Eudonius the Liberator

Eudonius (yoo-DOHN-ee-uhs) is not the name chosen by this recent demigod. His birth name is Valor, in keeping with the tradition of the Hill People of naming children after the ideas they are meant to embody. Like many Hill People, Valor towered over other humans, standing approximately 8 feet tall and boasting extraordinary levels of muscle. Also like many Hill People, Valor was captured and enslaved by the Bacchus in his early youth. Instead of accepting his new lot in life alongside his captive kin, he escaped and vowed to return for his fellow slaves. He joined with an adventuring company after meeting an aspiring eldritch knight, and travelled around Draconis by his side, gaining much knowledge in the ways of warfare as well as prodigious strength. He returned to the Bacchus Empire and freed his entire old camp in a bloodless revolt. The soldiers attempting to put down the revolt were using weapons, but Valor used only his bare hands and avoided slaying even a single soldier. After liberating the camp, Valor went throughout the Bacchus countryside, freeing more and more camps of slaves (both Hill People and not), all without taking a single life. Eventually, he was approached by both Kleomenes and Imperator Augustulus, and a deal was struck. Now he ventures the world once again under the Bacchus name of Eudonius, seeking to use his strength where it can do the most good. His symbol is a pile of shattered manacles.