October 20, 2017 recap

As the Hunger of Hadar spell finished Beauford disappeared along with it. Everyone was confused as to what had happened. Nameless in his studies had heard of some magic anomalies and felt certain that Beauford was alive but where he was now, he did not know. Althea was sure that Beauford was gone and dead on top of being gone.

McKenzie returned from her exploration upstairs in time to see Althea and Nameless enter the door that the kobold ninjas had come out of. The others stayed back in the main room searching for clues in the newly found storage room and trying to open a locked door that Thoravil had found. Althea and Nameless saw a stature in the middle of a long hallway yet it did not look like a statue. Investigating further they saw it was a man in full plate mail with a large maul holding it two handed ready to swing. As they approach him, the man spoke. I am Raylor and I am in a bit of a spot. I don’t know what got me stuck like this but I would appreciate it if you could find a way to get me unstuck. Looking around they saw a small table behind Raylor. On it were 3 vials. The vials all look the same and the liquid in them look identical. Written on the table in Common are the words “Choose wisely”. They thought for a moment and then Nameless opened up the scroll to ask Flynrich for help in identifying what was in each vial. Flynrich was away but Mattwise said he would help. They decided to test the middle bottle. Mattwise took a swig and quickly spit it out. “Assassin’s Blood, a particularly nasty poison. I spent the last few years building up an immunity to it but nevertheless.” He pulls out a bottle and takes a few sips. They hand him the first vial and he smells it and says that this a Potion of Lesser Restoration. That should return Raylor to normal. They hand him the final vial and he says this is an ancient elvish wine and the only way he knows that is from travels with Flynrich. Mattwise adds, if any of you come across anymore of this wine I would be most appreciative if you brought some to me. Raylor nodded and said he would do so if it was in his power as the Lesser Restoration potion began to work. Raylor popped a few joints and thanked those around him.

The celebration did not last long as two kobold ninjas came around the corner at the end of the hall. McKenzie cast Fire Bolt at one of them hitting it. Raylor yelled vengeance is mine in his name god of all and used Misty Step and got behind one of the kobolds and opened up on it with his maul. The other kobold ninja replied “God is a she.” Althea ran forward and started attacking with her short swords and soon the kobolds were done. The new hallway went north into a large room. They could see a greenish glow off to the right that reminded them of V’s eyes. Had they found her eggs?

They rushed forward into the room. In the middle of the room was a larger than normal ninja kobold. He was dressed like the others they had seen but his colors that he wore were earth tones, A Stone Fist. The one that had paralyzed Raylor two days ago. The others had worn bright colors, reds and greens mostly. Two more ninja kobolds were in the room and three other kobolds were guarding 3 dragon eggs that had been placed against the back wall. Raylor Misy Stepped behind the Stone Fist and swung his maul. The Stone First attacked back but was not able to land any punches. Nameless unleashed an Earth Elemental and sent it to help Raylor. Then he cast Fireball on the remaining kobolds. He was able to get 4 out of the 5 in its blast and avoided damaging the dragon eggs. Althea attacked two of the kobolds while McKenzie cast Fire Bolt and Magic Missile on the kobolds near the dragon eggs. It was not long before the kobolds had all fallen but not before Althea had taken quite a bit of damage. Using Superior Healing potions and Raylor’s Lay on Hands soon she was back to full health. Nameless had the Earth Elemental pick up one of the eggs, Raylor picked up another. Nameless escorted the Earth Elemental while McKenzie spotted Raylor and they made they way back to the rest of the group. Althea stayed behind to guard the final egg. As they were leaving the room they all realized that an egg was missing. V has mentioned 4 eggs. Th Earth Elemental went back for the third egg and the group surrounded the eggs while other searched the store room and tried to open the locked door. Inside the pantry was: a vial of perfume, a pewter chain, rabbit fur boots, a carved wooden medallion, an iron bell, 3 iron rations, 3 trail rations, 5 rabbit jerky, 3 full wineskins and 25 pages of empty writing parchment.

It took a moment to open the locked door but soon they were in an old study. The dust was very thick on everything in the room but a desk that was set up on the back wall of the room. In one corner was as small table with a wine decanter and several wine glasses. Raylor checked out the decanter and found it was the same ancient elvish wine Nameless has asked for. He picked it up and then went to help Nameless look through the ancient books on the west wall. If one of them breathed on the books they would fall apart. It was tough to see what if anything was written in the books. McKenzie went to the desk and saw a number of papers and a book as clean as the desk sitting on top of the desk. She looked at it and then opened it to the first page. The title page read “The Damned Scripture of Khainan. It was a cryptic book written in illuminated script upon linen pages in platinum plates. Along the page edges were elvish motifs with plants such ivy and other vine varieties. And every once in a while there would be a figure that looked elvish but may have been fae. McKenzie was not sure. She suddenly wanted to sit down and read the book. Skimming the prologue the book promised extra-long life to the reader that read and followed all the instructions found in the book. McKenzie grew excited and then she realized it would take her three years of nonstop reading to complete. If she missed more than 2 days she would have to start over. She put the book in her pack and went back with the rest of the group. The group decided to remove the eggs they had from the cellars and hoped that V was in the area and would come get the her eggs from them. McKenzie and Droop went to check out the kitchen for any signs of omelets. Althea and Maddie made their way to the front doors of Cragmaw while everyone else secured the eggs and began transporting them out of the cellars into the main floor of the castle. While scouting the woods Althea spotted a ranger in greenish brown leathers carrying an oddly greenish brown bow and a scimitar on his hip just inside the woods heading for Cragmaw. Maddie pointed and they both saw a large number of twig blights surrounding the ranger and following along with him. Maddie pointed again and said slowly “Tree Blight” An over 8ft tall tree was bring up the rear also surrounded by many twig blights. From what Maddie and Althea could tell, the ranger and his blight army had not seen them in Cragmaw just yet. The group scrambled to form a plan to defend Cragmaw and V’s eggs.