Recap October 19, 2018

They came upon a large tree that was across a gully. Fly was cast on all the party members and they were soon on the other side of the gully.

Continuing down the trail, Thoravil spotted something odd about the tree canopy just ahead. He could see the branches had been cut and were woven into a tree stand. He motioned for the group to halt. He soon spotted at least 4 humans sitting in the tree stand. He pointed out the humans out to his friends. He motioned for his friends to stay hidden and then Thoravil moved forward calling out to the humans in the trees. All of the humans turned to look at him, then they jumped of their trees and began to run off in different directions with one of then blowing a horn. Thoravil cast Thaumaturgy and made the sound of his own horn. He then picked a random human to run after and shouted for the group to follow.

Thoravil jumped on his Broom of Flying and off he went. It took a little while but he was able to catch the man and soon they had him tied up with Rope of Entanglement. It took longer but soon they had the information about where the thugs’ camp was located. They took the man’s weapons and broke them and gave him one crossbow bolt and told him to get lost. He ran off into the woods and was not seen or heard from again.

They followed the trail and soon:

The trail leads up to the side of a hill, the front face of the hill is a large flat rock wall. An odd shape is carved into the stone. It is circular with many points, resembling the sun. There are signs that a small group was camped here recently, several bedrolls still lay about, and a smoldering campfire indicates they haven’t been away long. Near the stone wall is a body. Perhaps the last of the bandits that were camped here.

The group searches the area. Some stayed in the campsite. Others looked the body and others checked out the flat rock wall. On the body was a rolled up piece of paper. On it was a symbol that looked similar to the one on the rock wall. Only it was smaller and looked very similar to the dagger Thoravil had seen back at the shrine to Corallon Droop had set up back at Cragmaw Castle. They decided to fly back to the castle and ask Droop for the dagger. He agreed they could take it and also asked them to find the statue of a horse that had gone missing. They agree and then flew back to the campsite and rock wall. As soon as Thoravil approached the wall with the dagger he saw a keyhole appear that was not there before. He used the dagger and

The wall begins to faintly glow, then a purple rectangle the size of a standard door appears on the face of the stone. A soft hiss can be heard as long trapped air escapes from the chambers within.

They all went inside. Walking down a long unlit hallway they soon came to a room.

You enter a small room with a simple wooden bed and a dresser. Both appear to be in good condition. Above the bed is a mural of the woods outside, in the distance the castle can be seen.

The castle was Cragmaw Castle but it had to have been a long time since this had been painted. They could not determine an exact time but knew the castle had been occupied by humans so it may have been several hundreds years ago at most.

Finding nothing in the room they moved down the hall to the next room.

Lining the walls of this room are 25 skeletons, they are wearing studded leather armor and have shortswords attached to their belts. They are motionless. At the northern end of the room is a 26th skeleton dressed in fine robes.

Thoravil noticed that the skeleton in the robes was wearing a necklace with an onyx on it. Finding nothing else they moved on to the next room.

This large hall is the fanciest room in the dungeon they had seen so far. A large oak table dominates the room. 16 chairs are around the table, all crafted by a master carpenter. Bright tapestries hang from all the walls and a bronze chandelier lights itself as you enter. Upon the table is a banquet of epic proportions. Roast pigs, breads and cheeses fill the center surrounded by fruits of all lands. Tankards of ale sit before each place setting. At the head of the table sits a suit of armor that appears to have once belonged to a noble warrior. Three other suits of armor are scattered around the room.

The suit of armor at the head of the table rises and motions for the group to sit. Thoravil sits down and the others soon follow. They all begin to eat. Thoravil asks for seconds but the suit of armor is not pleased with this and moves to attack. The other suits of armor join in the fight.

It was not long before all the suits of armor were defeated. They group moved on to the next room.

The walls of this 20x30 room are lined with bookshelves, most are full of old books. There is one section that is obviously empty. May have been where the wizard kept his spellbooks, or maybe it just an empty spot for new additions that never arrived. In the center of the room is a large desk with a candle on it. A solid chair looks like it was custom crafted to match the desk. In front of the doorway is an 8x6 rug, stitched with fine thread.

Thoravil entered the room and started looking at the bookshelves. Nameless stood in the doorway. Something was not right. Several swarms of books animated and began to attack Thoravil. Before Nameless could assist he was attacked by the fancy rug at his feet. It was attempted to strangle him. The books were soon taken care of and the carpet stopped moving shortly after. Thoravil searched the desk. Inside the drawer he found some writing instruments, paper and ink. He also found a false bottom in the drawer. Inside he found a a triangular shaped ruby.

The group moved on down the hall to the next room.

As you turn down this hallway, you notice a lever halfway down on the north wall. At the end of the hall is a room. 20x30. On the East wall hangs a golden key on a peg. Upon entering the room, you see that the key is the only thing here.

They first pulled the lever using Nameless’ magic rope. Nothing happened. Thoravil took the golden key. Nothing happened. He left the room and Nameless pulled the lever. A large stone block fell from the ceiling barely catching Thoravil in its drop. Then the trap reset. They played around with the trap and then moved on down the hall.

This rectangular room is home to all manner of stuffed beasts and humanoids. There are 13 in all. Some are quite normal, a wolf, a snake, a fire beetle and a badger for example, posed in attack stance and expertly preserved. But others are odd. There is a young deer with wings, a rabbit with 8 legs, a pink ape and a three headed rat for example. A Stuffed bullwug, an Owlbear, a Kuo-toa, and a Drow priestest are the largest. But in the center of them all in a glass case is a Pseudo-dragon in all his glory, mounted upon a golden book. Frozen in time thru taxidermy, they all seem to stare at you. Their eyes seems to follow them around the room.

