Meregan Kierlac

Meregan Kierlac (MARE-eh-gen KEER-luck) is not the real name of the youngest Primordial. His true name is known only to his brothers, who refuse to speak it. He has dismissed his brothers as extreme and arrogant, placing themselves above mortals. The extent of his humility is such that he seems ashamed of his divine heritage, preferring to accompany mortals in battle and fight as they would. Fearing the disruption of mortal affairs by a divine figure, he created the Griffonsword Adventuring Company as a means of passing his time. Nowadays, he rarely partakes in any expeditions, choosing instead to oversee the operations from his headquarters. He tolerates no disruption of daily life in his home city, but prefers to instill order through non-lethal means. Because of his nature, he is the Primordial most often seen in the company of mortals. His symbol is that of his adventuring company: A griffon with a sword in each claw. He appears as a tall man (6’6”) of lean build and reddish skin, with long brown hair.