Galrath the Fair

Galrath (GAUL-wrath), twin brother of Kaldrim, is believed to have been born from the collective honor of the most chivalrous knights. He is the quieter, more temperate of the two. Whereas Kaldrim represents Good’s relentless hunt of Evil, Galrath represents mercy between mortals. Dueling knights and warring kingdoms alike reside within his domain. His tenets are mercy, compassion for the weak, respect for the opponent, the disdain for war and corresponding love of peace. The knight who treats the peasants of his domain with respect, lowers taxes in times of prosperity, and opens the gates of his manor and castle in times of war and famine receive his blessing: other noblemen and noblewomen from afar will be inspired to come to their aid, pushed to set aside any past grievances. Likewise, the knight whose liege raises taxes, ignores noble council, and rules with an iron fist will find himself driven to depose said liege. His symbol is a bundle of wheat held with a mailed fist above a sideways sword. He appears as a very tall (8’4”) suit of immaculate full-plate.