January 9, 2018 recap

After finishing their long rest the group went back into the catacombs to finish exploring the areas they had not been in yet. They went past the room where they fought Regret and came into an exquisite room about 70x90ft in size. It each corner of the room stood a 7ft tall statue of an eladrin wearing full plate and wielding a greatsword that was almost as tall as them. At the far end of the room was a crypt with an elaborate sarcophagus inside. While Raylor and Ladróna examined the statues, Thoravil went to look over the sarcophagus. Thoravil noticed that this room was in excellent condition compared to other rooms in the catacombs. Everyone in the room felt like something was off but no one could quite get their finger on exactly what it was. The longer Thoravil looked the sarcophagus they more his fascination grew. He saw he could easily lift the lid off and look inside. Inside was a 7ft tall eladrin woman. In her hands was a book that look very similar to the book McKenize had found in the cellars that promised extra long life to those that read the book from cover to cover. Ladróna asked Thoravil what he saw. Thoravil replied nothing of any interest or value. Mon Ki was interested now and made his way to the sarcophagus. He noticed that this room had no dust in it and while the motifs on the wall were similar as in other rooms there were no images of eladrin on the walls only ivy and fey creatures. The group decided to leave this room and go further down the corridor to their left. They traveled about 60ft total until they came to another room similar the last. There were four area each holding a sarcophagus. Mon Ki checked one of the areas out and saw a flash of gold and other shinies. He also saw 4 eladrin skeletons in the room at various places. They were not animated, yet. Tiptoeing around the room he continued to explore. Ladróna used her slippers of spider climb and went to the ceiling to check the room out. She saw three barrels with sealed tops and large corks on the side to let liquid out. She was fascinated by the barrels and dropped down to investigate them further. As she hit the floor the skeleton nearest the barrel animated along with the three other skeletons in the room. The group went to work on the skeletons thinking that they would reanimate once they were defeated the first time. Althea rushed up to one skeleton and made three solid hits on it. Ladróna wanted to get back on the ceiling to use her bow and as she the skeleton who animated first got an attack of opportunity on her. He hit solid but she was able to continue up the wall to the ceiling. She the fired her bow into the skeleton below. Mon Ki shadow-stepped behind a skeleton and made several solid hits. Raylor Misty Stepped into combat and hit using one of his smites doing extra damage to the skeleton. Nameless cast Fire Bolt hitting another skeleton. The skeleton on Ladróna took a wild swing at her but was able to get a hit in her again. Thoravil cast Spirit Guardians and was able to do good damage to three out of the 4 skeletons. Raylor continued his beat down on his skeleton using smites to increase damage. Althea was able to hit three solid times and that skeleton dropped. She stood prepared for it to stand back up. Ladróna kept firing her bow and throwing daggers until that skeleton fell as well. Nameless cast Chromatic Orb and and hit causing enough damage for another to drop. Thoravil moved close to the other two with Spirit Guardians giving them each enough damage that one dropped and Raylor with two swings was able to take the other down. All the skeletons immediately stood up and Misty Stepped to different places in the room. Their strategy did not work and soon with many strong hits the group took the skeletons down again and this time the skeletons no longer moved. Once the last skeleton was down the lids on each sarcophagus fell to the floor revealing a good amount of treasure including. They grabbed it all and decided to go back to the Manor House to have things identified. Thoravil cast Sending and asked Shortlock to meet them. Shortlock arrived and Ritual cast Identify on all the items they had found including some items that had not been identified from earlier adventures. The catacombs treasures including.

250gp Fine Cloth Gloves threaded with Silver A small leather pouch of bent and broken keys 4 potions of greater healing Scroll of Detect Poison and Disease Favored Mace Weapon (Mace), uncommon (requires attunement) - Once per long rest, the bearer may roll a saving throw with advantage. Fine Gold Cloth Vest A jade candlestick crafted in the form of a tower A slender shard of gray glass on a leather cord. When impaled into flesh, the gray glass dissolves and grants you darkvision until you take a short rest. 3 charges +1 studded armor Potion of Heroism Ring of Protection Spell Scroll Conjure Volley Wand of Web +1 shortbow Cloak of Elvenkind +1 Quarterstaff of Shock, +1d6 electricity damage.

The group decided who would get what and then settled down at the Manor House for a hot meal, cold drinks and a good night’s rest.