Recap September 21, 2018

Nameless, Althea and Thoravil looked at each others and agreed no prisoners this time. They asked it several questions about Varram and if the yuan-ti had any connection to the Cult of the Dragon. He answered No, we are the true religion. Why would we follow some dragon. Then the yuan-ti bowed his head as they hit him with spells and weapon attacks. They then took care of the charmed lizardfolk that were left in the temple. They stopped by the pit room and assisted Mason with taking care of the rest of the young. They all went to the Tiny Hut and settled down for a long rest.

The decided to take Varram back to the Council in Waterdeep but Thalaniel wanted to investigate the tomb awhile longer. Thalaniel asked his patron what it knew about Didirius. It said he is not a god but an ancient wizard known for his giving of knowledge and wisdom. They ended up back in the room with Didirius’s sarcophagus and asked him questions about the complex and its surroundings. Diderius thanked them for removing the yuan-ti from his tomb but said there were still other outsiders that needed to be taken care of. Not downstairs but upstairs. There were two places that they had not been in yet. Thalaniel then asked if he knew about the magical deed he has been carrying. Didirius read it but the group only understood when Thalaniel’s name was said. Everything else was gibberish. Didirius then said, I cannot assist you any further, but the pool could. Thalaniel was eager to use the pool but the rest of the group wanted to get Varram back to Waterdeep. They decided to return once their business with Varram was complete and he would be held accountable for his actions. They stepped out of the tomb and Nameless used the teleportation scroll to return them to Waterdeep.

They found themselves in a closet that was off to one of the side areas of the waiting area outside the Council Room in Waterdeep. As they got their bearing, a door opened and two Waterdeep Castle gaurdsmen entered and escorted them out. Neverember approached them as he called out for more guards. 6 more guards appeared and took Varram away. Then Neverember told one of his assistants to notify the other members of the council that Varram was in custody. He then led them into the council chamber and they set at the empty table. Food was brought and they gave Neverember a recap of what transpired. He was relieved to know that the yuan-ti were not involved with Cult of the Dragon. He then said, “This came for you just this morning. The messenger said it was important. He handed it to Nameless who read it and his eyes got really huge as he handed it to Thoravil who read it out loud.

Dear Friends, HELP. Bad men have come 3 nights trying to attack us. They got in once and stole all the cheese! I need some brave friends to come to Cragmaw Keep and help me figure out how to stop bad men. Please hurry, I don’t know how long I can hold them off. Droop

The all immediately were ready to go to help their friend Droop. They got a teleport to the Fey Stone Circle that was about 2 hours away from Cragmaw. The approached Cragmaw and saw that some things had changed since they had last been there.

The main doors to the castle have been repaired and rehung. These doors are large bronze covered wood. The doors look to be quite old, however the lower part of the door shows signs that someone tried to polish them. The upper portion of the doors are corroded and blued from ages of weather. It looks like they would be a challenge to open to all but the strongest of people. A large brass ring is affixed to the right door, obviously some kind of knocker.

They first thought to knock but decided to try and open the doors. They were locked so Thalaniel picked the lock and Mason and Thoravil pushed the heavy double doors open. As they came into the castle the door to the kitchen opened and a large ogre dressed in a butler’s outfit with a large apron covering the clothes. He looked puzzled at first but Thoravil asked where is Droop? The orge said Barg take you to Droop. Walk this way. He began to lead them through the castle.

Thalaniel did not follow them. He went around to the side entrance and found it locked and maybe blocked and he could not get in. He came back to the double doors and followed the group from a distance.

This room was probably a chapel at some point in its history. The walls have Angelic figures sculpted into the stone. On the center of the northern wall is a stone brazier that burns red with coal most of the time. A dozen small chairs are scattered randomly about the room in a rough circular pattern. The center of the floor is covered by 4 rugs of ornate design.

They looked to the north and saw that one of the curtains had been folded back and the doorway was open. They went and looked into the room while Barg waited for them.

This is the brightest room in the castle. There are scores of candles burning all about the area on tables and crates and some just on the floor. There are also 6 hooded lanterns that burn constantly in the room. Scattered about in between the candles are drawings of the sun. There is a sun shaped buckler of some kind hanging on the wall. Its about 12 inches across with 9 points around it. It just be sheer luck that the room hasn’t caught fire, yet.

Thoravil went to do something with the candles so a fire would not start. He soon saw that the candles were placed exactly where a fire could not start. He saw the sun shaped buckler and then he saw a silver dagger that had the same sun motif on it. He recognized it as a symbol of Corellon Larethian and he became puzzled. Barg called out them to to continue. They followed Barg into a large storage room.

