Recap November 16, 2018

As the Second Council of Waterdeep began, there were several changes from the first one. To begin with, Lady Laeral Silverhand was now the Open Lord of Waterdeep, replacing Dagult Neverember. Thsi made her also leader of the Lords’ Alliance. Dagult sat beside her and he was not happy. He did not say much through the council, mostly nodding along with whoever is speaking. Except for Lady Laeral. Lady Laeral was a well known mage throughout the Sword Coast. She was one of the Seven Sisters all blessed of Mystra the Mistress of Magic and Mother of Mysteries. Mystra guides the Weave of all magic that envelops the world.

The council first spoke of Varram the White. The group gave their account of tracking him down and finding him captured by yuan-ti. Unfortunately, he was not able to scry where the White Dragon Mask had been taken. Lady Laeral replied that with further investigation it has been determined that the White Dragon Mask was now with the Dragon Cultists at The Well of Dragons.

They next gave an update on the raid in the Misty Forest. King Melandrach is not present but his son Prince Alagarthas is there in his stead. the group does most of the speaking only adding things that his father wanted to communicate. While there is relief that the raids had ended, there was sorrow that one of the king’s sons had been the Green Wyrmspeaker.

Lady Laeral then speaks about what she is calling “Treasure Collection System” that the cultists are using. It is believed that if all of the Dragon Masks are brought together to the Well of the Dragon and a large amount of treasure is brought and the sacrificed, a spell or ritual of some kind will be used to bring back Tiamat to the prime material plane. There is something missing in this formula. The search for the complete plan is ongoing.

Severin – This is what is known about Severin. Human male, Calishite. Years ago translated a copy of the “Chronicle of Years” to Come by Maglas in which his translation was opposite of Sammaster the originator of the Dragon Cult. Sammaster had said undead dragons, dracoliches, needed to be created to bring about the dominance of dragons over the world. Severin’s translation read that Dragons alone shall rule. And while many scholars believe that Severin’s translation is the correct translation, it is considered blasphemy by those who followed Sammaster and Severin was kicked out of the Cult. He has not been seen or heard of until now. Now, we are not one hundred percent sure that this is the same Severin but there are two many coincidences to make us believe otherwise at this time.

Dala Silmerhelve stands and speaks to the council. She has information on the Draakhorn which everyone heard or felt right before the 1st Council of Waterdeep. She asks that when this council is over she be allowed to speak to the PCs. The delegates want to know what information she has but she is not going to reveal it to the council. Only to the group that will be going to do the investigation.

Another new face at the council is Elia. She is the silver dragon Otaaryliakkarnos. When she revealed herself the entire council was awe struck just by being her in presence. She comes bearing greetings from Protanthar, a gold dragon and the leader of the Metallic Dragon Council. She offers an invitation to the Dragon Council. The Waterdeep Council delegates chose the group to attend as their representatives. She will wait for the group to decide when they will go to meet with the Dragon Council.

The Council ends and the group meets with Dala.

She speaks “The Sea of Moving Ice was the last known location of the Draakhorn. No one can pinpoint its present location from the sound, or even verify with certainty that the relic is still in the northern sea, but the search must start there. “The one person who could tell us more is a tiefling sorcerer called Maccath the Crimson. No one alive knows more about the Draakhorn than her, but the Arcane Brotherhood, of which she is also a member, hasn’t seen her for three years. She was investigating the Sea of Moving Ice when she disappeared. Also, the Sea of Moving Ice is home to Arauthator or Old White Death, a white dragon of great power.

Combining their history knowledge, it was revealed that Lonefang Mountain is rumored to be Arauthator’s chief lair but he has a number of smaller lairs throughout the Sea of Moving Ice. Over 100 years ago during the Rage of Dragons, Arauthator joined with a dozen other dragons in attacking the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. Their assault toppled the west arm of the tower, and Arauthator was seen scooping up numerous items of great magical importance and power, including at least three tomes of rare spells. The possibility of recovering those books is part of what drew Maccath the Crimson to the Sea of Moving Ice.

The group discussed among themselves that it would not be a good idea to keep the Metallic Dragon Council waiting so they decided to return to Elia and say they are ready to leave. She says come with me to outside of the city. They follow her and when they leave the city she transforms into an enormous silver dragon. She says “Climb on my back. It will be quicker this way. Hold on I will be flying fast. They climb on and take off. It still takes two days for the trip to the Nether Mountains where the Dragon Council is taking place. The trip is uneventful but several times they do see chromatic dragons way off in the distance but they all do not bother them on their trip.

Five ancient dragons make up the council charged with deciding their metallic kin’s response to the cult.

