March 24, 2018 recap

The group woke refreshed and used the portal in the Manor House to go to the House of a Thousand Faces. They asked the bartender where Laila Frostglow might be. He replied that she is on the 2nd floor, in the third common room on the right. They headed upstairs and found her. They noticed she had a slight blue color about her. She welcomed them and asked how she could help them. They said they had been sent by Andolyn to ask her to them find Woganpuck a fey that has been a bother to her for years. Hearing this she said why didn’t you say so to begin with. I should be able to track him and let you know where he is and where he may be headed. Laila asks for any details that the group may have and then she went into a semi-meditative state with her eyes open.

She then spoke: He was in Neverwinter but now he is gone. He is headed for the Neverwinter Woods were a new FeyGate has opened. He is a darkling fey and if he makes it through the FeyGate he will head for the Unseelie Court. If he makes it to the Unseelie Court, he is as good as gone for you will not want to cross the Winter Queen.

They asked if she knew exactly where is was and she took out a map and highlighted an area in the thickest part of the woods. The group knew they needed to get their quick. They asked is she knew of any portals in the Woods. She said no but someone downstairs should be able to get you there and since you know Andolyn it should not be too difficult to make it happen. After thanking her they went downstairs and asked the bartender who could help them with a teleport spell. He pointed them to a small group of mages who after hearing their story one of them said she could do it. She made a few preperations and soon they were about 500ft from where the portal should be located.

They all moved into stealth as best as they could and started to move forward. Soon they saw an oddly colored stone arc rising above the trees. As they got closer they saw it was not an arch but a circle of stones floating in the air. The arch was spinning counter-clock wise and at its base stood a tall, thin greyish fleshed creature attempting to use the arc presumably as a portal to the FeyPlane. Thalaniel and Thoravil crept closer with Mon Ki a few feet behind. Raylor, Bear and Glamdring stayed further back and waited for the signal. Thalaniel and Thoravil notice that Woganpuck(they hoped it was him) was not alone. He had an ice elemental of some type beside him. Thoravil then saw 3 other dark fey that looked just like the first one standing around the stone arc, each with an ice elemental beside them. They started to walk clockwise around the arc. Thoravil said to Thalaniel which was is it. There are so many. Thalaniel did all he could to convince Thoravil which one was the real one. Thalaniel then cast Hex on the dark fey. Woganpuck and all of his doubles turned towards Thalaniel, smiled and then held a finger to his lips and said “SHHHHHHHH” and then he stepped forward to attack. The group moved into place and Thoravil cast Planar Binding (He was bound to the material plane was under the control of Thoravil for the next 24 hours) on Woganpuck. Woganpuck stopped what he was doing and began to walk towards Thoravil and Thalaniel. All of the duplicates disappeared but Woganpuck had 3 ice elementals around him. Thoravil asked that he tell the ice elementals to stand back while he continued forward. Thoravil asked him who he was. He replied Woganpuck. The rest of group came up to Thalaniel and Thoravil as Woganpuck came closer. Wogan puck said I am sorry for what will happen to them. It is something I do not have control over. As Bear and Mon Ki approached they realized that Woganpuck was absolutely the most beautiful create they had ever seen. Glamdring asked if Woganpuck had the recipe book and the rare ingredients and if so would he give them to Thoravil. Woganpuck looked at Thoravil and only after Thoravil nodded in agreement did he hand the book and items over. After a brief description of what to do with the dark fey, Thoravil told him to not follow the group and to stay within 100ft of where he currently was for the next 24 or so hours. Woganpuck looked a a sundial on his wrist and said “you mean for the next 23 hours” Thoravil nodded and the group left him there. After they had gone 150ft away there heard the sound of the portal opening and closing and knew that Woganpuck and his elementals had gone through it.

They made their way through the woods and made a camp on the edge of the woods. They had one more day of travel back to Neverwinter to return the recipe book and the ingredients. They settled in for the night and decided who would be on what watch. Thoravil tossed and turned during his four hours of rest only getting 1 good hour. He was bombarded by nightmare and dark visions of bad things. He woke felling more tired that he had been when he first went to sleep. He stayed awake on watch the rest of the night afraid to go back to sleep.

