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Rise of the Dragon Cult

Relative peace had finally come to Phandalin. With the removal of the RedBrands, a group of thugs that terrorized the town for many months, more travelers including adventurers like yourselves have started to arrive. New sources of income will soon arrive, merchants and adventurers looking food to eat and places to bathe and beds to sleep in to rest their weary bodies.

You have arrived in Phandalin to seek fortune or adventure or to complete a personal quest. You hear a teenaged boy’s voice grow louder as he asks for folks to gather near the StoneHill Inn to hear a message from the Townmaster, Daran Edermath. He has just started speaking –

Greetings travelers!

Welcome to Phandalin. I assume you have heard of the good fortunes that have smiled on Phandalin after many months of turmoil. You would not be here if you had not. No one stumbles into Phandalin. Thanks to a group of adventures, the RedBrands were disbanded and their leaders put into Neverwinter on the Peninsula waiting the arm of justice they so greatly deserve. Even with these ruffians defeated all is not well in our town. As you know well, the roads have not been safe since the eruption of Mt. Hotenow over 60 years ago. We travel in groups when our elders could travel alone. Our world is not safe. We need people like yourselves to aid us to making this town and the entire Tri-Boar Trail area safe and prosperous. Those of you are interested in these endeavors please gather at the Townmaster’s Hall to get more information. Again, welcome to our town. Enjoy your stay.




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