April 27, 2018 recap

“Thanks for restoring me but we must take all effort to be silent or the monster that did this to me will come and attempt to petrify us all.” said the gold dragon using Message to communicate with the group. Mon Ki asked “What is your name? He replied Izzir Gentlemind.

“What is it? Is is a medusa?” Thoravil asked. Yes and much more. She is difficult to describe as I only caught a glimpse before I was turned to stone. This time I have a better idea what I am up against. Quick, we must move. She may already know we are coming.

The group spread out to take defensive positions. As McKenzie hid behind one of the many statues on the first tier she was hit by two arrows that had been dipped in poison. She looked into the direction that she thought they had come from but all she saw was a flash of light move across the fourth and top tier of the cavern. Althea casts Conjure Volley and hopes that at least some of the arrows connect. Beauford begins to sing a song about the curse of the medusa, trying to get it to become agitated. Thoravil saw it too and called for the group to get up against the 50ft wall that separated the first tier from the second tier. He then started to make his way up the flight of stairs covering himself with his shield as he walked. Arrows landed all around him but none of them hit. McKenzie ran for cover near the wall but was hit by another arrow as was Althea standing just to the right of where McKenzie ran to. Mon Ki ran up the wall onto the second tier and looked for whatever was shooting arrows at the group. Several arrows came his way but they were not close. As the last arrow fired they saw a monstrous creature flash into the light of one of the large columns on the fourth tier that had torch light coming from it. It was twisted mockery of a dragon and a great serpent. Its lower quarters are that of a green-black snake clad in fine, smooth scales. Its upper body is that of a female humanoid covered in thicker brighter green scales. She wears a bright metal breastplate. Her muscled face sports bony protrusions on her chin and cheeks. Her hair is a writing mass of snakes, parted with a fin-like sail that slides down her neck and back. In her arms she cradles an oak longbow. She tries to go back into hiding in the shadows but the group now has a bead on her and they do not let her out of their sight again.

Althea aims her bow and begins to fire arrows at the hideous creature. Many hit but it keeps blinking about the fourth tier of the cavern. Nameless gets hit with an arrow. He then pulls several animals out of his Bag of Tricks. Then he casts a fireball and was able to get the beast in some of its blast but it blinked out of the flames and disappeared around a corner. It fired off more arrows mostly at Althea and Mon Ki.

Thoravil and Izzir had made their way through the second tier and were behind a giant column. Izzir said I am ready to take this fight that that creature. Are you with me? If so, hold on tight. Thoravil grabs hold and Izzir takes off towards the fourth tier. The medusa/dragon had moved to the center of the tier to get better aim at more of the party. She fired arrows at everyone, hitting almost everyone she aimed at. McKenzie peppered it with Eldritch Blasts, Nameless cast Fire Bolt, Althea shot arrows, Mon Ki used Ray of Frost to slow the medusa down. Thoravil used Guiding Bolt while holding onto Izzir. Izzir swoops down and uses his breath weapon to burn and to sap the strength from the medusa/dragon. It blinks off to the west side of the cavern and makes its way down a corridor and disappears around a corner. Beauford uses Dimension Door to appear at the corridor entrance. He moves forward with Thoravil behind him with Nameless and Mon Ki close behind. McKenzie runs up to join them with Althea bring up the back. Thoravil goes in first and after a few turns the corridor opens into a smaller cave. Ahead of him is a brazier with a fire in it. Just behind the brazier is an iron-banded wooden chest. Towards the top of the cave is a pile of furs that look to be used as a bad. Just beside the pile of furs is silk screen with three panels each depicting a fanciful fey scene. He scans the room as the medusa/dragon comes from behind the screen and he spots her. He can feel his body start to petrify but the Freedom of Movement Spell he had cast prevents it from happening. Her eyes widen as she realizes her petrification powers will not work on him. She blinks down near the chest then moves up to attack Thoravil with her short swords and snake hair. She then blinks back to her position near the chest. Thoravil casts Guardian of Faith on her. Beauford casts Hunger of Hadar in the room. It takes up much of the room but the medusa/dragon is caught in the magical darkness constantly taking damage. Mon Ki uses Ray of Frost to slow her speed down again. The medusa/dragon starts to move forward and out of the range of the Hunger of Hadar but she falls and does not move again.

They move over carefully and removed its head. (I cannot remember what you all did with it after it was removed). They then began to search the room. The brazier had a Continual Flame spell cast on it. They looked at the chest and found it was locked. Mon Ki asked Thalanial if he could use the lock picks. With them in hand he went to open the lock on the chest. On the first try he heard a click and felt a needle prick into his hand. The needle went back into the lock and reset itself. Mon Ki fiddled around with the lock and little longer and soon the lock opened and the needle stayed in place. Opening the chest they saw it was lined in red velve and contained the following: a pouch of matching diamonds, a silver headed mace set with rubies on its ironwood handle, a wooden box carved with an infernal theme. Opening the box they found three vials of oil of sharpness, three vials of elixir of petrification, a necklace of elemental might and a crystal flask that appears to contain smoke. Beauford picked up the crystal flask and pondered how smoke would stay in a bottle. Thoravil said let us wait to check out the bottle once we are out of this dangerous place. Beauford removed the stopper from the flask and the smoke began to come out of the bottle forming an efreeti. She looked around the room to get her bearings and then said to Beuford “I am Sultana Sulphura. I am at your service for the next hour. Beauford says “Do you know where the Anvil of Wrought is?” Sultana Sulphura says “I am not sure of what you speak.” The group describes it and she replies “If it is nearby I should be able to locate it. She closes her eyes and then says I feel a great magic due north. Follow me and I will take you there.

They leave the statuary and comes back to the first room they had entered of the cave complex. Sultana Sulphura leads them up the walkway that Mon Ki had fought the wyrmling before. As they approached the northeast corner of the room, a pile of bleached bones at least 15 feet in diameter rests in the murky water. The glint of metal can be seen intermixed in the mess of bones. Another column of water, perhaps 10 feet in diameter, tumbles into the pool to the far right. A pair of smaller waterfalls drops from the ceiling along the east wall. The stone path terminates at a wider ledge. The ledge appears to have been converted into a crude worship area. A crimson-stained, rough-hewn rock altar is prominently displayed. To the left is a black iron anvil inscribed with angular mithral runes that softly glow in the shadows. Behind the altar, offset to the right in a rough niche bathed in soft illumination, is a glass dome perhaps 10 feet high situated on an ornate wooden base. Under the glass is a gnarled tree branch upon which is wrapped a magnificent feathered snake. The serpentine beast has a serene expression in its human-like milky eyes, and its rainbow-hued wings are folded along its back.

Althea identifies the creature behind the glass as a couatl, a divine creature of good. Thoravil thinks back to what Gundren and Flynrich had said and he believes that this couatl is here for a reason. He attempts to communicate with the couatl but it does not work. He asks McKenzie to use Message. They couatl responds “It is good you have come. I have foreseen it. Release me from this dome and we can finish what was started so long ago.” Beauford smashed the glass dome and the couatl begins to rise as the glass shatters around it. Not one shard of glass touched him. He spoke: “I am Xitlalcotl, the Blind and many years ago I hatched plan to defeat the beast just to the east of us. Gather close and I will tell you my tale.