Recap May 25, 2018

After defeating the initial fiends the group continued down the hallway into another room.

This room may have once been a study or studio, but all now lies in ruins. Near the entry is a shattered desk, and the floor is littered with overturned chairs, glass, and other broken bits of furniture. Standing amid the debris is a towering, muscular figure with ruddy skin clad only in windings of chain.

This fiend began to whip his chains back and forth and moved to attack the group. Thalaniel and Bekah rushed forward to engage. Nameless summoned an earth elemental into the room to give the fiend a large target. Mason cast Spiritual Weapon, creating a warhammer and began to beat on the fiend so he could give support and healing to the group. Thoravil threw his dwarven thrower at the fiend a few times doing decent damage. With Thalaniel and Bekah up front they took the brunt of attacks. Eridanus used Vicious Mockery to keep the creature at disadvantage as much as possible. The Mockery must have worked as the fiend threw one of his chains at Eridanus. Nameless removed a few stars from his robe and threw magic missiles at the fiend. The group focused in on the fiend and soon it was defeated. Just as the fiend fell another creature appeared in the doorway to the west and shouted “What is all this noise that keeps interrupting me? Well, what is it?”

She was an imposing figure indeed. She appears to be a female warrior clad in ebony plate mail of unusual design, replete with horned helm, serrated vambraces, and an ornate cuirass. Hanging at her hip is a coiled rope that glows like fitful embers. Her face, framed by the unruly blonde tresses that peek from beneath her helm, is comely but her features are sharp and her eyes cruel. Wings with dusky red feathers unfurl at her back and she fingers her sword pommel. She spins the sword in her hand and moves forward to attack. Again, Thalaniel and Bekah take the brunt of the attacks while Mason and Eridanus gave support. She focused her subduing attacks on Nameless using a Rope of Entanglement. The rope never kept him occupied for long though. She moved about the little room carving up folks up with her barbed longsword little by little. Suddenly off to the northeast a trampling noise was heard and they head Savitar shout “We have incoming!” Thoravil twisted in the corridor and ran back to where Savitar was firing arrows at a large charging bronze bull. Thoravil took the horn attack but he kept on attacking making sure he stayed just out of melee range so his thrower would do maximum damage. Mason came to assist damaging the bull and sending it back out of the corridor back into the trophy room giving it enough room for another charge. It moved forward and gored Thoravil for a second time.

Meanwhile the ebony plate mail wearing woman was handling the rest of the group decently. She had Thalaniel, Bekah, Nameless, Nameless’ earth elemental, and Eridanus on her. Thalaniel, who even after getting some healing was still heavily damaged, then made a mighty attack including a banishing smite and an eldritch smite knocking her prone. She immediately jumped back up but soon she was defeated as Bekah attacked her with her hand axes and shortsword.

Thoravil was still getting used to the thrower and he made several misses with the warhammer flying in all directions. Savitar and Mason backed him up while he got his bearings and soon the bull was defeated as well. Thalaniel, Eridanus and Nameless examined the room that the plate wearing woman had come from. This chamber is oddly circular, with curved walls and ceiling that are completely covered with intricate sigils that glowed with a dim amber radiance. The floor is featureless and empty, save for a single woven mat. Not being able to figure anything out they called in Thoravil and Mason to see if they could figure anything out. While they all discussed the possibilities Savitar and Thoravil went to examine the large statue in the Trophy Room. Soon everyone else went back to the Trophy Room for a short rest and to look at the items they had found on the ebony plate wearing woman. She had on her:

a rope of entanglement a ring of mind shielding four hide pouches 6 green spinels worth 200gp each a wax-sealed metal flask a comb with jade insets a crystal vial of perfume a jeweled anklet

They noticed her armor and sword had turned to worthless iron once she had been defeated. Eridanus took the Rope of Entanglement and after a brief discussion over the ring the group put everything else in Nameless’ Bag of Holding. There was one corridor off of the Trophy Room they had not explored. Eridanus went down it and about 20ft down it made a turn to the south. Savitar joined him and they moved a little further down with the rest of the group following a ways behind. 30ft down there was an intersection with corridors going to the west and east while the main hallway went south another 40ft ending at a large door. The group decided to get west and followed a long winding corridor that also ended in a door. This time the door was locked. Nameless sent his earth elemental into the room and had it break down the door. They could hear movement like the start of a fight and rushed in. In the room was a wooden walkway that connects to a stone platform near the center of a high-ceilinged chamber. Jagged boulders can be seen on the platform, and you can see additional walkways leading off to other platforms. The ground below the platforms is formed of jagged spurs of rock interspersed with smoldering embers. Atop a far platform, something gold sits on a marble pedestal. Your gaze is soon drawn upwards, however, for two skulls, encircled with crackling blueish-green energy, hover and fly about the chamber. The skulls swiftly turn to face you, their eyes burning with malign energy.

