Flamebearer is the oldest of the known Primordials, and as such takes on the role of eldest brother. He cares deeply about his kin, and laments their divided nature. Created in the supposed image of Draconis himself, Flamebearer embodies the passive but benevolent nature of the Primordials. He knows that to do good is to obey his father, but also knows that direct intervention in all things only leads to chaos and disorder. With no guidance from the now dormant Draconis, Flamebearer saw fit to found his own kingdom on a volcanic island far away from the rest of the world. As a ruler, he is benevolent, choosing to inspire his mortal subjects to perform the good deeds that he cannot. He knows that mortals will worship him, and though he does not prefer it, he accepts it. While he will not hesitate to defend his people (and mortals in general) from truly grave threats, he does not involve himself in politics if he can avoid it. To handle the political functions of the realm, Flamebearer turns to his second-in-command, a volcanic avatar known as Firebrand. Flamebearer strives to reconcile the differences between the Primordials, both to strengthen the land and to live as brothers again. His emblem is a firestorm atop a volcano. He appears as a towering (9’) suit of black spiked armor whose helm emits red flames.