April 13, 2018 recap

Gundren speaks. I would like you to try and find the Anvil of Wrought, a magical anvil that was created and owned by the IronShaper Clan, my ancestral clan. It was stolen by Chlorothra, a green dragon, several centuries ago

The Anvil of Wrought, in the hands of a master smith, with arcane magic and suitable high quality materials, can be used to create enchanted weapons and armor (and maybe more). I am that master smith, you all have access to arcane magic and the mines you helped take back have those resources.

My Clan claims rightful ownership of the anvil. I would like to get it back. No one has heard any mention of Chlorothra or the anvil in over 150 years. People believe the dragon is dead. But the anvil? It could be waiting to be found and returned to its rightful owners.

My brother Nundro and I have spent time investigating at the Temple of Oghma and the Temple of Leaves and we have talked with Flynrich and combined with this knowledge we have found the following information:

Chlorothra’s name was last mentioned in a tale about a powerful Xulmec shaman named Xitalcotl. Xitalcotl’s tribe lives in Metztli a village near the area where Chlorothra’s lair is supposed to be. He was the only one of his tribe to confront Chlorothra but he has not been seen or heard from in at least 100 years or more, give or take 50 years. The Xulmec calendar always confuses me. Anyway, the worst is feared about Xitalcotl. But since Chlorothra has not been seen or heard from either… Xitalcotl may have been able to defeat it.

Flynrich says I have located a teleportation circle around 1 mile from Dragon’s Maw Falls, the last place Xitalcotl and Chlorothra were seen. There is another circle nearer the Xulmec village of Metztli but it may be best to avoid the village. The Xulmec tend to dislike outsiders. There should be a path away from the portal leading east to the Falls. I would stick to it. The rest of the surrounding area is brambles, vines and thickets plus dangerous beasts of all types.

Gundren speaks again: I am giving each of you 2 Potions of Supreme Healing (10d4+20) and 3 Elixirs of Health (When you drink this potion, it cures any disease afflicting you, and it removes the blinded, deafened, paralyzed, and poisoned conditions.) each to take. I assume you have other healing, just in case, as you have survived this long. Flynrich hands a scroll of Teleportation to Nameless. This will make getting back to the Manor House easier.

The group asks several questions about the area they will be going to. What type of beasts? Jungle beasts mostly. And this is an area where a dragon made its lair so there may be more dragons or even Chlorothra may still be around. We can hope he is dead.

Flyrich will tune the Teleportation Circle in the Manor House so they can leave whenever they are ready. The group wanted to do some planning and maybe some shopping for other items. Thoravil asks Flynrich about the nightmares he has been having after the group’s encounter with Woganpuck. Flyrich thinks a moment and says that the best way to have it completely stop is to find this Woganpuck and have him remove it. That will prove difficult as he has probably made his way back to the Fey Realms and then on to the Unseelie Court. The group thinks on this and after a brief discussion they decide to travel to the Fey Realm to find Woganpuck and have him remove whatever it is that is giving Thoravil and Behr nightmares.

The group heads to Neverwinter to do some shopping. Thalaniel puts in an order for a Periapt against Poison. Nameless finds an Elemental Gem, (Water Elemental). They then head to the House of a Thousand Faces to find the mage that teleported them the last time to the area close to the stone circle Fey Gate where they last encountered Woganpuck. They found the mage (Egorim) and he sent them off.

They arrived and found the stone circle laying flat on the ground. They began to look it over trying to figure out how to get the portal to open once again. After not having any success, Behr took out the large emerald she had and offered it to the circle in exchange for it opening up for them. It worked. The circle rose into the air and began spinning. Soon a portal was opened. They could see brilliant greens, a golden sun and a bright blue sky on the other side. They all jumped through.

They found themselves in a familiar yet different land. Things looked like the Neverwinter Woods they had just left but things were not quite the same. Investigating they found that the trees were incredible. Each tree looked like the most tree tree they had ever seen. The stone circle was now a metal that they did not recognize. Thalaniel cast Detect Magic. Everything was gray except them. They were the things out of place.

They decided to take the path they had used to get to the stone circle. They followed the path for 10 minutes and then found themselves back where they began. Thalaniel climbed one of the trees to look around. He saw more and more trees and thought he could see other Fey Gates off in the distance. Althea climbed up and she also saw a row of Fey Gates going off into the distance creating a winding path. They decided to take that path. After awhile they came upon a glade surrounded by trees. Suddenly they spotted a woman looking out from behind one of the trees. She was various shades of green from her hair to her skin to her peasant dress. She came out from behind the tree and said in a sing-songy voice Welcome to my home. They asked her about Woganpuck. She knew of the type of fey but had did not know who Woganpuck was. They asked about the Summer Queen and she said Queen Tatiana may help you if she wants but she may not. The Fey is beautiful but the Fey is dangerous. She followed, I apologize I did not introduce myself. My name would be difficult for you all to pronounce. You can call me Greenleaf. They continued to ask how they could meet with the Summer Queen. Greenleaf said that is up to the queen herself. They could wander around and not find her. She would only be found if she wanted to be. They asked how to get to the Unseelie Court. Greenleaf said that if they wished hard enough they could get to where they wanted to go. They attempted to wish their way to the Unseelie Court but nothing happened. Somehow the topic of how she traveled in the Fey Realm came up. She showed them she went by tree. Thalaniel asked if she would take them through the tree. She looked at him like he had asked something very personal in nature. She stood there and shook her head no.

