August 25, 2017 recap

Just as they had finished in the alchemy shop they saw a group of their friends coming into town. Thoravil, Beauford, Althea and two new adventurers had arrived to assist in scoping out what remained of Thundertree. The new halfling was quick with wit but never gave his name. Angus was a dwarf barbarian toting around a greataxe constantly mumbling about ale and dwarf women. Daran has decided that the original group while seemingly adequate, an increase in numbers could not hurt so he sent out the second group the morning after the first group had left. After getting a brief update on Thundertree the entire group began to explore. After looking in several empty houses they made their way back to the The Brown Horse, the tavern Mon Ki and Nameless had encountered a large spider. The inside was covered in thick spiderwebs. It was difficult to move around inside. After searching for awhile and finding nothing they went on to other buildings. Laucian approached one of the houses and saw movement. It was another group of twig blights. He rushed in to attack while others came to assist him. He said he did not need any help but then proceeded to miss several times while the twig blight hit him. The group split with several staying to help Laucian while others explored. As Thalaniel turned a corner, a group of giant spiders were there. Beauford cast Hallucinatory Terrain at the spiders causing them to believe that a giant wall of fire was right in front of them. The lead spider ran right through it like it was not there. The other three began jumping around as if they were on fire but then kept on coming. Althea dashed into position to be able to attack the spiders next round. The rogue followed pulling out his shortbow. Thalaniel cast Fireball taking out all of the spiders but the lead one. Blurryfist ran over and hit the lead spider for a solid hit. Nameless cast firebolt and the lead spider dropped. Laucian and Death Wind took care of most of the twig blights with Thalaniel cleaning up the last few using Eldritch Blast.

The halfling rogue checked out the east side of the tavern and thought he heard something crying. It sounded like it was coming from the tower just a few yards away from the tavern to the east. The halfling rogue stealthily scouted ahead and came upon a large tower. It looked empty. He approached and looked inside an arrow slot. He saw a dusty main room of a cottage with a spiral staircase at the far end leading up into the tower. He did spot a chest under the stairs that looked like the lock had been broken off of it. Blurryfist and Althea not knowing the rogue was checking things out began to approach the tower. They found the door to it locked Thalaniel sprinted over and picked it and soon they were in. The rogue followed the small group as they went up the spiral stairs. After about 70ft up they came into a large room with around a 40ft ceiling. At the other end a corridor went about 20ft and opened into sunlight. Thalaniel searching found the remnants of a large nest. He called Death Wind to look the nest to see what it may belong to. Death Wind determined it probably belonged to a very large owlbear but was not sure. The nest had been strewn around the tower too much. Death Wind and Thalaniel both saw that it looked like someone had been sweeping up after themselves to hide any activity in the tower. Thalaniel briefly checked out the corridor. Finding nothing he left the tower. The rogue and Blurryfist wanted to do more looking around. They followed the corridor to its end where they found a large portion of the tower’s roof had been ripped off either from the eruption and destruction from Mt Hotenow or from a very large creature of some kind, perhaps the one whose nest remnants they had discovered. They wanted to check out what was at the bottom of the tower so they tied their ropes together and Blurryfist helped lower the rogue down to the ground 60ft below. Blurryfist used the stairs to come down and join the rogue on the other side of the tower. There was a large field behind the tower and to the east of the tower sat barracks.

Meanwhile Thoravil, Mon Ki, and Nameless stayed on the first floor to look around. Laucian decided to check the village out. He looked in several ruined buildings but did not find anything so he continued to the next one. Althea, Thoravil, Death Wind and Nameless went to Reidoth’s, the druid Althea and her old group had met the last time they were in Thundertree. She wanted to be sure he was okay with all of the changes to Thundertree that had happened since then. She asked everyone to stand back as Reidoth did not seem to like lots of people. She knocked and said that it was Althea and she wanted to know if he was okay. There was no answer. She asked Death Wind to speak in Druidic and say the same thing. Again there was not answer. They tried the door and it opened to reveal an empty cottage. Looking around they found that it looked like Reidoth had left in a hurry. Althea asked Death Wind to write a note in Druidic saying that they had stopped by to check on him and that they would be back again to see if he was safe. They shut the door back and went on exploring the village. The next building was a weaver’s. The only thing of value was a broken loom.

Laucian moved on to the next cottage and opening the door an ash zombie lumbered towards him. He went to attack. Up at the barracks Blurryfist and the rogue were joined by Thalaniel. They found the door locked. Between Thalaniel and the Rogue they were able to get the door opened. The barracks was full of spiderwebs but these were old webs compared to the newer webs they found in the Brown Horse Tavern. Thalaniel slowly moved into the barracks and as soon as he did a giant spider came out of the ceiling and moved to attack. Thalaniel shut the door and moved to assist Laucian in fighting the ash zombie. Althea went towards the large cottage where the Dragon Cultists had been headquartered the last time. She quietly opened the door to the cottage and peaked in. The building was empty. She was pretty sure that they had stacked the bodies of the cultists in the backroom but there was nothing there now. She noticed that someone had swept the floor here as well to cover any sign of movement just like in the large room in the tower. She made her way around the cottage and there she was a group of seven dragon cultists and a Dragoborn caster waiting there. The Dragonborn said: “And all with a waste of perfectly good alarm spell. Get her, boys!” Althea began to move backwards as the cultists moved forward. Beauford rushed towards Althea casting Spirit Guardians when he was close enough to threaten the cultists. One cultist was able to get past the guardians to attack Althea but she was able to defend herself.

