May 7, 2018 recap

Xitalcotl stretched from his 100 year rest in the glass dome and again thanked the group for releasing him. He told them of his plan from 100 years ago. He offered himself as sacrifice to Chlorothra in exhange for the Xulmec village not to have to make anymore sacrifices. Chlorothra accepted this deal and after putting Xitalcotl in the glass dome, he lumbered to his treasure horde and fell asleep. But now, Xitalcotl’s plan was in motion but if only he could remember the details. Xitalcotl began to wander around the area focusing on the crimson stained altar. He called Thoravil over and the two of them searched the altar and a long cylinder hidden compartment on the backside of it. But it was empty. Thoravil believed it was a little larger than a scroll case so the group began looking for one. Thalaniel had noticed the shiny come from the bonepile they had passed when entering this area. He cast Detect Magic on the pile and saw several items glowing throughout it. He also noticed that the pile was formed similar to a beaver dam including an underwater entrance. Pointing this out to Mon Ki, Mon Ki drank a Potion of Water Breathing and dove in to investigate. Finding the entrance he swam up into a small 5ft diamater den. He found a yellow topaz, a silver belt buckle and an arrow that looked very similar to the other two Althea now had in her possession. Mon Ki grabbed these items and looked around for anything else. He saw coins of all types, jewelry, flashes of silver and gold, a shield and an oversized bone scroll case. The scroll case he thought! And he began to work on removing it from the bonepile. It took longer than he thought it would but he finally wretched it free. He looked in and saw 4 scrolls. He put the cap back on and then exited the den. He went over to Xitalcotl and Thoravil and showed them the bone scroll case but it was the arrow Mon Ki had found that caught Xitalcotl eye as he handed it over to Althea. Xitalcotl saw the three arrows together and exclaimed The Eiacatl! You have already found them. I am overjoyed. This plan may well work! Mon Ki handed over the bone scroll case and Xitalcotl said those are 4 scrolls of Greater greater restoration. We can use them to release those in the statuary that we think will help us best in our fight against Chlorothra. The group mentioned the elf mage and the pirate and quickly decided to return to the statuary and check out all of the statues to make the decision. With their own greater restoration spells, scrolls and elixirs of health they could restore at least 7 or more.

As they were leaving the area, the ghost of dwarf floated out of the Anvil of Wrought. A shimmering transparent dwarf forlornly gazes on your band with hollow eyes. His face is wrinkled, behind a proud beard and a crooked nose, although the right half of his face is horribly disfigured as if from acid. Tattered bits of flesh dangle over bare bone and an exposed eye socket. Adorned in a leather jerkin, his left arm is missing at the elbow, replaced with an ornate smithy’s hammer.

He singled out Althea and said to her “What are you doing here and why have ye awakened me.” Althea says “I did not mean to wake you. “ The dwarf says “but you did. Oh I know why you are hear. Only one reason, to take the Anvil. The Anvil belongs to me clan. Unfortunately, it is now the property of one Chlorothra J. Dragon.

Althea replied “We are here on a mission.” Beauford says “yes, a mission to defeat this Chlorothra.” As he spoke he and everyone else recognized the Ironshaper crest on the ghost’s helm (pair of hammers in front of a flame). It was the same crest they had seen on Gundren’s clothing, armor and work tools. The group asked the ghost dwarf if they knew of someone named Gundren Rockseeker that was part of the Ironshaper Clan. The ghost replied not offhand but the Rockseeker’s are me cousins! At last, my clan has the chance to reclaim what is rightfully ours and get revenge on that beast once and for all. He looks around the group and approaches Thoravil. “If you will allow it I would like to merge with your warhammer, a fine dwarven weapon I can see, and I will aid you as best as I can.” Thoravil agrees and the ghost enters his weapon. “I am Thorovar and I am at your service. I will assist in guiding your weapon and give an extra oomph to what damage it already hands out.”

