March 16, 2018 recap

As they all stood there they noticed the maze straightening itself out into one pathway leading to out of the thickest part of the forest. They began walking down the path when Thoravil and Thalaniel spotted a medium sized box in the middle of the path. Thoravil picked it up. It looked to be made of the same material as the desk they had encountered with the strange armor wearing woman on what they thought was another plane. Thoravil tried to open it but it would not open. He handed it to Thalaniel and the box instantly opened at his touch. Inside was a small scythe. It had a bluish tint to it. Also inside were twp superior healing potions per person in the group and 5 copper colored gems for each person in the group.

A voice called to Thalaniel. “You have done well. You have freed one of my favorites. I know you have questions. Today I will answer 3 of them.”

Thalaniel says “Who are you?” She replies, “You know who I am”

(I do not remember the other two questions. If anyone remembers please let me know and I will update this section.)

Her tone changes as she speaks “You have a decision to make and it will be coming soon. You must choose between fire and ice, the wise and the intelligent. You have come far since you first accepted me. You trusted me though you did not know who I was. Now that you know who I am, does it bother you? It is fine if you feel as such. There are those with greater power than you that quiver in my presence. This choice I give to all - continue your pact with me or find another if you have any shred of doubt about the path ahead. I can assure you it will not be easy but at the end of the journey it will be most rewarding. If you decide to find another, I will not hold it against you but do not call upon me in the future for it will anger me and you will not like me when I am angry. You do not need to decide now. In the meantime, there is a little boy that is looking forward to his cookie.

The group headed back to the Manor House for a rest and then using the portal to Neverwinter went to get those cookies for Nars back in Phandalin. When the reached the baker’s house they noticed that the front door was partially opened enough for them to hear a commotion in the front of the house. Peaking in they saw a large number of books that had been animated and were now flying about what looked like a library / sitting room. The books noticed them looking in and they flew to attack. As they handled the books a broom and a fireplace poker animated as well and joined in the attack. None of the animated objects last long and soon they found themselves in a long dining room. There were two doors on the left side of the dining room. Listening at the first one they heard a high pitched laugh followed by the sounds of an offensive spell and some shouts of pain. They opened the door and found themselves in a bedroom. The baker was in a corner of the room with a one-eyed imp floating nearby with a wand in his hand constantly laughing. The imp turns to the group and yells “ No cookies! All gone. No milk, either!”

He raised the wand and fire off a barrage of magic missiles into the group hitting several of them. He always saved a few missiles for the baker. And then he disappeared. The group looked around the room for him while Nameless closed the door to the room. The imp reappeared and let loose another set of magic missiles. The group focused on him and soon he fell laughing saying he would meet them again some day on the avenue and vanished. The group went to check on the baker and healed some of his wounds. They were asking him questions when they heard a loud thumping coming from the next room. The baker said “Oh no, it is loose.” What was it they asked? It is a fire elemental loose in the kitchen. My kitchen! They rushed through the dining room and opened the door into the kitchen. A larger than normal fire elemental stood them throwing fire about the room. It focused it fire on the group. Nameless summoned the earth elemental and sent it to attack the fire elemental. Thoravil noticed if he got too close the extreme heat would start to burn so he stayed back and told the others to do the same. They used ranged weapons mixed it with ice and water based spells and soon the elemental was done. Sighing relief Thoravil moved backwards towards the entrance to the kitchen. As he reached the doorway the pantry door next to him burst open in a cloud of cinnamon. He could feel the spice burn his nose and throat but fortunately he did not receive the full force of the blast. The group looked into the larger than normal pantry and saw a large gingerbread man stumbling towards them. He crouched and looked to be inhaling again for another cinnamon breath weapon attack. The group attacked in unison, Nameless sending the earth elemental to attack while the rest of them used ranged weapons and spells. Nameless casting Fire Bolt, Maddie casting Thorn Whip, Thalaniel casting Eldritch Blast and Thoravil using Spirit Guardians and staying within 15ft of the golem but out of reach of its massive hands. Soon, it too fell.

As the gingerbread hit the floor splitting into several pieces they heard the sound of teleporting spell behind them and a woman in wizard robes appeared shouting “What is going on? What are you doing in my house?” They explained what had happened and apologized for any damage they may have done. She asked where is my husband. They led her to him and everyone set at the dining room table to gather themselves and regroup. The mage(Andolyn) and the baker (Gendrew) asked why they had come and they answered “We would like to purchase some Neverwinter cookies. The baker stood up and rushed in the kitchen saying course. Will have some fixed in no time. He was almost back in the dining room as quickly as he left. “The recipe is gone, along with some of the rare ingredients. Andolyn started to shake her head and began to mumble about the jealousy of the bakers and cooks in Neverwinter. She walked into the pantry and picked up one of the legs of the gingerbread golem, sat it on the table and her and Gendrew began to eat it. Someone mentioned the one-eyed imp and she looked at them and said this is not good. That imp is named Teez and his is connected to Woganpuck an unseelie fey I have dealt with in the past. I think the imp attack, the gingerbread golem attack and myself being called away so these attacks could happen plus the missing recipe and ingredients are all a plan of some kind orchestrated by Woganpuck to discredit me and my husband in some kind of revenge plot. I cannot go after Woganpuck she says. I am getting too old for this. I thought he had learned his lesson. He must have not. Please track track done Woganpuck and find that recipe for myself and my husband. They agreed.

Andolyn continues “He is probably trying to get back to the Fey wilds. Go to the House of a Thousand Faces and find Laila Frostglow. She should be able to help you with your search. They asked her about the Fey wilds. She says he is probably trying to make it back to the Unseelie Court. If that is the case, his capture is almost impossible and you may have to talk to the Winter Queen, ruler of the Unseelie Court. He must go through the lands of the Seelie Court so you may need to meet with the Summer Queen, Tatiana and her Consort, King Oberon. While dangerous, they are nowhere near as dangerous as the Winter Queen. The group thanked her for the information and left to take care of some business in town. Nameless went to pick up the bandolier he had made. It fit perfect. Thalaniel wanted to see how much the copper gems but could not find anyone to appraise them for him. They decided to call on Flynrich. He told them the gems were worth around 75gp each. As they were getting ready to roll the scroll back up he said to them: “ Next time you are at the Manor House and Gundren is there, call on me. Gundren and I have something to ask of you.” They agreed and went to do more shopping. Thalaniel went to take some jewelry back to the Matron of the Family. She was not available but one of her personal guards said she would take the crown to her. She then asked where Thalaniel’s three sponsored men had disappeared to. They had such promise and they had all been made Men of the Family and they were now not even in the city. Matron was not pleased with Thalaniel. She then asked where Aria was for she was missing and had been for over 6 weeks. And yes she kept to herself but she always checked in at the correct times. Thalaniel said he had not seen her since he had taken the letter to her some time ago. The guard shook her head and dismissed him. He met back up with the rest of the group and they all went back to the Manor House to rest for the night and then head to see Laila Frostglow at the House of a Thousand Faces.