unflinchingly, if the party can help arrange agreeable terms for the Zhentarim’s support.

Rianne says that the Zhentarim have a keen interest in Xonthal’s Tower. Ownership of the tower is under discussion by the council, but she wants to deal directly with those who have claim to the tower by right of conquest, the group. The Zhentarim are willing to purchase the adventurers’ interest in the tower for 50,000 gold pieces. Thoravil says they are not interested. She says she can throw in a potion of greater healing for each member of their company, a potion of frost giant strength, and a scroll of earthquake to sweeten the deal. Thoravil once again says no and they he would have no dealings with her. She says very well and leaves.

The group goes over to the buffet area and has a variety of fruits, bread and cheeses. They are just getting into their snack when they hear an alarm and members of the City Watch run in shouting that the portals are being attack. Dragon cultists are coming through the teleportation circles inside of Waterdeep Castle.

They run for the closest portal which happens to be the one that they have used a number of times. Several guards are at the entrance to the portal room. two dragonsoul cultists are using arcane magicks to keep the portal open as three dragonsoul cultists advance to fight whoever is in the room. The group joins the fight, focusing on those who are holding the portal open. Suddenly a large red dragon head bursts through the portal and lets out its fiery breath. The group continues to focus on those holding the portal open. One of them falls leaving the portal half open. They are able t push the dragon head back into the portal or did they kill it? Either way, the dragon was gone and they focused on the rest of the cultists. Elia the silver dragon in her elf form arrives and heals all who have been injured. The dead are taken away. Only two guards died in this portal room. Close to 20 died at the two other portals involved with the attack. They go to another portal room and see Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff along with Lady Laeral working on the teleportation circle. They could tell they were trying to remove the circle permanently.

Some time later, they are summoned by Lady Laeral once again. She tells them that the council has been approached by a Red Wizard of Thay named Nyh Ilmichh. Ilmichh has extended an invitation to the council to send an envoy to Thay, to discuss ways in which Thay and the Sword Coast might aid each other during the current crisis. The adventurers have been specifically requested to represent the Sword Coast at this meeting, after which the characters will be returned to Waterdeep unharmed.

The visit to the embassy will last only a few days, but the location of the meeting is not negotiable. The duties of the tharchion (a Thayan governor) the characters will meet precludes her leaving her post. Nyh has been carefully questioned and and is willing to go under a zone of truth. The group is invited to ask some questions of their own.

They go and ask about her and Thay’s intention. She say that without the Red Wizards that the dragon cultists have recruited, Severin’s plans are severely compromised. Moreover, it is common knowledge that Szass Tam wants all exiled Red Wizards dead in the worst possible way. The two groups can work together against a common enemy.

They ask a few more questions as do other members of the Council.

The decision was left up to the group. No one compelled them to go. But in the council’s estimation, the potential to delay or even undo the Dragon Cultist’s plan in a possible single blow was too much to pass up.