Recap September 7, 2018

The group moved across the bridge and came to a passage on their right. Ahead of them was a large room lit by a single torch. As they approached the room they saw that the northeast and southwest walls of this chamber feature statue shrines to the yuan-ti deities Merrshaulk and Sseth. The other two walls have statues of yuan-ti high priests carved into them, with suits of plate armor arranged as offerings at their feet. As Eridanus still disguised as a lizardfolk entered the room hundreds of snakes begin to slither out of holes in the statues and the corners of the room. Though they are not a threat by themselves, the snakes fill the four suits of armor..and the suits of armor rise up to attack!

And they hit hard. Focusing on Eridanus they give devastating hits on him until he falls. The group rallies around Eridanus focusing on the two suits of armor that surround him with Thoravil leading the way. But Eridanus is made of stronger material and he comes around on his own and gets healed up quick from Thoravil and Mason’s healing. As they are taking down the suits of armor lizardfolks attack them from the passage that leads to the right. It was mostly shoot and run tactics and the group was able to fend them off. Eridanus accessed the lizardfolk’s memories. He saw that they were sub-servant to the yuan-ti. That they spent more of their time kidnapping folks from around the area to power the magic of the pool.

They made their way down the passageway to the right, Another passageway to the right appeared about 15ft down the original passage. Thoravil looked down it and saw it opened into a large room. It looked like the floor was missing. He went further down the original passageway and saw another passage to the right that led into the same room. Thoravil, Eridanus and Mason investigated the room. It was dark but they could see that the floor was actually 20 feet below the floor of the adjoining hallways, which are reached by tall ladders and the walls were dripping with slime. 20ft down they could see the floor wriggling. It was full of snakes and what could only be baby yuan-ti.

They began to investigate further but Thoravil heard in his head “I have what you are looking for. I do not know nor do I care why you seek the dwarf but I am willing give him to you in return that you do not kill anymore of my people.”

Thoravil relayed this message to the others and they agreed that it would be best to bargain for Varram to make sure they got what they came for. They walked down the long passageway turning left and then turning right before coming into a yuan-ti temple area. Thhe heart of the yuan-ti settlement, this huge chamber features giant stone serpents along the east and west walls, their open mouths guttering green flames. The leader of the yuan-ti, a yuan-to abomination dressed in priestess robes stands before an altar carved in the form of a giant open-mouthed cobra. Surrounding her are several yuan-ti malisons and yuan-ti purebloods. The rest of the rooms is full of lizardfolk with a few more yuan-ti scattered about.

The priestess hissed and moved out of the way to show Varram bound and comatose on the cobra-headed altar. He begged for life by promising us great wealth. We do not need his wealth so I will offer that treasure and Varram if you leave now and kill no more of my people. Do we have a deal?”

Thoravil nodded and two of the malisons picked up Varram and brought him over to the group. The priestess explained that ancient yaun-ti magic had drained Varram’s soul and it would be returned once he had left the complex. Mason was dubious and used Medicine to figure out that Varram had only been beaten senseless and he would wake up after awhile or once he received some healing. Eridanus took him and headed off towards the exit of the dungeon. As they were moving, they noticed a lone lizardfolk following them. They guessed to make sure they left. They stopped. Nameless said “We cannot leave them alive. They will sacrifice more innocent people if we do.” Thoravil agreed. The group took up offensive positions and let loose on the lone lizardfolk. It quickly dropped but as it fell am alarm went off and other lizardfolk and yuan-ti came out to fight them. Thoravil, Mason and Saldon fought in the room with the 20ft pit in it which turned out to be a hatchery. Another abomination was also in the pit and it used cleric spells to defend the young in the pit. Saldon took a bottle of dwarven whisky and stuck a cloth in the top of the bottle. Mason lit the cloth and Saldon threw it into the pit burning a good number of the snakes and young yuan-ti. The abomination continued to fight until Mason cast Sleet Storm eliminating the rest of the young and incapacitating the abomination so Thoravil and Saldon could finish him off.

Althea and Nameless were in the hall fighting more and more lizardfolk. They were not difficult to fight but their numbers were increasing. A few yuan-ti were scattered in with the lizardfolk adding spell attacks. Suddenly Althea sprouted wings and picked up Nameless and they flew into the temple. Althea set Nameless down in an empty area and flew back up near the 40ft ceiling and began to fire arrows at the yuan-ti priestess. Nameless took out his Rod of Rulership and charmed almost all of the lizardfolk. The rest of them scattered and did not pose a threat again. The yuan-ti moved forward to attack. The priestess cast Dispel Magic and Althea begin to fall to the floor. Thoravil arrived just in time on a Broom of Flying and was able to catch her and soon she was flying again. The priestess continued to cast spells and attack with a large two-handed scimitar but the yuan-ti were no match for the group.

Meanwhile, Eridanus had taken the unconscious Varram almost back to Diderius’ tomb and began to cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut. It was soon set up. Eridanus used the Rope of Entanglement to tie Varram up. Then he and Varram set quietly in the hut. Eridanus healed him up a bit. Waking up Varram mumbled to himself about how much trouble he was in now and then he had it all made but really screwed up. Eridanus asked him if he meant the White Dragon Mask. Varram nodded and continued to mumble to himself. Saldon arrived and sat with Eridanus and Varram. Through a brief conversation Varram said he knew he was now a prisoner and that he knew this was a better fate than what was waiting for him with the Dragon Cult.

The priestess soon fell. That left one yuan-ti who took surrendered and dropped to one knee.