January 12, 2018 recap

Everyone had found their beds after a nice warm meal and soon most had fallen asleep. Althea was only mostly asleep so she heard the soft knocking on the Manor House’s front door. She woke Mon Ki and they investigated. Listening they heard a low voice repeating “Help” in dwarvish. Taking guard they open the door and saw a familiar dwarf laying on the ground beside the door. He was beat up, bruised, barely holding onto life repeating over and over his plea for help. It was Therd Woodstone one the dwarf brothers who had helped renovate the Manor House for them! They gave him a healing potion and he was a little stronger and they brought him in to Thoravil to get more healing and to hear his story. He and his brothers were jumped by a band of duergar on their way back to Neverwinter. He had barely escaped but his brothers were knocked out and carried away. Dragging himself, Therd followed the duergar and his brother until they went into a cave. Therd knew he needed to get help as he could not rescue his brothers alone. He then started the long crawl back to the Manor House. By this time everyone was awake and more than eager to help the Woodstone Brothers.

Althea listened to Therd give directions to the cave. Then she, Mon Ki, Raylor, Thoravil and Nameless set out. Althea went straight to the cave and the group entered. The cave eventually turned into worked stone, Off in the distance they could hear the rhythmic clanging of hammers. As they made their way down a gentle ramp, the air became warm and thick and the taste of ash settled on their tongues. A tunnel at the far end of the room glowed a pale orange, carrying light and the rhythmic tempo of pounding hammers into the room. Light from the tunnel leaves the walls and corners ominously dark. You can make out a rickety wooden balcony near the rear of the room, which overlooks an uneven stone floor covered with debris and holes. The large room opens up and they see two duergar guards surveying the room. They had not yet seen the group. Nameless cast Greater Invisibility on Mon Ki and he shadow jumped into the room to check things out. The rest of the group got into place and once Mon Ki was on the other side of the room the group attacked. The duergar guards fell quick only for two more duergar to appear from stairs that led down further into the complex. These two were taken care of easily and the group was free to explore the area. They did not find anything so they looked to the exits out of the room.

Mon Ki crept down a corridor until he found himself at on a ledge with a stone seat. One could sit in the chair and look into the room below. Mon Ki sat down and in the room below he saw a metalworks. Just below him were two pits of strange-colored lava. It looked almost blue. In the lava pit directly beneath him was a fire elemental that glowed the same color as the lava. To the south were two large furnaces glowing with the same blue hue. There were two duergar workers shoveling ore into the furnaces. An imp was hovering near the eastern most furnace. It kept looking into the furnace as if expecting something to emerge. By the door to the south stood another duergar guard. Mon Ki was still invisible and he shadow jumped down to the metalworks to check things out more. Meanwhile Thoravil, Althea, Raylor and Nameless investigated the other ways out of the first room. All lead to dead ends. A secret door was finally found and they followed the corridor until it ended at two large double iron doors. A similar pair of doors were in the metalworks that Mon Ki was in. They assumed these doors were the same and they hatched a plan. Althea and Nameless would go to the stone chair room above and fire down arrows and spells on the enemies from above concentrating on the magma hurler. Nameless would release his Earth Elemental and Althea would use her longbow to fire arrows. Raylor and Thoravil would burst through the doors hoping to take anyone by surprise while Mon Ki would move about the room causing havoc from the shadows while invisible. None of the enemies knew what hit them and soon all were down but one. They decided to keep one of the duergar works alive to ask him about the Woodstone Brothers. He did not know who they were talking about but did mention captives below. He would not say what was waiting but said “He would take care of the likes of you.” Seeing they would get no more information from they killed him. The imp went invisible and made several attacks on Raylor but soon disappeared and was not heard from again.

Searching the room they could not find a way down below. After searching they found another secret passage that instantly started to sloped down as they walked down the corridor. They finally came upon two more large iron doors. They could feel the heat coming from the other side. Mon Ki moved ahead and opened one of the large doors to peak inside. It creaked as he opened it and those inside turned to look at the doors. They did not see Mon Ki but knew something was going on out in the hall. In the room were three more magma hurlers, another imp but this one was larger and seemed more intelligent than the one on the metalworks. Finally there was a large duergar standing near the imp. He was holding an enormous warhammer. Waves of the blueish lava seem to flow beneath the metal surface of the hammer. The hammer seemed alive with the glow pulsing in rhythm to the clanging hammers. (no one is sure where the clanging is coming from). In the northern most part of the room is a large chasm filled with the same bluish lava. This room is the hottest they have been in so far. The group rushes in and lays a beat down on the deurgar and his allies. Mon Ki using a combination of the decanter of endless water, his magic quarterstaff and fists. Raylor using misty step to get in the best positions and unleashing his paladin smites. Thoravil casting Spirit guardians and running into combat to get as many targets. Althea using combination of her bow from range and shortswords up close to deal lots of damage. It did not take long for the duergar and his allies to fall.

In the southern corner of the room lay two barely alive dwarves. They had found Toren and Gelmon Woodstone, the missing brothers. They gave them healing and Raylor summoned a war elephant and they rode back to the Manor House where the brothers were reunited.

The group sat around and talked about their latest adventure into the night and soon everyone was asleep after a nice, warm, meal.