This area is missing a couple of interior walls and is more of an unfinished work. There are 6 barrels of Ale here and a small stone statue of a horse.

They moved through quickly, well as quick as an ogre can moved. Thalaniel still following a ways behind them took interest in the stone horse and when no when was looking he put it in his bags.

They moved into a combination hallway/large room area. There is a shelf on the west wall filled with blankets and pillows. Enough for a dozen or more guests. Unfortunately all of the blankets are goblin sized. Barg said guests sleep here.

He then opened a door into a large nice chamber. This was the room they had found Gundren in. As with the other rooms they had seen this one had changed as well.

There are two large pallets made out of various furs and blankets in the northern side of the room. There is also a table and 4 chairs with lots of food still on it from the past few days. Wooden toys liter the floor haphazardly. On the arrow slit ledge is a nice looking dagger. Droops gear is also here, strewn about in no particular order.

Droop runs forward and greets his friends and thanks them for coming. A female goblin appeared as his side and said in broken common :There are your friends? I am not impressed. Hope they can help. You have any other friends you send letters to? He reaches down and picks up a young goblin and says this is my son Poop. He is clearly proud of his family and what he has done with Cragmaw Castle.

He then gets serious and tells his friends what all has happened. The bad men are looking for something other than the cheese they stole but Droop has no idea what they could be. He just wants to love his life with his family and his friend Barg. They can take care of themselves for the most part but these bad men are too strong for them and that is why he sent for his friends. They all agree they will help Droop. They ask him if he has any idea where they may have gone. He says yes, come with me. I show.

They follow him outside and he shows them a fresh path leading into Neverwinter Woods. It was obvious which way they were going as they left footprints and broken branches marking their path. Droop went back into the Castle to be with his family. He said he would lock the doors and barricade the double doors just in case the bad men came back while the group was away. They said goodbyes and made their way down the path.

As you follow the narrow trail deeper into the forest, you reach an intersection of another larger trail. The trail looks to have been made by some kind of animal passing through the forest. Probably just doing its daily foraging.

As they continue they come to a clearing and see a maul laying just of the path against a tree. They notice movement off to the right and a large boar charges toward the maul. The group step in between the maul and the boar. The boar loudly grunts and move to engage as two smaller boars emerge from the woods and they all attack. Thalaniel fought the large boar using Darkness to keep it confused. Bekah took on one of the smaller boars while the others investigated the maul. It could not be picked up. They realized it was an illusion and then focused on the last boar. Each of the boars transformed into a hybrid boar/humanoid with the smallest one being a halfling, the medium one being a half-elf and the largest being a half-orc. Eridanus cast Message and asked the half-elf boar where the rest of the thugs were. The half elf did not know. He asked about the maul and the half elf only smiled. Bekah finished her opponent right before Thalaniel finished his. Then the final one fell.

The group searched the area and found another smaller trail leading to a small thatch hut deeper into the forest. Inside there was a bed of random pieces of fur and various strips of dried meat on a makeshift table. As well as some halforc size common clothes. The only treasure was found in a small sack tied to the top of the hut on the inside. Inside the bag was 30gp, 14sp, and a small jade ring.

They went back to the main trail and continued to follow it. The trail led into a circular clearing about 60 feet across. The clearing was mostly covered with tall grass. So tall that anyone under 36 inches was not be able to see more than 5 feet in any direction. There was a single tree in the center of the clearing. Bekah took out her Broom of Flying and hopped on it. Thalaniel joined her. Thoravil took his Broom of Flying out as well. Nameless cast fly on himself and Mason while Eridanus cast Fly on himself. They all could see over the tall grass and the small pack of displacer beasts circling around the tree at the center. Approaching from the air made things easier for the group as they moved into attack the displacer beasts. The beasts moved around in random directions with several mirror images of each one. Thoravil cast Blade Barrier exposing the displacer beast while Bekah and Thalaniel did drive-by attacks, Mason using Spiritual weapon and Eridanus doing his best to stay out of combat. Soon the last displacer beast fell.

As Eridanus landed he spotted a hollow section section made by the roots of the tree and the ground. He was able to squeeze in there and found a wooden box that had been painted black. Beside the box was a skeleton of a humanoid, probably a human or half-elf. The box was locked but Thalaniel had it opened quick. Inside was a potion of invisibility, a spell scroll with 5 spells; cloud of daggers, levitate, misty step, silent image, unseen servant, a necklace and 175gp in loose coinage.