The group was growing. They now had Izzir Gentlemind the young gold dragon, Xitalcotl the Blind coatl, Sultana Sulphura the noble efreeti, Thorovar Ironhand a dwarven ghost now possessing Thoravil’s Magma Hammer. They made their way back to the statuary. Xitalcotl and Izzir the gold dragon discussed the best way to choose the statues to revive. As they entered the statuary the each sniffed the statues one by one including the ones the group had suggested be revived. They settled on the following statues to revive:

Sylmaris the elven wizard

Corbus the minotaur wielding a large greataxe

Carter “Handsome” Xander - a pirate who immediately began to flirt with everyone in the room

Darshee Loerran - an elven archer


Zog’Cho an ettin whose two heads began to argue with one another as soon as the petrification was removed and are probably still arguing to this day.

After getting a rundown of what was going on each one of the newly freed folks decided they would assist in confronting Chlorothra. They knew it would take all they had to defeat such a powerful creature.

The small battalion discussed tactics and they all felt that the best way was to attack Chlorothra full on and not let up. They also knew this would be the most dangerous.

Althea concentrated and through her Primal she knew the dragon was within a mile of where they now stood.

They climbed up the path and entered the dragon’s lair. The winding path deposited the band in an upper chamber at least 100 feet wide and extending to the east at least that distance, likely more. Several columns of water drop from the ceiling that wind their way toward your location. They plunge over the west side, which is apparently open to the main chamber below. Numerous stalagmites, many at least 10 feet high—and some two to three times that height—are scattered about the chamber. The room was dark. Those with dark vision only saw more dark at the ends of their sight. Cautiously they moved forward and spread out about the large room making their way from the west to the east. Althea was first to spot it, the edge of a large pile of coins, jewelry and other shiny objects. Sultana Sulphura asked Beauford if he needs light. He says yes and she increases her flames and most of the cavern is now lit. Stretching from the wall and spilling into a pair of converging streams, a mass of coins covers the entire east end of the chamber. At least several feet deep, the pile winks in gold and silver, and numerous jewel-encrusted objects poke out of the jumbled mess. Comfortably nestled in the pile of treasure is the massive scaled form of a dragon. Its emerald-olive-scaled body is at least 30 feet long, and its tail is wrapped around its body with plenty to spare. Its angular head sports bony ridges and protrusions. Its curved jaw is closed and its nostrils gently flare as its haunches gradually rise and fall. Its eyes are gently closed, and a sail-like fin originates at its head and travels down its back and along its whip-like tail.

It was asleep! Now was their moment. The group got into position and let loose their attacks. Beauford cast Geas on the dragon. It did not wake but Beauford knew that the dragon was now in contemplation on why he needed so much treasure. The dragon shifted some in its sleep. Mon Ki flew up invisible above the dragon and threw javelins at it. It did not wake. Althea launched three arrows into the beast and that woke it up. It stretched its wings and its neck trying to limber itself. It stood on the pile of treasure and gave a yawn. The group went on full attack, Thoravil held onto Izzir and the two flew into battle with Izzir breathing fire on the green dragon, Sylmaris teleported across the cave and cast Lightning bolt on it, Corbus ran forward with his axe, Zog’Cho found a good place within range and started casting Eldritch Blast. Nameless cast Fire Bolt and Althea fired several more arrows including the Three-Fold arrow. The dragon was not phased as it rose from the treasure pile and turned its head towards Mon Ki who was flying towards it holding a staff in both of his hands.

Poof… the dragon was gone.

Confused the entire group sat stunned trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly a cloud of poisonous, yellow-green fog begins to fill the treasure area catching Beauford, Izzir, Thoravil, Mon Ki, Thalaniel and Zog’Cho. The cloud would continue to grow over the next several minutes. Several folks moved out of the cloud, others such as Mon Ki and Zog’Cho did not seem to be affected and they continued to press the attack. Vines broke through the ground and attempted to keep Thalaniel, Beauford and Corbus within the yellow cloud but they failed each time. The treasure pile itself attacked Sylmaris knocking him prone. Sylmaris would not be able to stand again for the rest of the fight.

