Ivahrr the Defender

Ivahrr (EYE-vahr) was in his mortal years a local chieftain of the Vanskerry people during their subjugation under the Old Bacchus Empire. Several years after the fall, when the Red Plague struck the Empire, Ivahrr declared open rebellion against the Bacchus Emperor. Already an accomplished warrior, he met the Bacchus legions that had come to destroy his uprising and slew every centurion, as well as the Legate, in open battle. After driving the army back, he met Kleomenes alone on a raft in the icy waters outside his homeland. He returned a week later, scarred by many puncture wounds, but immortal and divine nonetheless. He resigned his position as High Jarl immediately, saying that the position should constantly be in flux. Now, Ivahrr endlessly roams the frozen wastes, seeking to protect his people.