Suddenly three figures came through three of the large trees at the edge of the glade. Centaurs approached wearing what looked like wooden armor and carrying bows on their backs and spears in their hands. A large centaur stepped forward. He resembled a Clydesdale on his horse areas. He spoke to them. Welcome travelers from the Prime. You are in the Fey Realm. We understand that you would like to see our Queen. We must ask why. Thoravil explained the situation. The Clydesdale centaur nodded and 4 more centaurs appeared and the 6 centaurs came up beside one of the group. Do not attempt to climb on their backs. They will not be happy. But do touch them. They will guide you. And I apologize for how you will feel after you travel this way. You will feel even more disoriented than you currently feel. When each one of the group touched the centaur beside them, the centaur began to gallop taking each member of the group into the tree in front of them. They came out the other side of the tree and in front of them was a large treehouse. As the sunlight shifted it looked more like a castle made from trees or even a tree city. It was the Seelie Court. They moved towards the entrance that was two large wooden doors. The doors opened as they approached. They were led down a long corridor and into a large open air room at the center of the Seelie Court. At the far end was a throne made of wood but it shone like the most precious of metals. Sitting on the throne was a tall elf like woman dressed in golds the same color as the sun and greens that can only be described as true green. The sun was at high noon on the summer solstice at the equator and it never moved as long as they were there. Beside her was a tall elf like man with large antlers on the sides of his head. He spoke to them as they approached.

I am Oberon, the Summer Queen’s consort. You are in the presence of the Summer Queen, Tatiana. She welcomes you to her court. You are strangers. We ask why have you come from the Prime to the Fey. Tatiana nodded and then said yes, please tell us. They told their story once more.

After they had finished Tatiana spoke:

While your story rings true of a darkling fey, it is difficult to know who the wronged party was in this case. There is the matter of fey freewill which you did take away from this Woganpuck so his actions with the use of Nightmare do seem justified. Also, you came to the Fey Realm uninvited and did not ask permission to enter. For now, you can eat, drink and have rest. In 3 hours you will be escorted out of the Fey Realm and asked not to return.

The group looked dejected. Thoravil said he understood.

Just then the sound of the flapping of extremely large wings filled the air as two giant owls landed on the branches of a large tree. It was the two owls they had met when asked to find the Crystal Rose for Sister Garaele. The male owl said he would like to speak on behalf of the group. The group looked around at each other and then looked to the owls. The male owl said, yes, they came into our nest but they did not harm us or our owlets. They made a promise to us and kept that promise. They are noble for those of the Prime even if their actions can seem primitive. They are to be trusted. They should stay and find this Woganpuck before his menacing ways cause trouble for others.

Tatiana thanked the owls. She then turned back to the group. I value the words of the Owls. But as I said before, you came uninvited. You have three hours.

Just then one of the doors of the many halls leading off of the throne room burst open. The familiar sound of a lute came out of the darkness.

Well hello friends said Beauford as he strolled into the throne room playing a tune on his bandore. My highness, these are my friends that I have spoken to you about on many occasions.

Tatiana looked over and spoke Ah, Beauford Fey-friend. It is good to finally meet them. Turning to the group she said Any friend of Beauford is a friend of the Seelie Court. Welcome! She clapped twice and satyrs appeared carrying trays of fruits, cheeses and breads. Dryads appeared carrying trays of wine and mead. Other satyrs and dryads formed a dance circle and danced to the music Beauford created. His instrument changed from lyre to guitar to mandolin and many other stringed instruments, some of which the group could not place. Tatiana relaxed as Oberon fed her grapes. The group mingled and talked late into the night with many of the members of the Seelie Court. Tatiana sent out scouts to look for Woganpuck. She believed he would be in the Unseelie Court protected from all of their endeavors.

Two days later her scouts returned and sure enough Woganpuck was in the Unseelie Court. He had teased the scouts by jumping out of the Unseelie Court’s land and leaping back in just in time not to be caught by the scouts. Tatiana said that his fey curiosity would get the better of him and sooner than later he would leave the Unseelie Court. He would be caught and brought to the Seelie Court and then handed over to the group to be dealt with as they deemed fit.

The group thanked her. She asked how long they would be staying. The group said we have another errand we need to go on. Would you be able show us the nearest Fey Gate to get back? She waved her hand and a portal opened off to her left. They could see the glade on the Prime Material plane. They thanked her again and went through the Fey Gate. Arriving on the other side of the Fey Gate, they made their way back to the Manor House and began to prepare to look for the Anvil of Wrought.