Mon Ki flew down to check the treasure pile thinking that it too was like a beaver dam with hidden areas beneath it. It did not take long for him to realize that was not the case. All at once his ability to fly and his haste was gone. He knew he magic items had made it through the Dispel Magic spell that had washed over him. He signaled to Izzir and Thoravil to pick him up so they could check out the back wall of the cave complex. As they were flying around Mon Ki and Thoravil spotted a necklace flying through the air towards them. As it approached it turned into a series of fireballs and slammed into the three of them. Thoravil and Izzir took most of the damage and Mon Ki was barely singed. Scanning the room Thoravil and Mon Ki believed the necklace attack had come the north corner of the room and the pointed towards that area. Those with ranged weapons opened fire. One of Althea’s arrows passed through the wall in the north corner. The group concentrated on that area and a thunderous roar sounded as Chlorothra came through the illusionary wall. The roar shook them to their core but only Beauford was frightened. He stood there shaking on his shoes unable to run away.

Izzir Thoravil and Mon Ki flew towards the dragon. Izzir breathed fire on him and then rose above the green dragon to allow Mon Ki to fall on its back. Althea pulled out the arrow of dragon slaying and made a solid hit. Chlorothra was not happy and focused his breath weapon on her. Then turned and breathed once more on Izzir, Thoravil and Mon Ki. Thoravil cast Mass Healing word on 6 of his allies with the most damage. Beauford drank a healing potion as did Althea. Xitalcotl healed their new allies. Corbus ran across the treasure pile and threw his battleaxe at the green dragon. It hit solidly causing the dragon to miss its bite against Thoravil as he and Izzir flew past Chlorothra. Beauford cast Disintegrate on the side of the green dragon’s face almost removing his eyes with large chunks of its face starting to fall off. Chlorothra landed with a thud on his treasure pile and spoke: “I ask for parlay. Perhaps we can come to a mutual agreement. I will give you 25% of the treasure you see in exchange for letting me go with my life. I will not bother anyone again. Althea saw through his attempted deception and yelled “Liar!” and fire several more arrows at it. The dragon let out another poison breath as Thoravil magma hammer with Thorovar possesing it slammed into the green dragon’s back. Chlorothra dropped from the air and crashed into the pile and treasure and he breathed his last.

Celebrations erupted throughout the caverns. Handshakes and hugs all around. Beauford begun to write a song detailing the battle. He also removed a dragon’s tooth for his own collection of teeth. The group began to go through the treasure. It would take them 31 days to completely sort through it. Nameless opened the scroll to Flynrich who smiled a large smile. He congratulated them he told them to use the Teleportation scroll to bring the Anvil of Wrought back to Gundren. The Alliance of Dragon Maw Fall though together only briefly would never forget this day and the triumph over Chlorothra that individually they would have never accomplished. Promising to stay in touch the members went about their own ways.

Sultana Sulphura returned to her bottle once the hour was over. She may or may not have grabbed several handfuls of gold before she faded back into smoke. Her bottle capped itself and in a small fiery explosion was gone.

Sylmaris teleported to Neverwinter for a short stop before he would head to the Gates of the Moon.

Corbus continued to travel Faerun as a sell-sword never able to settle down anywhere.

Carter “Handsome” Xander After a brief whirlwind affair with Beauford, the sea called to him once more

Darshee Loerran - Went to the Temple of Leaves in Neverwinter Wood

Zog’Cho talked warlock secrets with Thalaniel and promised the that he would not argue with himself as much anymore. He broke that promise as he was leaving the Dragon’s Maw Falls complex.

Izzir Gentlemind thanked the group one last time for freeing him from statuary. “Dragons have long memories as well as long lives. Your good deeds will not be forgotten as neither will your faces. We shall see each other again.”

Thorovar faded from Thoravil’s warhammer: “I know the Anvil is in good hands with my cousin Gundren. Many thanks for one last battle. That was a mighty fine throw.”

Xitalcotl smiles and sighs; The plan worked and my time here draws to a close. I fly now to back to the Xulmec village to tell them of our final victory and to die among those I call my people.”