The rest of the journey back to Neverwinter was uneventful. They made their way through the city to the baker’s house. When they almost were there a messenger approached Mon Ki and handed him a message. He took it and only looked at it briefly before they headed into the baker’s house. He said he would tell the others what he said once they finished their business inside. They returned the recipe book and the ingredients and the baker began to make them a batch of Neverwinter Cookies. Andolyn commented that what they had done was no small feat. Woganpuck is not one to trifle with. They asked her what her connection to her was and she said that they had encountered one another some years ago and she bested him. Ever since he had been showing up every few years to give him and her husband a hard time. She added that he had never done this much havoc before. Thoravil told her about the nightmares he had had the night before. She sighed and laughed a little and said I have good news and bad news. The good news is my nightmares are over, the bad news is that now you have them. I am sorry for this as they are not fun.

Meanwhile Glamdring and Raylor had gone to the library took for ways to remove the nightmares from Thoravil. After a couple of hours of searching they found two strain of thoughts about what this affliction was. Some thought it was a natural thing, something done by the fey. Others thought it was a curse that could potentially be removed a Remove Curse or similar spell. They hurried back to the group to tell Thoravil what they had found.

They found the group in the middle of receiving rewards for the returning of the recipe books. On top of receiving the famous Neverwinter Cookies they also received 5000gp, a Serpentine Owl(one of the figurines of wondrous power) and an Ioun Stone of Protection (You gain a +1 bonus to AC while this dusty rose prism orbits your head.)

As they were leaving the baker’s house, Mon Ki took out the letter and read it to the group:

Greetings Mon Ki,

I have heard of you and your friends’ accomplishments as adventurers including your exploits in Phandalin and the rescuing of Duke Abdel of House Adrian of Neverwinter. Each no small feats. I would like to offer you and your company an invitation to meet with me as I have a job only adventurer types such as yourselves would be able to do. You see, I have a mine that I want to keep from being raided when I and/or my workers are away from it. I have had traps and other security measures as well as guards installed at the mines. And while I feel they are adequate, the voice in the back of my head has been bugging me to find out for sure. I would like to hire you and your friends to test out the measures I have put in place. I will pay handsomely whether you are successful or not including any Resurrections that may be needed. Succeed or not, I will have gained information. Please meet me at the Moonstone Mask in Neverwinter to discuss the details including payment and where the mines are located. We can have conversation over meat pies and fey-wine.

In service, Baron Taleisin Tranan

No one had heard of this baron so they decided to go see Duke Abdel of House Adrian to see what they could learn about Baron Taleisin Tranan. They arrived at the Duke’s house and were let in to see him. They waited around 15 minutes until the Duke came in. After asking how they were doing he then asked how he could help them. They told him about the letter and asked if he knew Baron Taleisin. He said not personally but that all he had heard of him were good things. The Baron has inherited these mines from an uncle and if he was doing this much to insure what was in the mines were not stolen, then there must be quite a lode of ore that has been found inside. They thanked the Duke for this information. They then asked if he would do another festival in the next year and if so they would serve as guards. He replied you can also participate. Just because you have won once does not mean you cannot join in in following years. Thalaniel asked if he or his house would be interested in a Spider Staff. The Duke said no they would not, that his people did not use such things. They thanked them again and went to prepare for the meeting with the Baron at the Moonstone Mask. Raylor took a bath and shined his armor. Mon Ki put on his fancy clothes. The others said they were ready and they all headed out to the Moonstone Mask.

The Moonstone Mask is one of the most well known establishments in all of the realms. This 5 storied building is located on a floating island that was created during the Spellplague. The owners commissioned a set of heavy chains big enough to hold still a giant, and a floating, unstable bridge allowed patrons to access from the ground. The bridge is still there but is not used as there is now a magic portal to allow easy and more comfortable access to the Moonstone Mask. The staff is composed only by females wearing glowing, moonstone-trimmed masks (hence the name of the establishment) and sheer black gowns. They are known as friendly and wise, as well as renowned players of many games.

The group arrived and asked one of the two bouncers where Baron Taleisin Tranan could be located. One of the bouncers stepped forward and asked who they were. After getting their information the other bouncer entered the Mask. He came back shortly and the first bouncer said “The Baron is on the third floor in the Blue Room and is expecting you. Follow him. The second bouncer motioned to them and they followed him inside and up to the 3rd floor and into the Blue Room. The Blue Room was a large common room with several fire places. There were a few tables and chairs but only one table was being used. It was located in the back west corner. There was a elf in fine clothes sitting at the table. Behind him were two personal guards. In front of him on the table was a meatpie and decanter of wine.

