recap July 6, 2018

Opening the door Althea saw a total of 8 dwarven specters, just like the ones they had fought before. Pulling out her bow she started firing first at the closest ones and then at any that still stood. Mason used Blink on his breastplace and blinked close enough to cast Spiritual Weapon on one of the specters. Cesha sent her sprite forward through the bars of the portcullis and then casting Polymorph on it turning it into a velociraptor. The dinosaur then began to bite and claw at the nearest specter. Kapu opened a Dimension Door and stepped through to the far end of the room with the dwarven specters. The others moved into the already crowded hall and let loose ranged attacks and spells. Soon all of the dwarven specters were defeated.

Searching the room Althea found a set of levers like in the room on the other side of the main entrance. She found the one that controlled the portcullis and soon the party was reunited. The room was mostly empty but they did find four light crossbows, eight crossbow bolt cases holding 20 bolts each, and six spears.

They moved back down the hall and checked out the door on the right. The door to this room is of solid steel and shows signs of an unsuccessful attempt to break it down. Large gouges mar the burnished metal surface and the two solid-looking locks that secure the portal bear the signs of being attacked with tools. Despite the efforts, the door appears to have resisted, protecting whatever remains behind it from looters.

Savitar and Thalaniel focused on the two locks with Savitar able to open both of them. But the doors would not open. Althea and Thalaniel tried to push and pull the doors open but it did not work. Nameless asked are the doors magical? Thalaniel cast Detect Magic and the doors glowed. Mason got out his set of Chimes of Opening and soon the doors were open. Inside they saw:

Six large rusting iron bins stand in this chamber of plain, utilitarian stone. A half-dozen oversized and empty wheelbarrows lean against the walls. The iron bins contain heaps of dust-covered stone, but the faint glint of gold appears mixed in with the otherwise drab rock. The dusty floor is disturbed by footprints in places. A trail of footprints leads from the doorway, circling the bins, while other sets seem to materialize from the very walls and wind restlessly about the space.

Oskar rushed in with Kastrina right behind him. He examined the rusty bins and began to calculation using his finger and his toes. He then said “If my ciphering is correct, there is about 3 tons of unprocessed ore in these bins which when put through the smelting process would come out to almost 6000gp in gold. His eyes lit up as he said those words. Now, to get the ore out of here and to find a place that can process the ore. Once Steelhand Hall is found there will be processing equipment there. Lets hope we can find any mention of that place in out investigating of the Knuckle.