Protanther is the leader of the council. A former King of Justice—a royal title among the gold dragons—he does not care for humanoids, particularly humans and elves. Though he sees both good and bad in the lesser races, he believes that their capacity for attaining great power despite their physical limitations makes them dangerous. For all their capability, humanoids have little time to learn the wisdom to direct that capability. The gold dragon knows that many of the world’s most blighted creatures descend from humans who bargained with dark forces for power, including yuan-ti and tieflings. He considers the cycle of failed human civilizations across Faerun as a sign of a quintessential flaw in human nature. Moreover, he is quick to point out that humans make up the majority of evil archmages and liches—including Sammaster, who founded the Cult of the Dragon. Protanther would prefer that the dragons rally their forces with no regard for the humanoid factions, striking immediately and decisively before the cult and its chromatic dragon allies can muster their full strength. If this puts the humanoids at risk, so be it.

Ileuthra is an ancient brass dragon who travels the planes in search of knowledge and ever more challenging games. Legend has it that he resides with Oghma, god of knowledge, but the dragon is cagey on that point. Some rumors say that he is Oghma himself but if asked he will say we are different being. Seeing good and bad in equal measure among the lesser races, Ileuthra recognizes that helping the humanoids is less a case of deciding whether they are worthy of aid, and more about deciding whether these adventurer ambassadors can be trusted to properly lead the factions. Ileuthra has no preconceived sense of what might be the best course, and he is willing to hear all sides of the discussion.

Elia, the representative of the silver dragons believes that among the lesser races, neither good nor bad is ever absolute. The humanoids are in need of protection and guidance, and should be shown Bahamut’s righteous way of living rather than ignored and treated as children. If the dragons refuse to engage the humanoids and focus only on their own advancement, the humanoids will persist in making the same mistakes again and again. Otaaryliakkarnos would like the metallic dragons to strike now as Protanther suggests, but she does not know if they can succeed alone. An alliance would reduce casualties for all parties, but the dragons must be certain of the intentions of the factions and their leaders.

Of all the dragons on the council, Nymmurh disagrees most strongly with Protanther. He knows that the metallic dragons are made in the image of Bahamut, and have no choice in the matter of being good or evil. Thus, how much greater and more precious is good when it is freely chosen by the humanoids, who must consciously turn away from villainy? Nymmurh’s belief in the potential of humanoids is partly driven by his affection for and protection of the noble Silmerhelve human family in Waterdeep. Nymmurh would like to help the factions, looking to the Harpers and the Order of the Gauntlet as epitomizing the best traits of humanoid aspiration.

Tazmikella, a female copper dragon, is fond of humans and has spent a great deal of time living among them, but she has reservations about supporting the factions. Her lair arid hoard have been the target of cunning thieves and fast-talking swindlers more than once, and she perceives betrayal as a humanoid trait. She fears what might happen if one or more factions turn against the metallic dragons to demonstrate loyalty to Tiamat. The copper dragon also believes that unrestricted interaction between humanoids and dragons has been disastrous for both races. The Dracorage mythal serves as a sore reminder of the animosity that has often arisen between the two peoples. It was the elves who shaped the magic of the Dracorage mythal, causing dragons across Faerun to go mad with rage. She was already leery of Nameless, him being a Dragonborn but she was quite upset when she found out that he carried the Magic Screen that she had lent Flynrich some years ago.

Through a length conversation it was determined that if two concessions had to be given the majority of the Council would agree to join the Council of Waterdeep in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. First, was an apology from their king(s) or queen(s) concerning Dracorage mythal. Second was the return of the Magic Screen that Nameless now held. Nameless was not sure what to do. So, he used the Screen to call Flynrich who apologized to Tazmikella and the rest of the council. Flyrich then said, yes, it is hers and it should be given back. Nameless handed over the Magic Screen to Tazmikella and she nodded to Protanther.

One by one the group apologized for the Dracorage mythal. When the last one was given, the Dragon Council nodded. Protanther then said, we must now decide on the split of the Cult’s treasure. The dragons asked for 1/5 of the total and the group agreed.

Althea stepped forward and removed her one Dragon of Arrow Slaying and presented it to the dragon council. Protanther said, you will need that much more than we will. Here are several more for you to use. These are general use ones you can use on any type of dragon. We also have a some crossbow bolts of Dragon Slaying was well. Althea took the arrows while Mason took the crossbow bolts.

