Percival Moonwarden

Percival Moonwarden, the third-youngest of the Primordials, is commonly said to be the balance between Flamebearer and Diomedes. Blending skill with arms and mastery of the arcane arts, Percival serves as the model of discipline for both trades. He appears to select masters of spell-combat, ensuring that they both hone their disciplines and follow honorable codes. Those who truly impress him with their talents and codes of honor may sometimes find him fighting alongside them, bringing destruction to their foes. He has distanced himself from his brothers, seeing his purpose as much more and focused. His location at any given time is unknown, as his permanent dwelling (if such a thing even exists) is most likely kept concealed through powerful magic. His emblem is a falchion crossed with an arcane staff. Those who see him have said that he appears as a very tall (8’) blonde-haired fair-skinned man in an arcanely emblazoned suit of platemail.