Recap November 2, 2018

Gilbee, Nameless and a new friend Stumbleduck were walking around Waterdeep looking for maybe a bite to eat in between missions for the Waterdeep Council. They were approached by a fairly young Gnome who nevertheless sports an impressive beard, as well as a white shirt and tight black trousers held up with green suspenders. He asks them: “Are you all adventurers, because you look like you would be. If you are, would you be able to help me? You see, I have started a new brewery and it has been most successful and as I was looking to expand my cellar has become infested with giant rats. Would you be able assist me in this?”

They agreed and followed him to the brewery. Above the door was a brightly painted sign that reads ‘The Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co. For the Freshest Pint in the Realm!’ He brought them into the main room where several others were roaming about wearing similar outfits.

He sat the group at a table and brought over pints of beer. “I am Glowkindle and this is my brewery. This is one of my new ales, Tashalar Pale Ale and it is becoming very popular. As I said, my cellar has become infested by rats. I was hoping to expand the basement/cellar area but when the workers broke through my wall they found an older wall and a passageway on the other side. Before they could explore any the rats attacked. Not one was hurt but we have not been able to go back down into the cellar since. Once you are finished with your ale I can show you the cellar. I can pay you really well for your work.”

He showed them to the cellar doors. Opening the doors he wished them good luck and they stepped forward onto a deck with a set of stairs leading down into cellar. The wooden stairs creak as you descend into the cool, dry air of the cellar, which is infused with the smell of beer and damp fur. Somewhere in the darkness you hear the scrabbling sound of claws on floorboards and a faint squeaking noise.

It was dark in the cellar but they could make out at least two nests towards the back of the room. Gilbee cast Dancing Lights in the shape of a humanoid on the center of the room. The rats came out of the nests to investigate the lights but we soon drawn to them standing on the deck and the rats moved to attack. Something seemed off to the group about the rats but they could not put their finger on it. It seemed as if the rats’ skulls were glowing. Maybe it was from the Dancing Lights spell but it seemed to be coming from the rats’ heads.

The rats attacked in a swarm scratching and biting. One time the group felt confusion but it did not last long. Another time they heard voices in their heads complaining of pains and being hurt by the big nasty ones. Soon the rats were defeated and they group moved to the opening in the wall.

Through the hole in the wall you can see a dusty stone corridor, its floor lying around a foot below that of the cellar where you stand. Over to the left you can see the start of a staircase buried in collapsed masonry, earth and rubble that block the way completely. To the right the passage heads around a corner, but on the wall you can just make out what appears to be writing in a clear gold script.

They turned the corner and saw a colorful mosaic on the floor of the passageway leading north. On the wall in the clear gold script was written in common:

“Dawn breaks with stirring air, As sun shines down on new day fair

“Midday blaze bakes earth and grass, The farmer waits for heat to pass

“Evening cool brings water, wine, Drink and laughter passing time

“Night sees shining, roaring fire, as wood and coals burn on the pyre”

They read the words a few more times and while deciding what to do, Gilbee stepped forward onto the grass area of the first panel. A large blade sliced through him as he moved to the second panel an also stepped on the middle panel. Nothing happened so he walked back to the first panel and the blade came out again and cut through him again. He stepped off of the mosaic and the group decided what to do next. Gilbee and Stumbleduck jumped across the panels both taking some damage. Nameless sent his stone elemental across and it was able to miss all of the blades attacking him. Nameless used a Jump scroll and jumped across the mosaic.

The corridor went further north with a door to the north and a door to the west. Gilbee looked at both doors and said the north one was the one that he liked the most. Opening it:

In the center of the small room ahead of you is a large stone well, topped with a wooden handle and the rotten remnants of a heavily frayed rope that descends into the shaft. In the far right corner the ceiling has collapsed slightly, and a narrow shaft of weak sunlight shines through a narrow hole. Wrapped around the well was an extremely large centipede covered in armor plates that resembled a stegosaurus. It raised its head and tried to bite Gilbee. The group attacked it and soon it was defeated. Its bite was damaging but the poison from its stinger seemed to even effect Nameless’ stone elemental. Thank goodness none of them were effected by the poison.

They came back to the door to the west. Gilbee opened it.

The door opens onto what might once have been a lab or workroom. To your left sits a moldering desk and the shattered remnants of alchemical glassware, while the center of the room is dominated by a set of tall bookcases arranged back-to-back. All around, however, are scorch marks and signs of countless small fires and the air is filled with the smell of smoke and burned meat. The wooden furniture is blackened and burned in places, while what may once have been a pile of books has been been reduced to ash. Singed traces of what may be webbing hang fromthe ceiling. As you enter you feel something crunch beneath your feet - glancing down, you realize that it’s the charred hindquarters of a Giant Rat.

In the southwest part of the room was a giant rat. It was sniffing the air. In the northwest part of the room was a even large rat that when they looked closely they saw it was made up of hundreds of smaller rats joined together as one. The two creatures moved forward to attack. Nameless ran forward and cast Animate objects on his daggers and sent them to attack the wererat to the south. It took some damage but it did not seemed phased by the daggers. The stone elemental attacked with rat king to the north and did some damage bit held on. The rat king’s attacked were even diseasing the stone elemental. Gilbee sent his Hound of Ill Omen to attack the wererat while Stumbleduck cast Eldritch Blast at the rat king. The rat king was the first to fall. The wererat did not last much longer with a combination of chain lightning cast by Nameless and spells and attacks from Gilbee, the elemental and Stumbleduck.

Once the wererat was killed they explored some more and found a door that was locked. Stumbleduck checked it for traps and then opened the lock. Inside

The rear wall of this small room is lined with sturdy-looking wooden shelves. Clearly these were once laden with bottles and glass vials, but over the years many of these have been reduced to glittering shards of glass on the floor. There’s a flicker of movement among the wreckage and you see a small black rat lapping up the last remnants of liquid left the shattered remains of a dark blue bottle.

They all the saw the white label on the dark blue bottle at the same time: ‘-tion of enlargement’. They looked at each other and Nameless cast Shatter before the rat could become enlarged. They saw another smashed and empty bottle nearby. Its label read ‘Essence of Fire Ele-’. They search around some more and found the following: two potions of healing, potion of invisibility, a potion of vitality and a locked chest. Stumbleduck picked the lock on the chest and inside were the following:

Fox fur bound book oil of slipperiness 2 potions of fire resistance an Iron Flask +2 mace Goggles of Night

They went back to Glowkindle who thanked them and rewarded them with 1000gp each. He thanked them again and said they were always welcome at the Wizard’s Tower Brewing Co and that he was planning a new ale that would be named after them.