Aze Dahaka and Aridia Occisor

The twin demonic goddesses are said to represent evil in its most pure form: senseless destruction. Their depiction varies amongst the maddened cults that follow them, from fully snake-bodied to humans adorned with serpent regalia. These differences matter not: the only important thing to followers of the Snake Cult is the destruction and sacrifice of all non- believers. No act of slaying is considered cowardly, from poisoning to prolonged torture, as all suffering brings them pleasure. The Aze Dahaka Wastes are said to be their mortal domain in the land, and is therefore avoided by all except the most foolhardy adventurers. Aze Dahaka’s symbol is a serpentine ouroboros. Aridia Occisor’s symbol is a two-headed snake.

Domains: Evil (Demon, Cannibalism, Corruption, Fear), Scalykind (Saurian)