February 23, 2018 recap

As the battle with Zanth ended the group begin to check on their injuries and wondering about the trip back to the Manor House. Thoravil, Althea, Raylor and Nameless all began to feel weird. Everything around them started to slow down including the voices around them. They all noticed that their eye blinks had become synced…and when they opened their eyes they found themselves at the bottom of a large mountain. They stood in the middle of a 20ft wide road. They noticed that mostly the road had been used in the middle 10ft. There were weeds and other grasses on the rest of the path. Way off in the distance they saw someone running towards them. Althea could barely make out it was a man, maybe wearing robes and he was running towards them. The group took up defensive stances and started walking the path up the mountain. It had turned chilly with mountain air but not cold.

They could hear him shouting as he was running towards them but could not make out what he was saying. Finally they could hear him “Thank my prayers have been answered. You have come just as I asked them. You must help. The corruption is growing. It must be stopped.

Raylor and Thoravil spoke at once “We will stop that corruption. Just show us the way. “

The man, that they could now see was some kind of holy man, began to chant:

“She laid down her sword and wept; her tears are the water.

She laid down her body and slept; her bones are the fountain.

Atop the mountain, at the war’s end, a place for gods to wonder.”

The group tried to ask him more questions but he only repeated the verse over and over. He then walked away, leaving the 4 companions to the trek up the mountain.

They walked for about 30 minutes on the winding path. The trail opened onto a plateau with the path passing between two rows of fallen columns. A stone tablet has fallen from its place atop one of the columns on the right side of the path; its face appeared vandalized. A cold wind blew through the ruins from the side of the mountain; with it came a faint dark whispering.

Raylor inspected the tablet and saw that it had more writings on it than the graffiti. The wind blew in from a different direction and he turned to check things behind him. That is when he saw the barbed devils, one on each side of the path. Raylor attacked the closest one but only was able to damage it a little. Althea stealth up behind it and gave three solid hits. Nameless cast fire bolt a the far barbed devil. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians on himself and ran towards the one Raylor and Althea were fighting and the spirit guardians had not effect on it! Thoravil then took a swing at the devil. The devil returned its attacks on Althea and then threw two flame balls at Thoravil and Nameless. The other barbed devil threw two flame balls into the crowd and moved forward to attack Raylor. Raylor moved and continued to attack the first devil. Althea continued her attack as well. Nameless reached into his Rust Bag of Tricks and pulled out a lion and sent it to attack the second devil. Raylor moved again after hitting the devil. Althea stayed in her position and continued her attack on it. Nameless cast Polymorph on the second devil turning it into a mouse! The group then focused on the first devil. Raylor reached down and picked up the mouse/devil and put it into his Bag of Holding and went to join the fight against the first devil. It did not take long and the first devil fell.

As Raylor missed one of attacks against the first devil, he felt his Bag of Holding moving. He looked down and saw the Bag of Holding begin to open and a large barbed hand of the devil reach up trying to open the bag so it could get out. Raylor attacked it wit his Dragonbone dagger but the devil was able to catch his wrist. When he did, the barbs on the devil pierced Raylor. Althea attempted to attack the hand and arm but felt she was too close to hitting Raylor. Thoravil thought the same thing so they both waited while Raylor grappled with the devil. He took some more damage from the barbs but neither he nor the devil could get the upper hand until Raylor was able to get a hold of the Bag of Holding and toss it off of his belt and across the room. As the Bag of Holding landed the devil was already stepping out of it. Everyone focused they attacks and spells on the it, Raylor Misty Stepped behind and attacked with his hammer, Althea attacked with her bow, Nameless connected with Chromatic Orb, Nameless’ lion clawed and bit the devil and Thoravil swing his warhammer and gave damage with the Spirit Guardians and soon the devil was defeated.

Thoravil went to investigate the tablet with the writing that had been vandalized. As he looked it over he saw that the writing on the stone resembled a scribed scroll. He read it almost without thinking and felt a rush of healing over him and his companions. They felt healed and rested as if they had slept all night after a hearty meal. They also discovered several adventurers’ packs laying around the ruins. In these packs they found:

12 +2 arrows inside a quiver 2 potions of supreme healing a small pouch containing 300gp worth of finely cut rubies and a large pouch container the following:

potion bottle of light - unidentified

Scholar’s Monocle - While wearing this crystal lens in a library or similar setting, you have advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks to find relevant books and information

strange elven, rope and leather armor - unidentified

Scroll of Wild Magic - this scroll appears to have been pieced together from other scrolls. You can use an action to it and unleash a Wild Magic Surge (PHB 104)

Potion of Protection from Paladins - for 10 minutes after drinking this potion, you are magically protected against Paladins. Paladins have disadvantage on attack rolls against you, and you cannot be charmed, frightened or possessed by them. If you are already charmed, frightened or possessed by a paladin, you have advantage on any new saving throw against the effect.