He saw them at the door and motioned them over. Introducing himself he thanked them for coming to talk with him. 6 chairs appeared and he asked them to sit. All did sit but Raylor. Meatpies and glasses were brought for all. All ate but Raylor. After they introduced themselves he got down to business. “I believe there to be quite a fine in these mines so naturally I do not want anything to happen. I and my colleagues have set up traps and other defensive measures inside the mines and that is where you all come in. I would like you to test it all out to see if they are effective or not.

Thalaniel said “There must be danger as you mention possible Resurrections that you would pay for.” He nods and says that there is always danger to this type of thing. I am also prepared to pay you each 1000gp for doing this. Thalaniel says that is all? What else is there?

Raylor asks why would you resurrect one of us? Because I do not want anyone of you to die? Raylor does not trust the Baron but does not say more. The Baron brings out a map and gives directions on how to get there. It is just north of Neverwinter in the foothills of the mountain range containing Mt Hotenow. It would take 2-3 hours to get there depending on how they traveled. They agreed to do the job and decided they would leave first thing in the morning unless the Baron had any objections to them waiting. He said no, prepare as you need to. The mines are not going anywhere.

They went back to the Manor House for food and rest. Thoravil was again awakened by nightmares and asked Thalaniel if he would cast Remove Curse on him. He slept well the rest of the night. But Bear had the same nightmares. The group waited for Bear and Thoravil to get 8 hours of sleep. They took the portal to the House of a Thousand Faces in Neverwinter and then made the several hour trip to the mines.

With Mon Ki, Thoravil and Thalaniel in the front and the everyone else about 30ft behind them they entered the mines and began to look around. They heard a rumbling coming from inside the mines but could not figure out what it was. Suddenly they saw a runaway minecart coming at the rapidly down the tracks. Thalaniel cast Eldritch Blast with the intent of pushing the car back up the tracks instead hitting it with both beams causing it to explode throwing alchemist’s fire all over. Between the spell and the alchemist’s fire the explosion was large enough to get Mon Ki, Thoravil and Thalaniel in the blast but they took minimal to no damage. The mines were quiet again but not for long as another minecart came from one of the many passageways. The group was prepared this time and let the car go past them. As the cart traveled outside the mines they heard and felt it explode. The group moved slowly ahead checking along the left side of the mine wall as they went. They went past one intersection and came to another when suddenly Thoravil, Thalaniel and Mon Ki disappeared. Glamdring, Raylor and Bear rushed forward to see what had happened. Glamdring asked them to slow down as he noticed something on the floor of the mine. It was magic area and he knew how to disable it. He also knew if someone cast Dispel Magic it would destroy the trap. Not long after Thoravil, Thalaniel and Mon Ki appeared at the intersection. They had been teleported to another entrance in the mines. The group decided to continue to the left wall approach and went down a passage way. It soon split into three directions and they settled on taking the left one. Raylor stopped short when he spotted a tripwire across the passage. Mon Ki and Thalaniel were able to disable it but no one could figure out what the tripwire would have set off. Thalaniel was able to look into the room at the end of the passage.

Another cave opens out from the corridor, but one much more clearly designed for comfort. The walls have been painted with bright murals in red, gold, and silver. A thick mat of woven grass covers the floor, making it soft to walk across and decorating it with complex, swirling patterns. From the ceiling hang numerous brass hooks and fixtures, though there is no sign of what the hooks are meant to hold. A large four-post bed sits in the middle of the room with a desk, wardrobe and several comfortable chairs against the back wall. Sitting in the central, almost throne like chair, rest a large female tiger dressed in fine clothing smoking an ornate pipe. Thalaniel knows she can see them as she smiles out to the group. Raylor Misty Steps in to have a brief conversation and feeling the evil within the room he Misty Steps back out quickly triggering another trap. Several crossbow bolts fly out of the walls. The bolts miss everyone but Thalaniel who not only takes crossbow bolt damage but poison damage. Mon Ki is able to catch both of the bolts and he throws them back at the tiger. One of the bolts hits. The tiger continues to smile while slowly removing the bolt with what the group can only describe as “backwards paw-hands”. Glamdring says this is a were-tiger. Be on your guard!