August 18, 2017 recap

You have arrived in Phandalin to seek fortune or adventure or to complete a personal quest. You hear a teenage boy’s voice grow louder as he asks for folks to gather near the StoneHill Inn to hear a message from the Townmaster, Daran Edermath. He has just started speaking:

Greetings travelers!

Welcome to Phandalin. I assume you have heard of the good fortunes that have smiled on Phandalin after many months of turmoil. You would not be here if you had not. No one stumbles into Phandalin. Thanks to a group of adventures, the RedBrands were disbanded and their leaders put into Neverwinter on the Peninsula waiting the arm of justice they so greatly deserve. Even with these ruffians defeated all is not well in our town. As you know well, the roads have not been safe since the eruption of Mt. Hotenow over 60 years ago. We travel in groups when our elders could travel alone. Our world is not safe. We need people like yourselves to aid us to making this town and the entire Tri-Boar Trail area safe and prosperous. Those of you are interested in these endeavors please gather at the Townmaster’s Hall to get more information. Again, welcome to our town. Enjoy your stay.

Only two volunteered right away, a halfling monk calling himself Blurryfist and a human druid named Death Wind. They made their way over to the Townmaster’s Hall and saw Daran the Townmaster speaking with a group of adventures. The conversation was light and they could hear jokes. As they entered they Townhall, Daran welcomed them and introduced them to the adventurers who happened to be the ones that had succeeded in taking down the RedBrands. Both were interested in joining the larger group to help Phandalin and to see what all was in the Sword Coast area. Daran told the new adventurers about the rumors of Dragon Cultists in the area including Thundertree, Coynberry, Old Owl Well, Leilon and Greenest. He had asked that Thundertree be looked at first even though a group had been up there earlier in the year. It could not hurt to check it again with all of the rumors coming in. Plus, there was a druid, Reidoth, that lived there that Daran wanted to check in on.

The group decided to head to the Manor House for food and rest before heading out to Thundertree the next morning. When they arrived at the Manor House, Mattwise and Garg were there to greet them. After introducing their new companions everyone went inside to relax. After a restful night, Thalaniel, Mon Ki, Nameless, Laucian, Blurryfist and Death Wind set out for Thundertree. Thoravil and Beauford said that if they needed anything to send a message and someone would come to assist.

The trip to Thundertree was uneventful. Death Wind befriended a grey squirrel on the second day who told him about the area. Whiskers as he called himself said that the next time they came through the area to call for him as he might have information about the cultists. They arrived about mid-morning of the third day. The first thing they noticed was that it was quiet, too quiet. Death Wind could not figure out why but the group was eager to check things out, especially Thalaniel who was told by Mirna Dendrar about a necklace her family had left in their old herb and alchemy shop in Thundertree. Blurryfist had been riding on Thalaniel’s back so he would not left behind. Following her directions he made his way down the main path in the ruined town with the other following closely. As Thalaniel turned the corner an ash zombie appeared in a doorway of a ruined house and rushed forward to attack him. The ash zombie did not hit hard but still took awhile to take down. Thalaniel went ahead towards the shop but Laucian wanted to check out the house that the ash zombie had come out of. Inside he found three twig blights who immediately attacked him. While Laucian took care of the twig blights, Nameless and Mon Ki investigated the Tavern like building next door. The building was full of spiderwebs and a giant spider emerged to attack the both of them. Thalaniel, Blurryfist and Death Wind went to check out another house close by and inside they found two dragon cultists and one of the kobold ninjas that some of the group had met on the road to Neverwinter just over a month ago. They moved to attack using flanking beside the door with the kobold at the back of the house throwing shuriken. Thalaniel stood in the door attacking with this scythe. Blurryfist still on Thalaniel’s back attacked with his quarterstaff, getting in a punch every so often. Death Wind stayed in the back using Thorn Whip to damage the cultists, the kobold and the giant spider. The twig blights fell first, then the cultists, the spider and finally the kobold ninja.

The group then headed to the herb and alchemy shop to look for the necklace. After a brief search Thalaniel found it under a floorboard in the main room of the shop. The emerald necklace on a gold chain was found in a small wooden case. Thalaniel put it into his bag. They had encountered the rumored dragon cultists. They had around 9 more buildings to check out. They headed towards the closest building to investigate.

Next session: Friday August 25, 6pm-ish