Diomedes (dye-AWM-eh-deez) is the third-oldest known Primordial. Representing the absolute pursuit of knowledge, it was not long before Diomedes secluded himself from his kin, ages ago. Diomedes is the most inherently magically gifted of his brothers, and quickly set about constructing himself a large tower with a vast library. Those seeking knowledge flocked to his tower, and soon a large town of exiles, transients, and scholars emerged. This ancient town is now known as Terminus. However, Diomedes never leaves his tower except through teleportation to barren parts of Draconis to explore and understand. To worship Diomedes is to worship a concept more than anything else, as he only appears to those he has an immediate use for. His relationships with all his brothers are strained, as he sees their lives as frivolous, extravagant, or distracted. In kind, his brothers see him as arrogant and unapproachable. Due to this, it has been millennia since one knocked on his door. He bears no symbol, as he has no use for heraldry. He is said to appear as a tan frail old man with a grand beard and a bald head.