April 20, 2018 recap

Before heading out to the find the Anvil of Wrought, Mon Ki decided to check out his Deck of Many Things. He could feel the magic as he removed the deck from the velvet bag, a voice asking “how many cards?” Mon Ki set the deck down on the table in the common room of the Manor House. The deck began to shuffle itself and then asked Mon Ki to cut the cards. After cutting them Mon Ki announced he would take 1 card. The card slide off the top of the deck and he draws the Fool (he loses 10,000xp which would drop him below 9th level so his xp is now 48,001). The Deck speaks to him and says “I like you. I do not usually do this but I will allow you to draw again if you like. He responds, I will take 3 more. The first one is the Sun (Gain 50,000xp and a wondrous item). The second was Flames (a devil becomes his enemy and will bring ruin to him). The third was the Idiot (Loses 2 Intelligence and picks another card). The fourth card was the Star (increase one ability score by +2. Can be above 20 but not above 24).

With all the cards drawn, the deck goes back into its velvet pouch on the table. It then slowly comes out of the pouch and begins to shuffle itself. “Anyone like to draw a card?”

Beauford says I would like to draw two.

He draws the first one and it is the Sun (Gain 50,000xp and a wondrous item). He draws the next one and it is the Skull. An avatar of Death appears 10 feet in front of Beauford, a ghostly humanoid Skeleton clad in a tattered black robe and carrying a spectral scythe. He moves to attack Beauford saying, “This one must defeat me alone or you will summon your own avatar of Death to defeat.”

Beauford casts Disintegrate at the Avatar of Death dealing a good amount of damage. The Avatar moves forward slashing as it goes hitting with both of his attacks on Beauford. He then moves through Beauford as a ghost would doing more damage to him. Beauford casts Disintegrate again once more doing a decent amount of damage. The Avatar attacks again hitting Beauford with two more solid hits. Beauford is looking rough. He casts his last Disintegrate and the Avatar disappears and Beauford feels the magic of the Deck leave him. The Deck returns to the velvet bag and then slides out back on the table and begins to shuffle itself once more.

“Anyone like to draw a card?”

Althea says “Yes, I would like to draw one”. She drew the Flames (a devil becomes her enemy and will bring ruin to her).

The Deck speaks to Althea and says “I like you. I do not usually do this but I will allow you to draw again if you like.” Althea says “Yes, I will draw two more”. The first card was the Comet (If you defeat the next hostile monster or group of monsters, you gain one level). The second one was Rogue (A nonplayer character becomes hostile toward you. The identity of your new enemy isn’t known until the NPC or someone else reveals it. Nothing less than a Wish spell or Divine Intervention can end the NPC’s hostility toward you.)

Althea feels the magic of the Deck leave her. The Deck returns to the velvet bag and then slides out back on the table and begins to shuffle itself once more.

“Anyone like to draw a card?”

The room is silent. No one moves. The Deck speaks “Going once, going twice…” and begins to slowly go back into the velvet bag when Nameless says “Yes” and holds up one finger.

He draws the top card, the Void. Thoravil watches as Nameless’ soul is pulled from him into the Void pictured on the card. Thoravil’s jaw drops and Mon Ki shouts, what is wrong. Thoravil explains what he saw. The room is quiet as they each think of ways they could possibly help their friend. Thoravil says we need to contact Flynrich. He goes to Nameless’ body and begins to search for Flynrich’s Communication Scroll. He finds it and opens it up and see Mattwise and Flynrich on the other side. Flynrich knows immediately something is wrong. “What is wrong” he speaks as only a worried parent could. Thoravil explains what is going on. Mattwise and Flynrich come through the screen as the group gives as many details as they can remember. Flynrich gives small smile and a little chuckle and say “As yes, the Deck of Many Things. They can surely be fun. But we must now find our friend. A Wish Spell can reveal his location but not retrieve him from wherever he has been taken.” Mon Ki says “I have one we can use.” Flynrich says “Good! That will save us the time searching for one. Mon Ki discusses with the group until he gets the wording just right. Then he makes the Wish.

Meanwhile Nameless finds himself at the bottom of a bottle filled with bluish liquid. Every so often he sees a hole open above him and a bright light shine briefly before closing back. Everything is odd but at the same time comfortable. At least he is safe. He looks to his left and his right and sees a Drow Priestess guarding him each in a bottle of their own. He sees a familiar face as Thoravil pulls the bottle out of the Bag of Holding Raylor gave him as Raylor was leaving just a few hours ago. Nameless cannot hear what Thorvail is saying. He uses his Fireflies to communicate with Thoravil. That is when he notices 5 other bottles surrounding the bottle he is in on the table. Each one looks to have him in it! The group finally separates the bottles and Nameless is put beside Althea. The group decides to open the bottle and pour it into the mouth of Nameless’ empty body. Nameless feels himself returning to his body and soon he is standing with his friends.

The Deck of Many Things shuffles itself and moves closer to Nameless. Nameless does not move and the Deck moves back to the middle of the table and begins to shuffle itself.

“Anyone like to draw a card?”

No one answers and soon the Deck slides back into the velvet pouch and disappears.


The group decides to rest for the evening and leave to search for the Anvil of Wrought the next morning. Nameless is exhausted from his ordeal and as much as he would like to travel with his friends he feels he must rest so he decides to stay at the Manor House. He says he may go stay with Flynrich if that is okay with him. Flynrich nods and Nameless and Flynrich step through the screen. Mattwise says I would like to stay and help try to find the Anvil. Flynrich says safe travels to you all.