Laucian pressed the attack on the ash zombie. He struck the zombie and cloud of ash rushed out of the zombie causing him to choke but otherwise he was okay. Thoravil arrived and cast Guided Bolt on the ash zombie causing it again to spew forth an ash cloud but Laucian was okay once more. Death Wind cast Healing Word on Laucian and then moved towards the cultists. Thalaniel seeing that Laucian had assistance from Thoravil and Death Wind moved a few feet towards the dragon cultists and cast Fireball in the middle of them being careful not to get Althea and Beauford in the blast area. He was able to injure all of the cultists but 3. Death Wind cast Faerie Fire at the same spot as Thalaniel cast Fireball. The cultists were lit up in a purple aura making it easier for them to be hit. Althea attacked with her two swords and the cultist that was in front her dropped.

Blurryfist ran over to the barracks door and opened it so the rogue could fire his shortbow at the spider inside. He hit it solidly. The spider began to move towards the opening. The rogue was able to get another shortbow shot in before the spider reached melee range. The spider rushed in and bit the rogue. Death Wind cast Healing Word on the rogue. The rogue attacked with his short sword and dagger finally dropping the spider.

Nameless cast a Fireball in the same spot Thalaniel had cast his Fireball earlier. It tore through the remaining cultists leaving only the Dragonborn left in the fight. He opened his mouth and breathed fire on Althea, Beauford and Thalaniel. They were quick and dodged out of the way only taking minimal damage. Blurryfist and the rogue ran down from the barracks to help against the Dragonborn.

Laucian continued attacking the ash zombie and Thoravil again cast Guided Bolt. The ash zombie fell in a puff of ash and the two began to move towards where the others and the Dragonborn were engaged. Blurryfist hid behind Althea and was able to get behind the Dragonborn. The rogue was able to get a shortbow shot in. Althea attacked with her two swords. Nameless cast Fire Bolt. Thalaniel cast Eldritch Blast and Blurryfist hit him with his quarterstaff and his fist to drop him.

As the group started to loot the bodies, they all heard someone or something crying. It was coming from above them. In the sky floating down towards them was a green dragon. She landed with a soft thud. The group began to spread out in concern for what would happen next. The green dragon began to speak:

“I am called Venomfang. My real dragon name, most of you would have problems pronouncing it. You may call me V.”

The group stared at her and tried to speak but little of what they were saying made sense.

V continued: “I see we have enemies in common.” Everyone relaxed some after she said this.

“These beasts have stolen my eggs and are holding them hostage until I join in their cult. I will never join them. I want my children back. I am rather certain I know where they are keeping them. But, I cannot get to them. That is why I am seeking assistance from you.”

Thoravil asks: “How can we help you this? Where are they being held?” Thalaniel says “We will help you get your eggs back.”

V responds: “You are small. I am not able to get to where they are.”

Beauford begins to play his bandalore and asks if he can play her a song. Beauford strums several chords and she tilts her head his way and says: “You may. Play something sad, a melancholy tune to accompany the mood.”

Beauford starts to play an old ballad of love and loss. V closed her eyes and seemed to sway to the music as the rest of the group sat stunned in silence.

Beauford finished and said: “We will help you. Where are these beasts keeping your children?” V says, “They are in the middle of Neverwinter Woods, in an old castle ruins known now as Cragmaw. It is about a days journey from here. “Blurryfist asks “Can you fly us there?” V stares at him and does not answer. “Would you fly Beauford there?” he says quickly. V agrees and picks up Beauford and flies him to Cragmaw Castle. Neither one speaks on the flight there and back to Thundertree.

They land and Beauford gets down off of the dragon. He thanks her for the flight and returns to the group and begins to tell Thoravil where they will need to go. Thalaniel asks “What is in it for us?” V stares at him and does not answer. Thalaniel then says: “See these markings and changes on my body? Can you tell me what they are and what they may mean?” V replies, “You return my children and I will tell you what I know.”

Thoravil says, “Would others of your kind join these cultists? Which ones would be most likely to do so?” “Mostly the chromatic dragons, reds, blacks, blues. Those would be the ones to join. The metallic ones are not likely to join. If there are any metallic dragons in the cult they have been coerced and forced into it meaning these beasts are very powerful and more dangerous than we know.

Thoravil replies:“Why did you not join?” “These beasts would take the natural and make it unnatural using magicks they barely understand! I will not go against nature!”

Thoravil says “I understand. We will find your children and bring them back to you. One last thing before we take our leave. Someone as yourself would know about holes in the magic of the world where it is being leaked and lost? V replies: “You talk of the Weave? I do not know of any such thing.” Thoravil says, “We have information that says that this is what is happening.” V says “The Weave with its magic was put back in place once the Spellplague was dispelled. I know of no other issues with the Weave since those times.” Thoravil asks “While we are retrieving your children, would it be possible for you to see if you can find any information on possible leaks in the Weave?” She says “I can make no promises but I do have some knowledgeable friends that I will ask.”

She turns and looks at them. It seems as if she is trying to say thank you but she cannot bring herself to say it. She gives Beauford a final nod and soars into the air.

The group searched the dragon cultists and found: 6 scimitars and 6 sets of leather armor. The rogue retrieved two fangs from the spider he fought and gave one to Beauford. On the Dragonborn they find 5 opals worth 10gp each, 4 potions of healing, a set of battle plans with vague directions and no estimate of the attack other than it will happen soon and be devastation galore. They also found a letter that read:

Gavric, Your revenge for your brother is at hand! Those meddlesome adventures hired by the Lords’ Alliance are still in Thundertree. Take one of the Claw and your men and take them out. And then burn Thundertree. It will no longer be a thorn in our side. We have what we need from Venomfang. She will be with us soon. Phandalin is next! And soon, Neverwinter and then the world. In the Goddess’s name Dragon Lady Rezmir

After one more sweep through Thundertree the group made an unexciting trip back to Phandalin to prepare for their next adventures.