November 10, 2017 recap

After a long rest the group decided to try and contact V and give her an updated on the situation. Thoravil sent a magical message to her and she replied she was on her way and to meet them in the field just outside of the entrance to Cragmaw Castle. She landed and came over to her eggs and gave each a nuzzle before picking them up in her large claws. She told them to contact her again once her fourth egg was found. She would be taking these three to a safe secret area but would be back when she heard from them. She thanked them and then flew off with her three eggs. Raylor was stunned, not believing what he had just seen. He said I did not believe you when you said you were helping a dragon let alone you have a dragon friend.

The group went back into the altar room and reopened the secret door below the altar and made their way cautiously down the ancient stairs. This area looks different than all the other areas you have come across in the castle ruins. There is an ancient feel to it with elvish motifs throughout – ivy vines, fey creatures with elves. Other elf like beings taller than elves now, the eladrin. The eladrin have not been seen or heard of in centuries. They admired the decorations especially anyone with elf blood. They made their way down the stairs and into a long corridor. 20ft down on each side of the corridor were two passageways, one to the left and one to the right. They could barely see what was at the end of each corridor but it looked like an over 7ft tall statue. Mon Ki took the lead and as he got closer he could see that it was a very tall elf like skeleton wielding a greatsword of at least 5ft in length. And it was animated and moving towards Mon Ki to attack. He signaled the others and soon they saw all four corridors in the area had at least one of these skeletons in them. The group attacked and the skeletons attacked back hitting the group hard. Their surprise use of Misty Step gave the skeletons a brief advantage but soon the skeletons started to drop. But, shortly after they had been defeated the skeletons rose again to fight once more. The concentrated on one skeleton at a time, standing guard over the fallen ones, attacking them when they rose again. Soon all of the skeletons were defeated. Thoravil took a good look at the skeletons and determined them to be eladrin skeletons. Eladrin are to elves what elves are to humans. They are extraordinarily long lived, users of powerful magic both arcane and divine. Some stories tell that Corellon Larethian, the god who is the creator of the elves, was an eladrin but most elf scholars and priests consider that blasphemy.

The group moved on down the hall into a sacred space. Not quite a chapel but a place to meditate and pray. There were several nooks with places to light candles on the right side of the room from where they came in. On the left side of the room was a long reflecting pool. The water looked crystal clear but to be sure they would need to get closer to the pool. Several approached the pool and it was indeed crystal clear. They could see the bottom. Thalaniel looked for a small stone he could throw into the pool but not finding one Thoravil threw a gold piece into the pool. Thoravil thought on it and decided to get into the water and drink it. Everyone but Althea and Thalaniel got into the pool and drank. Thalaniel only stuck one of his arms into the pool. Everyone that drank the water had a Bless spell put on the for the next 4 days. Thalaniel having only touched the water received a Bless spell for the next 3 hours.

They moved out of the sacred space down a short hallway and Mon Ki discovered a pit trap with spikes covering both the floor and the walls of the pit. It would have a been a nasty fall for anyone.

There was only one way out of the room with the trap and it was to the south. 15ft down a corridor, the room opened off to the east and was filled with eladrin zombies. The group moved forward hoping that these undead did not rise again after they had been killed once. Even with more zombies than skeletons the group as able to take the zombies down quickly. They had noticed one square in the middle of the room that was a different color than all of the stones. They investigated it looking for trap or secret doors. Unable to find anything they decided to move on in their search for V’s last egg.