Recap November 9, 2018

Where we left off…Gilbee, Mason, Thoravil and Nameless were stuck in a side area they had sought shelter from an attack by a drider. As they were figuring out what to do next a Wall of Stone spell was cast at the entrance to the side area. They were looking to use the Master’s Key to get through the Wall when a bottle flew through the Wall and landed in the middle of them. A label on the bottle read:

“The Black Spider sends his greetings”

Then the stopper on the bottle opened and a burnt mustard smell filled the small area. They coughed but the odor has little other effects on them. They took out the Master’s Key and used Passwall to create a door in the Wall of Stone. As they stepped through the newly created entrance they saw a lone drow standing on the other side of the large cavern. It was smiling and doing what can only be described as a drow happy dance and he fired his two hand crossbows into the group. The group moved forward attacking with spells and ranged weapons. Thoravil using Thorovar’s Tumble to do large amounts of damage, Nameless cast a barrage of Magic Missiles, Mason used his heavy crossbow and Gilbee used a mix of utility spells to try and keep the drow on its toes. Both the drows hand crossbow bolts and short sword attacks had poison on them. Even with the extra damage the drow did not last long and he died with a large smile on his face.

They continued to explore to the south but only found dead end passages. In one room they found a statue of woman holding a bowl. She looked like she was crying. Mason, Gilbee and Thoravil recognized her as Eldath, goddess of waterfall. Gilbee moved forward and cried into her empty bowl. Water fell from above on her. Gilbee was give the effects of a Bless spell for the next 8 hours. Mason came forward and he was given the effects of a Water Walking spell for the next 8 hours. Finally Thoravil received the effects of a Water Breathing Spell for the next 8 hours. They then moved to the large center room and went to explore the pond and island that made of the center of the room. Gilbee used gaseous form to make his way across, while Mason walked across the water and Thoravil walked along the bottom. It ended being around 50ft deep but 25ft down he found a 20ft wide cave that led to the southwest. He climbed up and told the others and they all dropped into the water and made their way through the tunnel. Two secret doors opened at they made their way through. They ended in an even larger cavern. On the far side of the cavern was a large pile of treasure, coins of all kinds, art, cloth and magic items. One of the magic items was a Weapon of Warning and it was letting them know something was coming from the same way they had entered. They turned and saw the upper half of an adult green dragon and a person dressed in browns and greens dropping off the dragon and levitating about 20ft off the cavern floor. The man looked to be wearing the Green Dragon Mask. The dragon breathed poison on the group and the man cast poison cloud of some kind on Thoravil. They all took damage with Gilbee taking the worst of it yet he did not look worse off then he did when not damage. Gilbee suddenly dropped. Thoravil used his wand of healing to give him a cure wounds. Mason gave Gilbee one his cure wounds potions but Gilbee waited to use them. Mason, Gilbee and Nameless concentrated their attacks on the dragon while Thoravil and the man with the green dragon mask fought with spells and weapons. Suddenly the dragon retreated back into the water and swam away, Gilbee had summoned a hound of ill omen and it followed the dragon until it was destroyed as the dragon entered the Well of Dragons.

The man began to curse the dragon and everyone in the room in Elvish. Thoravil recognized the elf’s voice but he knew he would not be sure until the dragon mask was removed. His attacks all went to try and knock the mask off. Mason tried as well but they could not remove the mask in the fight. Finally, the elf was defeated and its body floated down to the cavern floor. Thoravil went over to the body and attempted to remove the Dragon Mask. Another dose of poison was emitted but it did not effect anyone in the room. The mask off, Thoravil saw that it was indeed Neronvain, King Melandrach’s son that was presumed dead. Thoravil was confused as to what to do. He could take the Dragon Mask and leave Neronvain as everyone thought he had been dead for years or he could take both and return to Waterdeep. He decided he needed to Teleport to Waterdeep then and now. Gilbee said we need to check on the village especially with the dragon on the loose. It could have gone there to get revenge on the beat down it had just received here in the cave. Mason agreed that they needed to check on the village. Thoravil reluctantly agreed and they flew off to Altand to check on things. The village was still standing with no sign of the dragon. They did find the elves that had been forced into servitude by Neronvain and the green dragon and they seemed to be okay and with their families. Nameless cast Teleport and they arrived The Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild basement, the first place they had teleported in before the 1st Council of Waterdeep. Reidoth and V were there and welcomed them back. They grew quiet as they saw the body of an elf in Thoravil’s arms. They escorted the group to Waterdeep Castle. Prince Alagarthas recognized his brother almost immediately and went to help Thoravil carry the body. They went to Alagarthas’ room and they cast magic to communicate both in sound and vision with King Melandrach. The king was sad when he heard the news. Even with the conflict he had with his son, it was still his son. And he had lost him twice and would grieve for him twice.

Melandrach spoke to the group. I thank you for you assistance in my lands. Though the outcome was far from expected, you must be rewarded for your bravery in the face of great odds and danger. Alagarthas bring out the box. Alagarthas brought over a box of dark wood measuring around 6ft in length. Opening the box he pulled out several items while the King spoke.

“Thoravil, I give to the armor of our people; elven plate mail.” Alagarthas pulled out a suit of armor covered in forest motifs and presented it to Thoravil. Melandrach continued; “In light of the problems in leadership in Altand and the surrounding area, Thoravil, I am appointing you Viceroy of Altand and its surrounding areas. There is much to be rebuilt and much to be recovered. You are the best suited for such things. These lands will belong to you and to your children and descendants until the ends of the days of elf and man.”

Elrogard, I mean Gilbee… for your service and your bravery I give to you your choice of wild elf weapons, the Compact Sword or the Blade Bow. Gilbee thought for a moment and chose the Compact Sword.

Mason, I offer you the same choice. Mason took the Blade Bow.

(Remind me Nameless gets a pick of items as well)

Melandrach spoke once more. I ask one more favor of the three of you. Will you assist my son Alagarthas as he escorts Neronvain’s body back for his burial. They all agreed.

They sat around the table eating and drinking quietly. Just then there was a knock on the door. A messenger from Lady Laeral Silverhand. Everyone’s presence was requested in the council room as the 2nd Waterdeep Council was ready to convene.