Clavius the Forge Lord

Clavius (CLAH-vee-us) was born in the soot-choked streets of the city of Stahlheim before the founding of the country. Devoting his life to the smithy, Clavius soon excelled above even the best of Stahlheim’s metalworkers. He crafted weapons and armor of such quality that even the Old Emperors would send caravans loaded with gold to purchase his wares. When Adelbrecht Stahl was imprisoned by Archmage Ontupilex, Clavius gathered the bravest soldiers in Stahlheim to his smithy. This group of soldiers consisted primarily of grizzled veterans who had less to live for than younger warriors had. Calling themselves the Vorlon Haup, or Forlorn Hope in the common dialect, these first Blademasters charged Ontupilex’s tower and rescued Adelbrecht, slaying the wizard. Clavius himself struck the Archmage in two, and in the magical conflagration of the latter’s death gained immortality. Devoting himself to the forge rather than to war, Clavius has centuries of experience on top of his intrinsic mastery of his craft. Known colloquially as The Forge Lord, Clavius resides in his home of Stahlheim where he teaches those he deems worthy some of his secrets. His symbol is a hammer and anvil in front of the mountain of Stahlheim. He appears as a fair-skinned, red-haired man of moderate height (5’6”) but powerful build.