Khurisov (KUR-iss-ohv) represents the inherent desire to see the world. Born as a normal mortal man in the heartland of the Old Bacchus Empire, Khurisov left his home to document his travels in the diverse Land of Draconis. He was in the middle of documenting the millennia-old disputes of the Highland Clans when the Red Plague struck the land. The heartland of the Bacchus, being hit the hardest, saw the death of Emperor Trajus Varius and subsequent rebellion throughout the world. Khurisov knew that many would fall in the chaos, and therefore sought to preserve as much knowledge and chronicle as many events as possible. Impressing Diomedes in a brief exchange, the Primordial saw fit to gift Khurisov with immortality. His tome, consisting of seemingly infinite pages, is the single greatest source of Draconis’ history. His refusal to share secrets with his partially-divine patron has led to a long-lasting tension. Khurisov has a following: The Order of Khurisov, consisting of clerics and bards who try to emulate his life. The World’s Bard dislikes any sort of worship directed towards him, but nevertheless holds respect for those who do good in his name. He has no symbol, but his de facto emblem has become the quill and book. His appearance is that of a short (5’) and thin and bald dark-skinned man.