February 9, 2018 recap

The Guardian looked at each person searching for a quality that they would use to prove their worthiness to enter. Thalaniel would need to cast Burning Hands, Maddie would need to use a Wild Shape, Sam would need to use an Action Surge, Raylor would need to use Lay on Hands. As each person did their act, the altar below the guardian began to split into several pieces before it finally moved apart enough to see a ladder going down into a dark hole lit only by torchlight.

Thalaniel went first. The ladder came into a room on its bottom left corner. In the middle of the room was a woman that liked almost like the woman they talked to that sat behind the desk. This new woman was not wearing armor and did not have a sword nor a bow and arrows. The chains were connected to “bubbles” surround 16 piles of treasure. He saw coins, scrolls, potions, weapons and armor. Using his Detect Magic ability, he saw that in each pile at least one object was magical. The woman lifted her head and pleaded to be freed. She said I do not know who you are but only She knew I was here so She must have sent you. Hurry, get me out of these chains. Thalaniel examined one of the chains. Barely touching it, the chain disappeared leaving the pile of treasure and the woman that much closer to being released. He continued to make his way around the room until they all heard the Guardian’s voice booming you do not understand what you are dealing with. You must stop now. Thalaniel ignored the voice and continued around the room removing the chains. He gets to chain number 10 and all the chains disappear. The woman stretches and thanks Thalaniel for freeing her. She turns around and the guardian has appeared in the room and moves to attack her. She holds her hands together and a greatsword appears. She takes several swings at the guardian making solid hits each time. The guardian counters but does not do as much harm. The group moves to attack the guardian. After one attack from Thalaniel, the guardian splits into two! And they resume the attack. Even though a third guardian was created the fought hard and soon all of the guardians were destroyed.

Again the woman thanks everyone, giving each a small bow to show her appreciation. She says to Thalaniel his good deed would not go unrewarded. She then disappeared leaving them in the room with 16 piles of treasure. After they had looked over the treasure plies, they heard a whoosh and in the right bottom corner of the room stood an almost 7ft tall man in sleek leather armor carrying a glaive. He had a wicked grin. Beside him was a housecat. It too looked to have a wicked grin. A voice from somewhere said Let the minions take care of them. 10 dretches and a bone devil appeared and attacked the group. The dretch attacked in groups of 2-3 using their green gas cloud ability to weaken the group. It did not work. The bone devil concentrated its attacks on Raylor as it deemed him the biggest threat. A few of the dretches crowded around Raylor but they were no match for him or the group. Everyone concentrated their attacks on the bone devil, Raylor with swings of his maul aided by smites, Maddie using a combination of Thorn Whip casts and then Wild Shaping into a polar bear and attacking all surrounding her, Sam shooting well-place ranged attacks with his crossbows, Thalaniel using Eldritch Blasts and Nameless using combination of Fire Bolt and Chromatic Orb. Once the bone devil was defeated the rest of the dretches disappeared.

Again they heard the voice: my patience grows thin. Take care of them Zanth. Zanth (the 7ft tall man in leather using a glaive)leaped into the room and give three swift attacks on Sam each hitting a little harder than the last. He then sprung backwards to give him room for his next attacks. Saw took a shot and disarmed Zanth’s glavie. Two shortswords appeared in his hands and he kept the attack,swinging at Sam and then switching to attack Nameless’s Earth Elemental.Everyone focused on Zanth. Thalaniel using Eldritch Blasts, Maddy running across the room to attack as a polar bear, Sam first using his rapier and when Zanth was further away, he used his crossbows. Raylor Misty Stepped following Zanth around the room hitting with his maul and smites, Nameless used Magic Missile and Fire Bolts and soon Zanth was defeated as well. Zanth disappeared in a poof as did the house cast. They all swore they heard a cat’s hiss before the room was empty and all the sounds of fighting turned to silence.