Qu’lal Šákanu

Representing the preservation of law at the expense of all other aspects of society. Qu’lal Šákanu was the patron deity of numerous Old Bacchus Imperators. Legends say that the creation of Vugor was intended as an insult of the highest order towards Qu’lal. He is the god of the collective, the benefit of the many over that of the few. Outsiders are simply tools and resources to be consumed, the weak are to be expended for the benefit of the strong, and anyone who does not know their place must be removed. These are the tenets of Qu’lal. Some of the more wayward monks who “follow” Tacitus indirectly revere Qu’lal, as his emphasis on absolute discipline and strength appeal to their morals. His symbol is a city surrounded by a wall of shackles. His Tenets:

Domains: Law (Slavery, Tyranny, Devil, Loyalty), Evil