November 3, 2017 recap

As the ranger and the Blights continued to approach Cragmaw Castle Raylor went to the front of the castle to treat with them. The conversation was brief. The basic “Who are you and why are you here?” It soon grew to an impasse and the ranger fired off several shots at Raylor. Raylor Misty Stepped up into the tower and took his place beside Nameless and Althea. The Earth Elemental was at the bottom of the tower stairs on the same side as Nameless. In the other tower was Thalaniel and at the bottom of that tower’s stairs was Maddie. Those who had fire spells or abilities readied them as the army of blights and their ranger leader moved forward. Thoravil, McKenzie, Mon Ki and Droop took the eggs back to the altar room to protect them from the ensuing battle.

The ranger took three shots at the group, one at each arrow slot in the two towers and one at Maddie who he could just see around the rubble at the entrance of Cragmaw. Althea fired two shots at the ranger hitting both times. Thalaniel cast Eldritch Blast at the ranger doing some damage. Maddie cast Call Lightning on the ranger as well. Nameless using Sorcery Points was able to cast 3 Fireballs into the middle of the group hitting the ranger, the Tree Blight and many Twig Blights. All of the twig blights hit were taken down. The Tree Blight and the ranger though damaged kept moving forward. The ranger continued to take shots at those in the windows. Thalaniel cast Wall of Fire around the Tree Blight and the ranger causing them both damage and to many more Twig Blights. Maddie continued casting Call Lightning on the ranger, Althea continued firing arrows at the ranger, Raylor used Abjure Enemy on the ranger causing him to stop in Fear. The Wall of Fire did more damage to him and with a final shot from Althea’s bow, the ranger fell.

The Tree Blight burst through the ring of fire taking little damage from it. Nameless cast his Disco Ball spell dealing almost as much damage as the 3 Fireball spells he cast the last time. It did not stop the Tree Blight. It ran towards Cragmaw Castle, the side where Thalaniel was. The Twig Blights circled around the wall of fire ring trying not to get burned. They had split into two groups one headed towards each of the towers on the front of the castle. The group concentrated their attacks on the Tree Blight as it made its way over the wall and into the courtyard. He attacked the tower that Thalaniel was in causing Thalaniel to lose his footing briefly allowing the Tree Blight to get an almost perfect shot on Thalaniel with its poison breath. Thalaniel went downstairs to avoid more damage. The Earth Elemental and Raylor advanced on the Tree Blight both getting good hits on it. Althea took several more shots and the Tree Blight fell. At the same time the Tree Blight fell all of the Twig Blights disappeared into the ground. The group noticed that the Tree Blight also disappeared into the ground.

The group searched the fallen ranger’s body. They found many items including a bow that did extra acid damage to targets and a nice shortsword both of which went to Althea. Other items included 4 Potions of Healing, Goggles of Night and a Scroll of Cure Wounds. He had other items on him that the group decided they would split up later. Thalaniel found a slip of paper in the ranger’s belt pouch under a pile of gold platinum coins. On it written in Common was

“Pull false leg at base of altar, to the left, to the left then pull with heft”.

They rushed inside to the altar room, moved the eggs and began to investigate the altar’s legs. The first few tries were unsuccessful but soon they found the correct combination and the altar began to rise on the side of the false leg. Soon it was perpendicular with the floor and the floor below opened up into an ancient staircase leading down below Castle Cragmaw. The group decided to check out the items that they had found on the ranger and take a long rest before heading down below hoping to find V’s missing egg.