November 17, 2017 recap

The group moved moved down the stairs and soon came upon an intersection. There was a corridor to the left and to the right. To their right the passage ended about 50ft down. On their left the passage ended in two large double doors. Althea noticed movement near the doors and saw two kobold ninjas hiding in the shadows guarding the double doors. Althea shot with her bow hitting one of the kobolds but not dropping it. Raylor sprang into action, Misty Stepping between the two kobolds, attacking the same one as Althea just did. Maddie cast Thorn Whip to add damage to the already hurt kobold. Nameless cast Fire Bolt while Thoravil attacked with his longsword Talon. Over the commotion of the fight, Raylor and Althea could hear the faint sound of a cowbell, perhaps it was an alarm. Suddenly one of the large double doors swung open pinning one of the kobolds against the wall. The other kobold soon was dropped and the group looked into the large 60ft x 20ft room. In the middle of the room was what looked like the 4th green dragon egg hooked up to some type of contraption in middle of the room. Tubes with greenish/red fluid in them connected to the egg contraption. An alchemy station is in one corner and several shelves filled with books lined the wall of the entire room. To the right they saw a mechanical green dragon about the size of a wyrmling. It’s eye opened and it began to move towards them in attack mode. On the left stood a gnome wearing a strange mish-mash leather armor that had clockwork pieces and other strange items sew into it. They would later find out it was equivalent to studded leather. The gnome grinned and reached into a pouch and pulled out a hand axe and a several pouches.

Raylor, Althea and Thoravil rushed towards the mechanical dragon. The dragon moved forward, reared its back and breathed poison catching all three of them in its cone. Nameless and Maddie came forward to assist. Althea moved out of the dragon’s path to engage the gnome. The gnome threw one of the bags at Althea’s feet. When it hit a goo spread all over her feet and the floor around her. She was at half movement speed from Tanglefoot bag. Slowed down she fired her bow at the gnome but did little damage. Raylor Misty Stepped in front of the gnome and swung with his maul. Thoravil stayed with the mechanical dragon with support from Maddie and Nameless. Nameless moved behind the dragon and into an empty space where he could use spells against the dragon or the gnome as needed. Maddie continued using Thorn Whip but it was not that effective so she came forward but was met with its claws and bite. She moved back, Wildshaped into a Polar Bear healing herself and then came into the fight. Thoravil was taking the brunt of the dragon’s attack while Raylor, Althea and Nameless focused on the gnome. The gnome looked like he was about to die so Althea and Raylor moved to help Thoravil. Nameless continued casting Fire Bolt at the gnome. The gnome took out a potion bottle and drank it. Letting out a satisfied sigh he disappeared. The group could hear laughter from the gnome but had no idea where he was in the room. The dragon breathed his poison one last time getting Maddie and Thoravil in the cone. The group concentrated on the mechanical dragon and soon its lifespark was gone and it slumped over to the side moving no more. Nameless was hit by magical snowballs cast from the gnome which now was walking on the ceiling. Nameless cast Magic Missile at the gnome but at the last minute a brooch on his lapel enlarged and take all the missiles into it causing no damage to the gnome. Again the gnome laughed and scampered across the ceiling. He may have been attempting a dance but it as hard to tell. The group closed in on him and soon he was off the ceiling and surrounded. He took out a vial, drank it and immediately dropped to the floor. Thoravil and Raylor checked out his vitals to find he was dead. They decided they wanted to take the gnome alive to ask him questions about what he was doing to the dragon egg and maybe learn how to disconnect it from the contraption it was in currently. He cast Revivify and soon the gnome was alive once more. He smiled at Raylor and Thoravil and then threw up his stomach full of the acid he had drank. Raylor knocked him out. Thoravil used Medicine to bring him back around. They sat him on the floor with his back against the wall and the group began to ask him questions. (see

“What is your name?”

“Regret!” he spoke proudly.

“Regret? What for?”

“Everything…and nothing.”

“What were you doing with the dragon egg?”

“Trying to learn all about it, what makes them so special and how I could use them for the things I like. Things I make.”

“Are you doing this or is someone paying you to do this?”

“Mostly for my own learning.”

“So, you are being paid.”

