Ashton the Rake

Ashton (ASH-ton) is widely believed to be the first true assassin. While in ancient times kings and lords undoubtedly sent specially trained servants to kill discreetly, Ashton was the first to sell his services to the highest bidder. After honing his skills to perfection, Ashton’s became the most dreaded name to leave the lips of any ruler. His reputation is such that the passing of any mortal of note, expected or otherwise, may be attributed to him. Ashton kills pragmatically: suffering is the sign of a poorly done job. Granted extraordinary abilities by the evil gods, he became complacent. After the fall of the Old Empire, Ashton put his killing (mostly) behind him. Now he mostly sells his lessons to guilds of killers for exorbitant fees. His symbol is a long dagger. The simple nature of his symbol presents a challenge to guilds everywhere: they must choose other representations of their craft, for they dare not insult the Grandfather of Assassins. He appears as a tall (6’5”) young man with pale skin, sunken eyes, and usually sports a giant toothy grin that shines like knives in the moonlight.