January 26, 2018 recap

The group decided it was time to retrieve the crates and boxes that were in the Cragmaw Cave. They have promised Linene from The Lionshield Coster that they would get these crates for her. She said she would pay them and even would supply a wagon to bring the items back if they needed it. The determined that they have enough storage in their two Bags of Holding to bring the crates back.

They set out and came to where they had been ambushed so many months before. The place looked familiar but something was not right. After a difficult search they found the secret path and began down it keeping an eye out for the traps Aria had set the last time. They found the old pit trap but it had been removed. They traveled further down the path and suddenly a branch snapped and swung into the path hitting Nameless but only doing minimal damage to him. They rest of the journey to the caves was quiet.

Once they reached the cave entrance they noticed that the water level of the creek was much lower than the last time they were here. They could see a path had been tramped down on the right side of the creek going into the cave. Thoravil cast Produce Flame and threw it into the bushes on the right side of the entrance where goblins had been on guard duty before. Nothing stirred this time. They investigated the cave entrance. Before there had been torches every few feet lighting the way. This time the cave was pitch black. Nameless summoned his Earth Elemental to scout ahead and the rest of the party would follow 30ft behind it. They came upon a set of locked doors to the right. The lock was sturdy and they moved on. Following around the path they came upon a passageway leading to the left. A few feet in a cave in blocked the way. They remembered that they had found the other end of the this passage but was not sure how to get there now. About 20ft ahead they saw a bridge about 30ft in the air. The path curved to the right and ended in another set of doors with another sturdy lock. They decided to use the Rope of Climbing to get onto the bridge and go into the main room from there. The Earth Elemental could pass through the stone to get into the room if needed. Everyone climbed up and onto the bridge. Thoravil went into the big room and it too was pitch black. He cast a few Produce Flames to see what he could see but nothing was there. Nameless cast Light on several stones and Thoravil threw them into the room at various places. Over near a set of steps leading up further into the cave they could see a set of large eyes looking back at them. Thoravil moved forward. Hearing a low growl he stayed where he was until Maddie came forward to see he she could identify the beast. It was a large female dire bear. It was not aggressive yet but was in defensive mode ready to protect her cave. Everyone backed out and went to the other side of the bridge and down the passageway that was there. They round a turned and came into the area where they had encountered Yeemick and his goblin. The area had been organized differently than last time with several bedrolls around a couple of campfires that had been put out. Thalaniel cast Spider Climb and climbed to the ceiling to go look in the bottom section where they had found Sildar. It was now a refuse heap with a large pile of old food, bones, scraps of trash and other unidentifiable stuff. As he was about to turn away and leave he notice the pile of junk was moving. He positioned himself on the ceiling and cast Fireball into the largest section. As the flames died down a large spider sped out of the trash and towards him. Thalaniel moved backwards toward the group with the spider following him. The spider shot webs at him and one hit and Thalaniel was webbed up against the wall. The group tried several ways to get in down. Thalaniel dropped spider climb to see if gravity would allow him to drop. It did not. Thoravil cast Spiritual Weapon and cut the webs causing Thalaniel to fall to the cave floor. The group concentrated ranged spells and attacks on the spider including Wall of Fire that surrounded it. Maddie cast Thornwhip and pulled the spider into the fire causing more damage. Thoravil attacked it with Spiritual Weapon, Sam cast Eldritch Blast on it. Nameless cast Chromatic Orb. Raylor shot the spider with his bow. Thalaniel cast Eldritch Blast and pushed the spider back into the fire finally defeating. He searched the refuse heap and did not find anything.

They went back to the cave with dire bear. Something was moving about behind the bear back where they knew the crates were. They made a plan and attacked the dire bear. She fought back to defend her cave. Suddenly a larger dire bear jumped out the shadows and into the middle of combat. Raylor Misty Stepped to the bear and gave it three solid hits. With everyone focusing on the larger bear it soon dropped. Nameless moved the Earth Elemental to engage with the smaller bear She tore into the Earth Elemental with her claws, rending the elemental. Nameless cast Polymorph and turned the dire bear into a mouse. The Elemental picked it up and cupped it in its hands.

Using the coins that had Light cast on them they moved into the back area of the case. The found the crates but noticed that about 30% of the crates had been opened or taken from the cave. They put would was left into the two Bags of Holding and investigated the rest of the room. Someone remembered a chimney that led into this room. They found it had been plugged up. Raylor used his maul to unplug it and they looked down the chimney. They saw several wolves that had been locked up in that room. They were guessing that they had been there all this time. They could tell that the wolves were quite hungry. They decided that the most humane thing to do was have Thalaniel cast Fireball down there and take as many of the wolves out as he could. With that done they went back to Phandalin and gave Linene all of the crates. Being a woman of her word she gave them each the promised reward of 50gp each. They thanked her and they all went back to the Manor House to get a nice hot meal and get some rest.