March 30, 2018 recap

Raylor points to where he thinks the crossbow bolts came from and moves into the room with the were-tiger. He gets hit with another crossbow bolt and becomes poisoned. He moves forward to enagae the were-tiger. Thalaniel and Mon Ki discuss who can try to disarm the traps. Mon Ki says he can do it and runs up the wall and balances himself and starts looking for the traps. He finds it but he cannot figure out how to get it completely disarmed. Thalaniel decides to blast the box with Eldritch Blast and asks everyone to stand clear. He destroys the box but it shoots off two bolts hitting Thoravil poisoning him as well. Nameless reaches into the Bag of Tricks and pulls out a giant goat and a regular goat sends them into battle. Althea pulls up in the hallway just before the traps and starts firing arrows at the were-tiger hitting a few times. The were-tiger moves her left hand and 5 beams of Scorching Ray are cast. The beams focus on Raylor, Mon Ki, Thoravil and Althea. Raylor gets in close to the were-tiger and suddenly he is frightened and cannot move. It is all he can do to hold himself together. Thalaniel casts Eldritch Blast at the were-tiger. Mon Ki and Thoravil come into the room to assist Raylor surrounding the were-tiger. The were-tiger teleports to the corner of the room to get out of the reach of Mon Ki and Thoravil. She casts infernal fire at Mon Ki, Raylor and Thoravil catching all but Mon Ki with fire and necrotic damage. The were-tiger reached behind her and pressed a button closing off the hallway from her room but not before casting a spell that caused the giant goat to turn on Nameless and Thalaniel. Suddenly 3 groups of gnomes appeared at the entrances to the other passageways in the area. Althea stepped up to them and took out 3 of the 5 that were in front of her. After they took care of the giant goat they and Althea worked on trying to get the door opened. It was solid door with no handles or locks. They could hear the fight going on inside the room.

Then it went silent. And the gnomes disappeared.

And the door opened revealing Mon Ki, Thoravil and Raylor but the were-tiger had disappeared leaving a pile of items in her place. She had teleported away saying “You have been worthy opponents.“Included in the treasure was:

A potion of Charisma (adds 1d6 to Charisma for 1 minute) 2 scrolls of dispel magic Ring of protection +2 (takes up two attunement slots) Silvered +1 shortsword Deck of Many Things

There was also locked wardrobe in the room. After tinkering with it for awhile they got it opened. Inside were several items: 200cp bag 480sp bag 500gp bag 130pp bag 5 bloodstones (50gp each) Golden amethyst – tiger striped (500gp) 2 Cloth of gold tapestries (1,050gp each) Ebony inlaid box with pearls and rubies (2,100gp) Set of silver tableware including an ewer (55gp), 12 dinner plates (30gp each), 12 sets of two forks, three knives, and two spoons (35gp per set), and four serving plates. (60gp each)

They took the items and decided to explore the rest of the mines. Going down one of the main mine areas they saw a Delver trampled and eating its way towards them. Delvers have acid saliva and can easily eat through rocks and other minerals. It did not take long for the group to defeat it. As they were scouting out the rest of the mines they all heard in their heads, “You have done well. Please join me back on the Moonstone Mask to wrap things up and to receive your payment.”

They made their way back to Neverwinter and went straight to the Moonstone Mask. They were able to enter it much easier this time. They were escorted to the room as before with the Baron sitting at the same table eating the exact same meal with the same wine. He beckoned them over and once they had all sat down he said:

I hope things were not too difficult? Thank you for the valuable information you have provided. It will be put to good use. So…anyone up for playing cards?

Mon Ki says yes and he produces a deck of cards. They play a few games and soon Mon Ki starts to see a pattern. One he has not seen in many years. It was one of his old card playing friends from before he went to the monastery and became a monk. He says, so it has been awhile. How are things? The Baron’s voice changes into a familiar female voice:

I am good. It is amazing, you are even better than you were as a child. You have learned much, gaining strength in areas that you never dreamed you could master. Shame that Norran was weak for flesh and his lust got the best of him. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Mon Ki nods and the Baron continues:

Have you seen your parents, oh, in the last century? Ever wonder how they are? It is true, you can never go home again. Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Well, my time here draws to an end once more. Oh, you will see me again. You can count on it. Oh and once last thing – “We let you win.” And the Baron disappears in almost the same fashion as the were-tiger did back in the mines.

The group looks to Mon Ki seeking an explanation. He responds, an old friend that I thought had vanished from my life long, long ago. It seems she has not. And this was probably all an elaborate trick to see just how much power I and my friends have. I will explain more later.

They made their way back to the House of One Thousand Faces and took the portal back to the Manor House. They found Gundren and Flynrich waiting for them. Gundren nods and says “It’s time to talk about that magic anvil.”