Kleomenes the Challenger

Kleomenes (klee-AWM-eh-neez) is the second-oldest known Primordial, and is by far the most feared of all of them. His purpose is singular: he tests those who seek to join the ranks of the divine. He is what stands between heroes of history and demigods of legend. He roams the land, seeking out those worthy of ascension. When he meets them, he issues a challenge that cannot be refused, for refusal means death by his hand. The nature of the challenge depends on the nature of the individual: Ashton was commanded to successfully ambush Kleomenes 3 times, Clavius was commanded to forge a suit of armour that could withstand a full-force attack, and Khurisov was magically kept awake and commanded to tell the full history of the world in one week. Failure of the challenge results in the aspirant being shunned for 100 years before trying again. In the case of the martially inclined, however, failure results in death. Kleomenes is rarely seen by common folk, as he has little concern for them. To those who dream of divinity, however, he is the most feared primordial. He distances himself from his brothers, as he sees his duty as entirely separate from that of his brothers. He appears as an extremely tall (8’ 6”) man encased in bronze armor and wielding a spear and shield.