Elia said whenever they were ready to fly back she would take them. They climbed on her back and they were off. She said, the trip back will be much quicker. It only took a day to arrive back at Waterdeep. They rested for a bit and then went to find Dala. Dala had arranged passage north on the Frostskimmr. The boat is captained by a human male known as Lerustah Half-face. The right half of his face was left a scarred ruin from severe frostbite suffered years ago on the Sea of Moving Ice. He keeps a leather hood drawn across his face most of the time, both for warmth and so as not to frighten children.

The journey does not take more than a few days. They see many creatures on their journey but none of them come close to the boat. Lerustah says we should look for Oyaviggaton, one of the largest iceburgs in the Sea of Moving Ice. There are normally Ice Hunter, human nomads that make it their home for a good portion of the year. They may be a good guides as to where Arauthator may be held up currently. Two days later Oyaviggaton is located and the ship sails toward the massive area of ice. The ship anchors several hundred feet offshore. Lerustah says we cannot go any closer. You will need to take the rowboats. We will wait for you for 10 days and then we sail back to Waterdeep. Unless, we have had communication either by you or Lady Silmerhelve. They get into the rowboats and are soon on the massive iceburg.

Althea and Gilbee were the first to spot the village located on a shelf on the top of the iceburg. As they approached they all could see a number of Ice Hunters beginning to gather. They saw at least 25 warriors, a shaman, a man with an elaborate headdress and then a larger warrior with a large orca head as a helmet. The Ice Hunters asked their business. When the white dragon is mentioned, the chief says that a dragon known as Old White Death was killed a year ago by frost giants. He then says that you will need to stay in our village this evening as the sun is now setting. In order to stay you will need to become temporary members of our tribe. To do that you much choose a champion to fight our champion, Orcaheart (the large man wearing the orca head.

It decided that Althea would fight Orcaheart. Everyone in the village came to watch. They were in a large circle in the middle of the village with Althea at one end and Orcaheart at the other. The chief gave the signal and they attacked one another. It was a brutal and quick fight with Althea taking down Orcaheart. The group was welcomed into the tribe and then led to the shaman’s hut. She introduced herself as Bonecarver and offered them places to sit near her fire. She then offered them sour fish and she took the first bite. The group sat down and all tasted the fish. Mason and Nameless fell asleep instantly while the rest were able to shake it off. Bonecarver said you all are more resilient that I estimated. Here. This will wake your friends and then as we can talk.

Bonecarver continued..I know why you are here. Oh he still lives and is below us as we speak. Before you go, I want to know why you seek death? So many have come to challenge him or to take his treasure while he sleeps. None of them have returned. I am guessing they are dead.

The group explained why they had come and that if the Cult was not stopped many more people would die and the world itself may be destroyed as well. The shaman showed them a secret entrance and then said there is a devil woman that is below. She may be of help to you.

They climbed down the steps down into the ice caves. They made sure to move slow as the ice was slick in many places. They hoped to find crampons so they could walk on the ice easier. The ice cases wound around and around. They came into a room A dozen kobolds occupy this disheveled and filthy chamber. Half-eaten fish heads and gnawed seal flippers are tossed into corners or carelessly strewn around matted heaps of furs, which would undoubtedly smell as bad as they look if not for the cold. The kobolds were surprised at first but then asked what they were doing. The group did not answer like the kobolds wanted them to so the kobolds attacked. The group took care of the kobolds quickly.

They moved through a junk room and then into a much colder chamber than any area of the ice caves you’ve explored so far. than any area of the ice caves you’ve explored so far. The cold issues from a yawning pit in the floor that twists down into darkness, and above which a heavy iron hook is anchored in the ice of the ceiling. A five-foot-wide walkway extends around both sides of the pit, connecting this entrance to an exit across the room. Carved into the ice of the walls are images of white dragons in flight. Althea took her heavy layer of clothing off so she could sprout her wings and her and Gilbee flew down to check out the large chamber below. They did not get far and they saw a frost giant standing in front of them Gilbee. She gave the signal and he Misty Stepped them back to the room they flew down from. She felt confident that the frost giant was frozen solid but did not want to go back to check and see. They followed the path and found another room similar to the one with the yawning pit but they do not enter this time. They continued on through the ice caves finally arriving in another cavern. This one had a strange tent like structure in its center. The empty ice floor of this chamber holds a most unexpected sight. A large shelter is seemingly built of scraps, and in the style o f the tents used by the desert nomads of Calimshan, some two thousand miles to the south.

