Recap May 3, 2019

The Harpers had infiltrated the Dragon Cult and were just now able to bring back the following information:

The Draakhorn had changed tones. Now gives a sense of impending doom to all who hear it. The following have been completed:

• Assembled a very large treasure hoard

• Gathered an army of dragons and other evil creatures to defend the Well of Dragons against interfering with the ritual to summon Tiamat

• Captured hundreds of prisoners whose souls will power the magic that draws Tiamat to Faerun.

The ritual to raise Tiamat’s Temple is underway.

The spies also were able to provide a crude map of the Well of Dragons. There were several entrances that were used more than others. They would focus on the less traveled entrances. There would be 5 groups each with their own plan of action.

Green Team – the group – Would go to the cauldron itself and try to stop the ritual(s)

White Team - Laeral and members of the Lords’ Alliance and Order of the Gauntlet – army at the plains before the main entrance, north entrances, 1a, 1b and 1c, focus on 1a

Red Team – Harpers led by Mirt – focus on the area around the east entrances 2a, 2b and 2c with emphasis on 2c.

Blue Team -Emerald Enclave led by V – support and healing

Black Team – Metallic dragons led by Ruros – to focus on the chromatic dragons, both on air and land

Also involved were King Melandrach, the Prince and the Wild elves and a contingent from Thoravil’s lands.

Beauford was riding on the back of V as was George

Flyrich, Mattwise, Shortlock and McKenzie were part of the Lords’ Alliance group

Droop and Barg on their war elephant

Aria’s Family from Neverwinter

Mon Ki - leading his monks

Althea, along with Kistrana and Oskar Ironeyes

Sister Gaerale, Daran, Nars, Rockseeker Brothers and others from Phandalin

Mason was sure he saw an old man surrounded by 6 gold finches in the middle of the gigantic army.

Osiris and his clan

Blagothkus and the spirit of his dead wife named Esclarotta flying Skyreach Castle was bringing up the rear.

They made a stop at the Manor House to use the Scrying Bowl. Examining the volcano they found a entrance that was not getting any use. It looked to have had a rockslide and the tunnel was full of rubble about 25ft in. They decided to teleport to the last small area of tree a few miles and the use Wind Walk to get into the Well of Dragons.

They prepared and left for the Well of Dragons. They teleported to the last small area of trees a few miles from the dormant volcano that is the Well. They used Mason’s Wind Walk bead to turn into mist and fly at 300ft speed to get into an unused entrance.

They found the rockslide and was able to fly through it in mist form. They came to an intersection and went right. They found prisoner pens and wizard lodgings. And a long path leading towards the cauldron. As they were deciding what to do a group of wizards and guards came by leading a group of prisoners up that long path. They decided to follow. They came upon the already summoned Temple of Tiamat.

The caldera is blanketed beneath the bones of hundreds of dead dragons, but that’s not its most arresting feature. A mind-numbing structure has pushed up from beneath the tangled bones to tower above the blasted volcano. Partly volcanic ash fused with dragon bones and partly stone imbued with the dark magic of the Nine Hells, the Temple of Tiamat is all chaotic angles and jutting buttresses. Within that snarl of cornices and soaring angulation, you make out five asymmetric towers topped by twisted steeples.

There were two wizards standing in a ritual circle with an adult blue dragon sacrificing folks. one of the wizards was channeling souls from the ritual circle up to the top layers of the temple. It was the entrance to the temple as well as a temple dedicated to the blue head of Tiamat. They guessed there were more dragons but did not look for them. Flew up to the second level and saw 5 spires, one color of each of her heads. Later they would see more wizards and dragons set up around the spire level. There was also a gigantic portal in the middle of the area. Every so often a devil would pop out. They flew on up to the top floor and saw a man floating in the middle of a sanctuary. he was wearing the mask of the dragon queen but it did not have the blue dragon mask. Surrounding him were 5 leather winged devils (erinyes) and 5 spined devils. 5 multicolored streams flowed into him from below. They decided to attack him and to try and stop the ritual. A good number of spells and attacks did not effect him. The devils were not much of a match for the group with Susan being invisible and doing massive sneak attack damage, Mason, Thoravil and Stumbleduck laying down radiant damage, Nameless summoning a water elemental to tank, Gilbee misty stepping and flying around the level. Things got worse when an adult white dragon flew up to help the devils. Mason used his planar ally bead and summoned an avatar of Bahamut. Nameless went down to the first level and took out the two former red wizards of Thay and then held the blue dragon at bay. Stumbleduck, Gilbee and Thalaniel went to the second level and fought another set of wizards and another blue dragon. At that point they realized there were at least 7 dragons within 200ft of them and probably more if they took a look around. With two ritual circles disrupted, maybe the summoning of Tiamat would be stopped

It did not work.

The ritual was completed and Tiamat was summoned.

Those on the second level saw the portal begin to shift. They saw the imprint of one, then two, then five enormous heads of a dragon that could only be Tiamat. Her heads began to pop out of the portal and with each head dozens of devils came through as well. When she was fully through everyone in the area was shaken with half the group frightened and frozen in place. The first thing Tiamat did was bite one of the Dragon Cult leaders in half with her red head with the white and black heads fighting over his remains. She then picked off the other cultists 5 at a time before turning her attention to the group.

The group put up a valiant fight. First defending those that had been paralyzed with fear and then fighting side by side with their companions that were left. Ultimately all fell due to the overwhelming power of Tiamat and the sheer numbers of devils and dragons.

One by one, their eyed opened to see a cleric finishing a spell on them. Just behind the cleric they saw Laeral greeting them. Looking around they saw their companions that had been at the Well of Dragons all coming back to life in a small room in what they thought was in the Lords’ Palace in Waterdeep.

It was a year later, Laeral explained. They had been True Resurrected. Laeral and a few allies had spent the year finding them and locating their gear. The Sword Coast had been turned into Tiamat’s hell on earth. Only 25% of Waterdeep was left. There had been some complications and others had rose up to take care of that situation. And scholars, including Maccath from the Arcane Brotherhood and the wizardess Sanura Hadad from Neverwinter, had been pouring over books, scrolls and documents. They had found information in several of the writings about a powerful wizard who dabbled in time and time magic, among other things. His name was Acererak.

It was determined that Acererak may have had an Orb of Time, an artifact that could be used to travel backwards and forwards through time. The group was to go to his last known haunt, a complex in the Serpent Hills several hundred miles east of Waterdeep, find the Orb, use it to go back in time and stop the summoning of Tiamat from ever happening.

They would be heading to the Tomb of Horrors.