Kaldrim the Archangel

Unlike some of his other immortal kin, Kaldrim (KAHL-drim) and his twin brother Galrath appeared in the world fully ascendant. Kaldrim’s whereabouts are known to few, if any. He appears to those truly pure of heart who dare to champion the eternal struggle against evil. Though his domain lies in crusades, Kaldrim may appear to lone warriors. When he does appear, however, Kaldrim fights with unwavering bravery and superb skill-at-arms, inspiring those who stand at his side to battle to the end in the name of the downtrodden. His followers include many paladins, who see him as the purest embodiment of their cause, whatever it may be. His symbol is a winged sword. He appears as a giant (8’) winged suit of armor with heavenly light radiating from the helm.