“Money is nice but knowledge is power. The Dragon Cult does pay well for things they need to learn about.”

Nameless could see in his eyes that the gnome was easily the smartest person in the room. He was not quite as smart as Flynrich but maybe on the same level as Shortlock.

Sensing Nameless could tell something was up, Thoravil said “Flynrich mean anything to you?” The gnome shuck his head no as Nameless shot Thoravil a concerned look.

“How do we remove the egg from the contraption?” they asked Regret.

He only smiled and said nothing.

Thoravil took out his Dimensional Shackles and held him in place. Nameless used the Rope of Climbing to hogtie Regret. They searched him and found that the bag on his belt was a Bag of Holding. It contained alchemical items and several magic items. They did not find any instructions on how to disconnect the egg. Raylor and Nameless searched the bookshelves while Althea searched the alchemy station and the two desks. The book shelves were mostly books on dragons: dragon ecology, biology, anatomy, dragon Magic, dragon breeding including half-dragons and quarter-dragons, dragonborn, kobolds, guard drakes, ambush drakes, dragon turtles, pseudo-dragons, and wyvern but nothing on how to remove the egg from the contraption. Althea found instructions on how to remove the egg from the contraption but it was a complicated process. Thoravil and Nameless assisted and soon all of the suction cup ended tubes were removed from the egg. The suction cups had left bruises on the outside of the egg. Thoravil and Althea were pretty sure the bruises would disappear over time. Althea also thought that if not, there probably as a dragon magic that could heal the egg and remove the bruises.

They blindfolded Regret and stuffed his mouth so there was little chance he would be able to cast or pull pouches out of his bag. Then Althea led him up and out of the catacombs while Raylor carried the egg and Thoravil spotted him. They had some difficultly getting the egg through the secret entrance below the altar but they made it through. They took the egg to the field in front of the castle and Thoravil cast Sending to let V know they had found her last egg.

V arrived shortly after and landed close by. She had a mother’s smile on her face and thanked the group once more. They explained to her what had happened with her last egg. They told her about the bruises but she did not seem concerned. She could tell that her egg, a boy, would be okay. She then saw the gnome shackled and asked why he was still alive. They explained they were hoping to get information from him on how to remove the egg from the contraption it was in and maybe get more information on the cultists. He was not that talkative. I will take care of him. Althea laid him in front of V and said she hoped that her egg was would recover from the bruises. V said, he should okay, though not as strong as his sisters he is resilient. She picked up Regret in her jaws and flew off. She came back shortly and spit out his feet and hands.

She then said in appreciation I give you these. A rolled up bolt of velvet like material appeared above her and floated down to the ground. It unfurled and inside were were daggers made from the claws of a young dragon, polished white and deadly sharp. The hilts were bound in the soft emerald scales (underbelly?) of a young green dragon. She said each of you receive one of these. Thoravil checked and could see that V’s claws all had recently regrown. His eyes widened in realization that she had made these daggers from her own claws and scales.

She spoke “You gain bonuses to attack rolls and damage rolls with this dagger and the target takes added poison damage. And I have increase their a potency against the dragon cultists: the dagger’s bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls doubles, and does even more poison damage to those beasts that would harm my children.

She then opens her right front claw and shows them a greenish orb. She speaks “When the dragon wars come and they are coming, activate this orb and I will come to your aid. Not all dragons are eager for what the cult wants. There are others like me and they may seek you out. I call the orb, Dragonball V.

The group thanks her.

She turns to Thalaniel and speaks: “She is very powerful, the daughter of the devil himself. Watch yourself. Once you are no longer of use to her she will abandon you in the most permanent of manners.” Thalaniel is not sure how to respond so he stays silent.

V asks again for Beauford. The group responds they are not sure where he is. Thoravil cast Sending and messages Beauford asking where he is and that V would like to speak with him. Beauford responds that he is far away and not able to come at this time. He will look for V. V nods when she hears the response and says she will find him. She would very much like to have a conversation with him. She backs up away from the group, bows her head and then takes off into the sky.

The group decides that they will go back down into catacombs and cleanse the place. But first, they will take a long rest to prepare for the next portion of their journey.