Vugor the Desolator

Vugor (VOO-gor) is the fourth-oldest of the Primordials. He is noted as being distinctly half-orc, unlike all his brothers. Though he is the third-oldest, the age difference between he and Diomedes is vast. Legend says that when Draconis noticed that Diomedes and Flamebearer had shunned each other (mostly due to Diomedes), he created Vugor as an eternal companion to Flamebearer. Together they battled the great monsters who besieged early mortalkind. Vugor represents the inherent desire to wander, to explore, and to fight. He is usually found in the far West of Draconis, where barren lands make up the bulk of the territory. Here, massive monsters make their home, and Vugor hunts them for sport. He cares not if he has worshippers, for he respects strength regardless of allegiance. However, he relentlessly hunts cowardly wrongdoers and evil beasts. His symbol is his two greataxes that he wields. He appears as a black-skinned orc, and is the largest (10’) and most powerfully built Primordial.