It had looked like they had attacked the earth elemental but now their focus was on the group. It appeared as if they were looking for someone. When Eridanus moved forward to get a better look the skulls spoke in unison:

We are to provide a challenge. We are bound to his order.

Eridanus was not sure what to do so he said “what are you?”

They replied “We exist to challenge those with the talent.”

Nameless moved into the room and they focused on him as he was wearing a wizard robe. “We are to provide challenge. We follow your instruction.”

Thalaniel says this may be a challenge room of some sort. Perhaps the vessel of endless wastes is here somewhere, maybe in that gold chest. Several folks nodded but they decided to check out the other corridors first before doing battle with the flying skulls. They moved back to the intersection and continued east. Going 15ft they came upon a door. It too was locked. Savitar picked this one and they opened the door.

This sizable chamber appears to be a laboratory. A long table nearest the door holds various pieces of glassware - beakers, tall flasks, rows of vials in racks, and other oddly shaped containers. Numerous small boxes and clay containers are on display, as are jugs wrapped with thick twine, a bucket, and two casks. Against a far wall are several large, lidded bins. Near the center of the room is a larger, low-set table that supports something large covered with a dust sheet. The shrouded object is at least eight feet across.

They slowly moved into the room keeping an eye on the sheet covered object on the table in the center of the room. They had started to examine the bins and clay jugs when they noticed the sheet was moving. Then the table did a shimmy and the sheet fell off onto the floor revealing a beholder, an undead beholder, floating above the table it slowly moved its eye stalks into offensive positions. The group unleashed its attacks including Bekah’s hand axes hitting true, Savitar shooting his short bow and Nameless casting magic missile at it. Thalaniel hit it with another banishing smite/eldritch smite combination and it fell to the floor.

Mason examined the chemistry and alchemical items in the room. He found many reagents which the group decide to take. He also found a clay container full of Oil of Vitriol which he knew he could use as an improvised weapon. Savitar looked in the four bins in the room. He found two long aprons, a pair of protective leather gloves, one bin full of duck feathers, another full of rotten sticks and the last with animal bones just covering the bottom of the bin. Beside the bins were two casks, one with enough water to refill a flask. The second full of vinegary wine. Seeing the rotten sticks reminded Mason of the White Prognostication Sticks he had found in the Trophy Room. He got them out but was not able to get them to read anything. Nameless took them and he got a reading: they predicted good fortune for Nameless and his associates. He gave them back to Mason who remained determined to get them to work for him.

Thoravil and Eridanus began to look at the long table. The found more alchemical items including cuprite, powered bone, powdered fool’s gold, fulminating silver, hardened tree sap, hornblende, salt, sand and many other items that lend themselves to chemical exploration. Thoravil felt under the table and found a vellum scroll case. Looking into it he found several sheets of paper all pertaining to the creation of the Vessel of Endless Wastes. The snippets that stood out to him were:

“The Vessel must be maintained, lest the Hideaway fall.”

“The Vessel cannot be easily accessible. Protect it.”

“To create the Vessel of the Endless Wastes requires a gem of utmost quality.”

They scoured the room to make sure they did miss anything. Then they moved to the south corridor and the large door. It was heavier than the others but it eventually swung open. An acrid smell assaults your nostrils. This large, unusually shaped chamber appears largely empty, but the floor bears the remnants of chalk markings and wax drippings. A wooden box sits on the floor, just inside the entrance. The wall at the far end of the room is thoroughly blackened, as if burnt by incredible heat. Other walls here also bear black marks and are oddly scored. Thoravil looked in the wooden box. He found an assortment of 28 red, black and white candles and a bundle of six sticks of white chalk tied up with twine. Examining the room they noticed that the scoring was carbon in nature and was easily wiped off the walls. They also found the stubs of three candles, one of each color from the wooden box, and lots of grains of sulfur powder. Thalaniel said this may be the room that was used to summon those fiends. This room that reminds me of that room in the Butcher’s basement.

The group decided to go back and check the remaining corridor that was just a few feet north of the room they were just in. The corridor led to the west and seemed to go on for a long time.