They moved around the tent and finally saw a window like flap and a larger flap that served as a door. They opened the door flap: The interior of the shelter is surprisingly warm, thanks to a small stove and simple lamps burning aromatic whale oil. Carpets are heaped on the floor in thick layers, and tapestries from every culture in Faerun hang suspended from a sturdy frame of whale ribs. Books and scrolls are stacked neatly on tables and reading stands made of hide and whalebone. The only furnishings in the shelter not made from these natural materials are the carpets and tapestries, and a portable writing desk that appears to have been taken from a sailing ship. Seated at the writing desk is a female tiefling wearing a blazing crimson cloak over tailored furs. The cloak is fastened with a silver-and-ivory brooch bearing a design reminiscent of a stylized, branching tree— the symbol of the Arcane Brotherhood. Two kobold attendants stand nearby, glancing nervously between you and the tiefling. After a few moments, the tiefling looks up with an expression of pale disinterest and asks, “Have you come to save me or kill me? Not that there will be much difference between the two.”

The group ask if she is Maccath? She says yes. They then explain why they are here. She says the Draakhorn was here but a group of humans wearing distinctiverobes came to the iceberg half a year ago. After negotiation with Arauthator, they took the device away. The description she gave matched the description of the Cult of the Dragon. Arauthator is currently his lair, close to the entrance beneath the scriptorium, the next room to the north of the room they are currently in. Most of the material stolen from the Hosttower is in the scriptorium but some of the items may be in his lair below. She said that in order for her to leave, the magic connected her to this place would need to be destroyed and the only way to do that was to defeat Arauthator either by driving him away from his lair or killing him. She gave the group ring of cold resistance and two arrows of dragon slaying. She then says that the Old White One has devoured almost every hero that he has faced. She tells them the general layout of the lair and confirms that the frost giants are indeed frozen solid.

Althea equipped the ring of cold resistance. The group made last minute preparations and then headed into the scriptorium. Maccath followed them saying she would start to pack the documents while they went to find Arauthator below. They looked down and saw an ice shelf about 60ft below. They climbed down and saw Arauthator himself asleep about 55ft away on the very ledge they had landed on. They quickly made a plan. Althea and Mason would shoot their arrows and crossbow bolts of dragon slaying. Nameless cast Fireball at least once, Gilbee would summon his hound of ill omen and then use his spells to aid the others. Mason would cast Destructive Wave. Stumbleduck would cast Eldritch Blast and other offensive and support spells as needed. The dragon did not wake up when the first Arrow of Dragon Slaying hit him. It was wide awake by the time the third arrow and the first crossbow bolt hit. It took the Fireball spelled crying with pain but the magic missile spell from Gilbee , the Destructive Wave from Mason and the Eldritch Blast from Stumbleduck did little more than annoy him. He reared back its head and roared/breathed cold onto the group. Gilbee dropped. He then used his Frightful Presence on them but it did not have any effect. Then the dragon cast Gust of Wind and blew the group across the room from him. He then began to move much faster than something of his size should have. He flew off the ledge and moved towards the center of the lair with the hound of ill omen following him snipping at his tail. Althea and Nameless followed with Althea sprouting her wings and Nameless casting Fly. Althea continued to shoot arrows at the dragon. Nameless cast another fireball and then magic missile. Mason first healed Gilbee and then cast Mass Healing Word to heal the entire party. The dragon started to fly down towards the floor crashing into it. He looked puzzled but he turned around and Cast Wingbinding on Althea and Nameless but it did not work. The group focused their spells and ranged attacks on the dragon and the hound of ill omen snipped its tail and the dragon fell to the floor of the ice chamber. It was dead.

Maccath shouted from up top. I didn’t think you could do. Well, this is great. Let me finish packing and we can get out of here. The group heard someone else coming. It was a very large ice toad and it began to speak. I have been collecting information on the white dragon for over four decades. Now that he is gone I have no use for this information. Here, take this book and let others read what I have learned. I only hope it will be put to good use. They took it and thanked the ice toad. Maccath said she was leaving as well and said her goodbyes to Queen Marfulb the ruler of the ice toads.

In the scriptorium, Three shelves stand in this otherwise empty cavern, cobbled together out o f salvaged wood, whale bone, pieces of giants’ armor, and even the frozen limbs o f yetis. A number of scrolls, books, parchments, and folios are carefully arranged on the shelves, all bearing the markings of magical writing. Most of this material Maccath was packing. They would need to use one of the Bags of Holding to get it all. Maccath was sad to leave. Even though she had been a captive she was still able to research in quiet for those three years she had been there. Going back to the Arcane Brotherhood would be more disturbing. But she knew the proper place for these items was with them. Plus, the knowledge of the Old White Dragon plus her knowledge of the Draakhorn would be invaluable for the Council of Waterdeep in their fight against the Cult of the Dragon.

They arrived back in Waterdeep and gave a small update to Lady Laeral who thanked them. She then said go and get some rest. You have earned it.