Flynrich sets the Portal to the coordinates in the jungle near the Dragon’s Maw Falls. The group steps through. They see the path and it is not clear. It is overgrown with vines that have thorns and brambles. Althea looked at the path and said “I got this. Follow me and this should not take long. It would have taken then 2-3 days without her guidance. Instead they made it to the river in half a day and then to the Falls by the end of that first day. Walking up the narrow path they found themselves passing through the waterfall in an enormous cave. The day was already hot and humid but being near the waterfalls and then inside the cave the heat and humidity becomes almost unbearable. The cavern is dark but there are a few lights. One straight to the East from where they are standing way off into the cave. Another brighter one to the Northeast and then several spotted towards the ceiling of the cave. The cave is over 120ft wide. About 85ft from where they are standing they see a large pile of bones. The bleached color of old bones stands out even in the shadows of the cave. There are four columns of water falling from the ceiling into the cave. The cave is mostly water with a path winding its way to the East. The path no more than 15ft across at its widest and is covered in slick mosses and damp from the spray from the columns of water splashing down from the river above. Thalaniel casts Fly and goes to investigate the lights on the ceiling. He flies upwards and never finds the ceiling. He looks around and it is difficult to see from the water spray, mist and fog. He notices that the bone pile is quite large. He also see the path they are split into two paths. One rising up into an area in the the Southeast. Another also rising upwards towards the brighter of the lights to the Northeast. They decide to take the main path and then head to the Northeast once they reach the split.

They barely make it to the split when a number of green dragon wyrmlings burst out of the water and attempt to knock the group off of the narrow slippery path into the water below. Althea points to the first one that appeared and says “I got this one and fires off two arrows. Mon Ki sprints up the path to the Northeast casts Ray of Frost and then leaps onto the back of the second dragon. The two of them get into a grapple with neither the dragon nor Mon Ki getting the upper hand for while. Thoravil casts Control Water and causes a Whirlpool to form near where the dragons came out of the water. It slows them down but it does not seem to effect them as they swim away from it and then take flight pressing their attack. Thalaniel casts Hex on a third and then casts Fireball between two of the dragons making sure not to include Mon Ki in its area of effect. Mattwise runs down the path being careful not to slip and drawing his bustersword hacks away at a fifth dragon that has flown down near the that split off towards the area to the Southeast. As his second attack hits he sees something out of the corner of his eye on the area to the Southeast. A humanoid is standing there holding a scimitar doing its best to stay hidden. Beauford shifts down to help Mattwise and he also sees the humanoid standing there. Beauford calls out to it but he gets no response. Beauford keeps an eye on him and then activates Mantle of Majesty and Commands the 6th dragon to attack the 5th one.

Althea fires several more shots at the dragon now flying towards her. It attempts to shove her off the path but misses and tries to bite her as it flies by her. Althea turns around and fires two more arrows each hitting. The dragon spins and flies towards trying once to bite her and the attack with its claws. It misses each and as it flies by her she gets an attack of opportunity and then her two normal attacks. All three hit and the dragon drops into the water and does not resurface.

Mon Ki continues to grapple with the dragon finally getting the upper hand. He punches the dragon while it attempts to throw him off its back and next and slam him into the rock wall to their left. Mon Ki punches several more times and the dragon dies and starts to fall into the water. Mon Ki kicks off the back of the dragon and then kicks off the rock wall propelling himself into a somersault up onto the path 20ft above.

Thalaniel casts Eldritch Blast at the fourth dragon and with two blast beams it falls. He then turns to the 5th and 6th dragon who are in a grapple, their necks entwined as they attempt to bite and claw at each other. Thoravil casts Guiding Bolt on one and Thalaniel casts Eldritch Blast at the other and soon both dragons have fallen leaving only the dragon in front of Mattwise and Beauford left standing. It breathes out poison catching Beauford, Mattwise and Mon Ki in its cone. Beauford takes the most damage with Mattwise getting a little and Mon Ki seemingly immune to being it the poison cloud. Beauford Commands the 6th dragon to go to sleep. The dragon becomes drowsy doing its best to stay awake and lashes out at Mattwise misses with all of its attacks. Mattwise swings his bustersword connecting with all attacks and the dragon drops.

The group would like to take a short rest but realize that if babies are about then the mother is close by. Any type of rest would be a bad idea. They could leave the cave and rest outside but decide it best to keep moving forward. The group heals themselves after the fight and decide to check on the humanoid in the room to the Southeast. It still has not moved. They move into the 70ft wide room and it does not take long to see why the humanoid had not moved. It is an exquisite statue of dashing human pirate holding a scimitar. Not far away are 6 more statues, 5 of which are Xulmec tribes people in various poses. The 6th statue is of a powerful looking elven wizard. Towards the back of the room close to a set of stairs they see the shadow of a statue of a dragon. It has a golden color to the stone. All 7 of the statues are very well crafted. A true master must have done this work. Mattwise begins to shake his head and he and Mon Ki say this looks like the work of a medusa, not a sculptor. Thalaniel says we have the elixers of health. Let us try one of them on one of these statues. They agree that it should be on the dragon. It takes both draught in the bottle to complete the restoration of the gold dragon. As his body returns to flesh from stone he looks around slowly and each of them receives a message in their minds:

“Thanks for restoring me but we must take all effort to be silent or the monster that did this to me will come and attempt to petrify us all.”