Nameless opened his Bag of Tricks and summoned a bear and a mastiff to join the group.

As they made their way up the path the begin to lose track of time. The journey was long but did not seem to last very long. Climbing the final short ascent, they saw a great stone fountain standing at the highest point of the mountaintop clearing. Flagstones set in a circular pattern surround the large basin, and you see a throne-like seat mounted on a pedestal at the fountain’s center. On that throne sat a giant of a woman staring into empty space. Raylor and Thoravil recognized her as a planetar! A mighty general of celestial armiesA small host of devilish figures cavort in the basin; the water near them darkens. A chain devil as performing a ritual in the clear blue water changing it into a darkish muck color. 4 spine devils floated near the fountain, two on each side of it, their spines at the ready. Two bearded devils guarded the front of the fountain including the chain devil.

Nameless cast Fireball at 5 of them. Even the ones who made their saves took a lot of damage. Nameless used a Sorcery Point and cast another Fireball at the same group. He was able to take out a few but most of them still stood. Manzorian also cast Fireball and punched it up to his highest level of power (10d6). These three fireballs took out all of the spine devils but one, severely damaged the bearded devils and stopped the chain devil from casting its ritual. Raylor and Thoravil focused their attacks on the chain devil and the while Althea, Nameless and Manzorian took care of the remaining spine devil and bearded devils. The battle did not last long. Thoravil noticed that the mucky water had faded some. He emptied a bottle of Holy Water and soon the water was clear blue once more.

As the group as looking around for more enemies they noticed that the large woman on the throne, her eyes began to move. She reached around the back of the throne and handed to them a familiar looking shard of a strange material with scrimshaw and other patterns all over it. She held it out and Thoravil recognized it and took it. In his head he heard:

“I am Heathen. Do with me as you wish.” Thoravil knew immediately its powers. When it was on his person it acted as an Amulet of Health(set Constitution at 19). Once per day it would it would heal the carrier 4d4+4 but whenever the power is used, the carrier must make a basic melee attack against a target that is within 5ft. If no target is in range, no attack is made. Cannot be used again until a long rest.

They they heard a voice but the woman’s mouth did not move. They knew it was her speaking to them.

She stood from the throne and they could see her in all her majesty. A beautiful humanoid creature with greenish blue skin with white-feathered wings and standing just over 9 feet tall. She said “Thank you for your actions today. If the ritual had been completed it would have been a dark day here and the world over.” She then sent an image into each of their heads showing them what she would have become. She then began to speak again:

“Blessed are you, Raylor, the vengeance seeker, the champion of Hoar, the Poet of Justice. May He grant strength when wisdom fails.”

“Blessed are you, Altheam, daughter of the Or-tel-quessir, huntress of goblin and the living dead. May Mielikki, the Forest Queen, make sure your strikes always fell the unnatural.”

“Blessed are you, Thoravil, son of the Or-tel-quessir, preserver of Life. May you always be humble when faced with the vast beauty and immensity of Corellon Larethian’s Creation and its Divine Nature.”

“Blessed are you, Manzorian, son of the Tel’Quessir. The quest does not get difficult or hard to understand until the spells begin to miss.”

“Blessed are you, Vulturyol, so of the Vayemniri, friend of the magicks, apprentice to Magic itself, enemy of (she speaks but there is an emptiness). Be wary of the path taken twice. May Boccob the Uncaring grant wisdom when needed and intelligence when desired.”

Raylor asked her name. She said you can call me She. If I gave you my real name it would quite literally blow your mind and neither one us would like that too much. She will suffice. Thoravil asks her if there may be something a little more less formal? Raylor agrees at first but then decides that She is good enough for him. She asks do you mean a nickname? I have never had one of those before. The group stood silent for awhile. Then Raylor said what about Quoise as in Turquoise? She thought for a moment and said let us go with Turquoise. It seems appropriate.

Thoravil says, we think we may be working for Glasya on a quest for one of our companions. Turquoise responds that that quest ended when they came to the bottom of the mountain. Raylor asks what do we do about this? We think our companion may be in trouble and we are not sure what we can do. She responds you, Raylor, know how to handle those that go outside of their oaths. The path will show itself. Your friend walks a tightrope stretched between fire and ice. He will need to look beyond hate and reach for hope or his journey will be short.

Manzorian said you spoke earlier to Namless and there was a blank space where a name probably should have been. What was that about? She replied, I apologize. There are some magicks so powerful even I cannot overcome them. As Vulturyol’s memory and other’s memories are regained, the names will return. I so wish there was more I could speak on this.

She thanks the group one last time and says I will aid you when the time comes. I will be watching over you. There is no need for an orb or a screen-scroll to call me. May the stars still shine on the hour of our first meeting.

And everyone is suddenly back at the entrance to the labyrinth standing next to their companions that had not gone with them with seemingly no time had gone by.