They looked at all of the animals. Eridanus said we need to bury these properly. Thoravil agreed saying yes once we figure out what is going on here. They continued to check things but nothing seemed to make sense so they moved on down the hall.

This is the largest room in the dungeon, yet it holds only one feature. A large blue pyramid in the center of the room. On each face of the pyramid is a sculpted hand, open palm up. Carved into the 4 hands are symbols. I, II, III, and IV.

Thoravil looked the triangular shaped ruby. It would fit in the triangle. They remembered the round onyx and the realized there had to be two more gems in the area. It was at this time they realized this was not a dungeon or a temple but more of a safe house. They went back to the room with the suits of armor. Inside the first suit of armor they found an eye shaped emerald inside its breast plate. They went back to the room with the skeletons. They got into place and Thoravil went to get the onyx with Eridanus close to him. Nameless stayed at the doorway. AS soon as Thoravil took the onyx all of the skeletons moved to attack but the one in robes stood still. Namless cast two fireballs taking out half of the skeletons. By this time Thoravil and Eridanus had run to the other side of the room. Thoravil Turned Undead and the remaining skeletons gathered in the far side of the room. Nameless summoned an earth elemental and had it stand guard at the entrance to the room.

They went back to the room full of taxidermy. They looked around and decided that they golden book was the item they needed. As soon as the book was touched bullywug and the drow came to life and attacked. Thoravil figured out they were flesh golems and not undead. This fight took a little longer but soon the two golems were defeated.

They headed back to the pyramid room and inserted the objects into the spaced on the side of the pyramid. Instantly they found themselves back at the entrance to the dungeon and the three gems were gone but they still had the golden book. They had missed an item. They found the three gems and started looking for the fourth one. After searching for awhile they decided to search the draw. In a belt pouch they found a diamond shaped sapphire.

They ran back to the pyramid room and inserted the gems once more. The pyramid opened up and on a bed of velvet lay a key. They looked at it and knew they needed to take it. Thoravil put it in his Bag of Holding. They went back to the entrance and Thoravil used the key to open the secret door.

After ages of being hidden in the dark dungeon, the Master’s Key is finally in sunlight. Stepping out into the campsite, you hear a voice. “Thank you my friends for getting my key, I couldn’t have done it without you” The leader of the bandits says as he steps out of the tall brush and into the campsite. “Before we fight, I will provide you with this one chance to hand over the key and walk away” He extends his hand.

Thoravil presses the Master’s Key on the keyhole and the door closes. They all look at each other. Do we stay here and fight now or teleport to Cragmaw Castle and he follows us and we fight him there? They decided to open the door and fight him there. After all it was only one person they would be fighting. Thoravil got onto his Broom of Flying. Eridanus cast fly and then he and Nameless cast Greater Invisibility. They opened the door and instantly a dozen crossbow bolts shot at them from a dozen bandits while the captain stood in the middle of the field and shouted orders. Nameless and Thoravil were not hit but Eridanus caught a stray bolt but it did not do him much damage. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians and flew around the crossbowmen trying to get as many of them in its area of effect making sure to include the captain. As he swept(get it?) around the field he noticed three hill giants coming out the forest edge. He continued to circle around the crossbowmen until the hill giants got closer. Nameless ran out of the dungeon and move to the right of the entrance. He cast Animate Objects on his bandoleer of a dozen knives. They remained invisible as they attacked the crossbowmen. Shouts of pain and confusion rang out across the field as Eridanus used Vicious Mockery and Dissonant Whispers to annoy the captain. The crossbowmen fell first, then the captain and finally the hill giants.

Triumphant, the group flew back to Cragmaw Castle and told Droop and Droop’s family that they were now safe explaining about the safe house and the Master’s Key. They celebrated with a grand feast of fresh fruit, dried fruit, cheese and honey wheat bread straight out of the oven. A grand time was had by all. Droop and and Stoop met. It was love at first smack. The way she smacked his face felt warmer than any other smack he had ever had. They were inseparable ever after. Soon their soon Poop arrived and with their ogre friend Barg they have a nice thing going at Cragmaw Castle.

As the feast was winding down, Thoravil received a magical message.

“Thoravil… Your presence is requested in Waterdeep as soon as you are able. Prince Alagarthas, son of King Melandrach of the wild elves of the Misty Forest would like to speak with on an urgent matter.

Dalaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave. Master of the Wild”

Thoravil told his friends what he had just received. He then explained that he had served under King Melandrach and his two sons, Alagarthas and Neronvain during the Fey’ri invasion of Evereska. Neronvain butted heads with almost everyone he had ever met. Thoravil was not an exception. Thoravil had witnessed a particularly nasty confrontation between Neronvain and the King. And even though Thoravil may have saved the King’s life, he had still struck a crown prince. Thoravil was told to leave.

What Prince Alagarthas wanted now, Thoravil did not know. His friends said they would go with him at least to Neverwinter. Eridanus explained that he needed to return to Whitharbor on business and would see his friends again sometime soon.

The next morning, Nameless cast Teleportation and they arrived at Castle Waterdeep to meet with Dalaan Winterhound, Prince Alagarthas and his entourage.