Winthrund and Adawolf

Hailing from the City of Truth and the City of Lies respectively, Winthrund and Adawolf represent two separate paths to the same goal: martial perfection. Winthrund trained in the art of the greatsword relentlessly, seeking to learn from the Glaich of the Highlands, the Forlorn Hope of Stahlheim, and the Paladins of the Radiant Cross. He was a trainer for the soldiers of the City of Truth, instructing men on how to properly guard their fellow soldiers as well as important people. Despite his ceaseless practice and undefeated status in duels, he never once slew another being. Adawolf on the other hand embodied skill through experience rather than discipline. His time with the Vanskerry saw him grievously injured time and again, and he barely survived a holmgang against a Frost Giant. His ferocity and skill were unmatched, and he was brought back to the City of Lies to be employed as a one-man army. These opposite sides of the same coin would meet in battle for the first time on their fated duel, and subsequently each would ascend to divinity as a result of their heroic battle. Now, Adawolf roams the land, indulging in excess and basking in the glory of demigodhood. Winthrund occasionally tracks him down to resume their duel, but even as ascendants they prove to be each other’s equal. Winthrund is considered a patron saint of greatsword fighting, and those who earn his respect also earn lessons that invariably turn them into legends. Adawolf, unlike most other deities, has sired many children. All of these children grow to powerful statures and mimic their father’s ferocity